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Ray Toro

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Birthplace:   Kearny, New Jersey
Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz, most commonly known as Ray Toro is the lead guitarist and one of two backup vocalists for My Chemical Romance. He is recognized in the band by his signature 'fro'. Growing up, Toro's father worked at the post office in the shipping department, and the family lived on a "dead end" street where he grew up in a Puerto Rican household. "There was definitely a funny collection of people hanging around my block," the guitarist told the magazine Alternative Press. "There was this guy who was this drug addict. Every couple of weeks he would OD outside my house. I would see the ambulance come and take him away." Toro also used to have a pet dog called Boy, growing up in a Puerto Rican and Portuguese household. In the My Chemical Romance DVD Life on the Murder Scene he talks about how he wasn't allowed to go and play because they were finding bodies in the local parks, and in West Hudson Park river which was right around the corner from his house. Toro says that due to incidents like this, his parents didn't want to let him out of the house onto the streets by himself. Not to mention the bullying that had taken place about all that hair on his head.


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