Richard Gordon

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The younger brother of writer/producer Alex Gordon, London-born producer Richard Gordon was bitten by the movie bug while still a boy. He joined film societies at school and, like his older sibling, longed to participate in the industry. But to do that, he had to first directly access the greater opportunities that he felt existed in the United States, which he did at the end of the 1940s. Through his New York-based distribution company Gordon Films (which was still in business in the 21st century), he brought movies from England and other European countries to the American market, and later entered into co-production deals with various overseas companies. Given the nature of the film exhibition business, many of his U.S. releases involved horror and exploitation movies, for which there was always a marketplace in the 1950s and 1960s, but he also issued numerous mainstream thrillers and dramas that had potential. Gordon's credits, variously as producer or executive producer, include the Irish-made Orson Welles-starring ghost story Return to Glennascaul (1951), The Devil's General (1955) with Curt Jurgens, and The Crooked Sky (1957), a crime drama with Wayne Morris. He has been most successful across the decades, however, with the horror films with which he has been involved (sometimes uncredited). The latter include the Boris Karloff vehicles The Haunted Strangler and Corridors of Blood, the sci-fi/horror classic Fiend Without a Face, and the space flight/horror thriller The First Man Into Space. Those four late-'50s releases, incidentally, have all been issued by The Criterion Collection, no less, on DVD, which speaks to their quality. His more later films have included The Devil Doll (1964), the superb Island of Terror (1966), The Projected Man (1967), Horror on Snape Island (1972), and Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) (1982).



No Score Yet Inseminoid (Horror Planet) Producer 1981
No Score Yet The Cat and the Canary Producer 1978
No Score Yet Horror Hospital Producer 1973
No Score Yet Tower of Evil (Beyond the Fog) (Horror on Snape Island ) Producer 1972
No Score Yet The Captain (Der Kapitan) Screenwriter 1971
No Score Yet Secrets of Sex Producer 1969
No Score Yet Playgirls and the Vampire Producer 1963
No Score Yet In Old New Mexico Tom `Doc' Wills 1945


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