Robert Armstrong

Robert Armstrong

Highest Rated: 100% The Paleface (1948)

Lowest Rated: 17% The Sea of Grass (1947)

Birthday: Nov 20, 1890

Birthplace: Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Forever remembered by film buffs as the man who brought King Kong to New York, American actor Robert Armstrong was a law student at the University of Washington in Seattle when he dropped out in favor of a vaudeville tour. Learning by doing, Armstrong worked his way up to "leading man" roles in a New York stock company run by veteran character man Jimmy Gleason. Gleason's play Iz Zat So? led to a film contract for Armstrong, whose first picture was The Main Event (1927). The actor's stage training served him well during Hollywood's switchover to sound, and he appeared with frequency in the early talkie years, at one point costarring with Broadway legend Fanny Brice in My Man (1930). An expert at playing sports and showbiz promoters, Armstrong was a natural for the role of the enthusiastic but foolhardy Carl Denham in King Kong (1933). Armstrong enjoyed some of the best dialogue of his career as he coerced erstwhile actress Fay Wray to go with him to Skull Island to seek out "money, adventure, the thrill of a lifetime", and as he egged on his crew to explore the domain of 50-foot ape Kong. And of course, Armstrong was allowed to speak the final lines of this imperishable classic: "It wasn't the planes...It was beauty killed the beast." Armstrong played Carl Denham again in a sequel, Son of Kong (1933), and later played Denham in everything but name as a shoestring theatrical promoter in Mighty Joe Young (1949), wherein he brought a nice giant gorilla into civilization. Always in demand as a character actor, Armstrong continued to make films in the 1940s; he had the rare distinction of playing an American military officer in Around the World (1943), a Nazi agent in My Favorite Spy (1942), and a Japanese general in Blood on the Sun (1945)! In the 1950s and 1960s, Armstrong was a fixture on TV cop and adventure programs. Perhaps the most characteristic moment in Armstrong's TV career was during a sketch on The Red Skelton Show, in which Red took one look at Armstrong and ad-libbed "Say, did you ever get that monkey off that building?"

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet My Favorite Spy Actor 2013
70% The Wackness Principal Edward $2.2M 2008
No Score Yet Rock That Uke Actor 2007
No Score Yet Sixes and the One Eyed King Actor 2006
No Score Yet Rock That Uke Actor 2003
No Score Yet Body of Influence (Indecent Advances) Flashback Man 1993
61% Noises Off Additional Stagehand 1992
No Score Yet Another Chance Actor 1989
No Score Yet The Confessions of Robert Crumb Actor 1987
No Score Yet For Those Who Think Young Cronin's Business Associate 1964
40% Johnny Cool Gang Member 1963
No Score Yet The Pace That Thrills Barton 1952
95% Mighty Joe Young Max O'Hara 1949
100% The Paleface Terris 1948
No Score Yet Return of the Bad Men Wild Bill Doolin 1948
86% The Fugitive Police Sergeant 1947
17% The Sea of Grass Floyd McCurtin 1947
No Score Yet Fall Guy Mac McLaine 1947
No Score Yet Decoy Frank Olins 1946
No Score Yet Criminal Court Vic Wright 1946
No Score Yet The Falcon in San Francisco De Forrest Marshall 1945
No Score Yet Blood on the Sun Col. Hideki Tojo 1945
No Score Yet The Royal Mounted Rides Again Price 1945
No Score Yet Belle of the Yukon George 1944
No Score Yet Mr. Winkle Goes to War Joe Tinker 1944
No Score Yet The Navy Way Chief Petty Officer Harper 1944
No Score Yet Action in Arabia Matthew Reed 1944
No Score Yet Adventures of the Flying Cadets Galt 1943
No Score Yet Around the World General 1943
No Score Yet The Kansan,(Wagon Wheels) Malachy 1943
No Score Yet Wings Over the Pacific Pieter 1943
No Score Yet The Mad Ghoul Ken McClure 1943
No Score Yet Baby Face Morgan 'Doc' Rogers 1942
No Score Yet Let's Get Tough Officer `Pops' Stevens 1942
No Score Yet It Happened in Flatbush Danny Mitchell 1942
No Score Yet Gang Busters Tim Nolan 1942
No Score Yet Dive Bomber Art Lyons 1941
No Score Yet Sky Raiders Lt. Ed Carey 1941
No Score Yet Man of Conquest Jim Bowie 1939
No Score Yet There Goes My Heart Detective O'Brien 1938
No Score Yet The Night Hawk McCormick 1938
No Score Yet The Girl Said No (With Words and Music) Jimmie Allen 1937
No Score Yet Radio Patrol Actor 1937
No Score Yet Nobody's Baby Scoops Hanford 1937
No Score Yet Without Orders Wad Madison 1936
No Score Yet The Ex-Mrs. Bradford Nick Martel 1936
No Score Yet All American Chump Honest William Hogan 1936
No Score Yet Public Enemy's Wife Gene Ferguson 1936
No Score Yet Remember Last Night? Fred Flannagan 1935
No Score Yet Little Big Shot Steve Craig 1935
No Score Yet G-Men Jeff McCord 1935
No Score Yet Sweet Music Dopey Malone 1935
No Score Yet The Mystery Man Larry Doyle 1935
No Score Yet Flirting With Danger Bob Owens 1934
No Score Yet Kansas City Princess Actor 1934
No Score Yet Palooka Pete Palooka 1934
No Score Yet Manhattan Love Song Tom Williams 1934
No Score Yet Search For Beauty Larry Williams 1934
36% Son of Kong Carl Denham 1933
No Score Yet Fast Workers Bucker Reilly 1933
98% King Kong Carl Denham 1933
No Score Yet I Love That Man Driller 1933
No Score Yet Blind Adventure Richard Bruce 1933
No Score Yet Penguin Pool Murder Barry Costello 1932
No Score Yet Hold 'em Jail Sports Announcer 1932
No Score Yet Is My Face Red Ed Maloney 1932
100% The Most Dangerous Game Martin 1932
100% The Lost Squadron Lt. Woody Curwood 1932
No Score Yet The Tip Off Kayo McClure 1931
No Score Yet Iron Man George Regan 1931
No Score Yet Danger Lights Larry Doyle 1930
No Score Yet Be Yourself Jerry Moore 1930
No Score Yet Paid Joe 1930
No Score Yet The Racketeer (Love's Conquest) Mahlon Keane 1929
No Score Yet Big News Steve Banks 1929
No Score Yet The Leatherneck William Calhoun 1929
No Score Yet So This Is College Biff 1929
No Score Yet Ned McCobb's Daughter Babe Callahan 1928
No Score Yet Show Folks Owens 1928
No Score Yet A Girl in Every Port Salami 1928
No Score Yet The Leopard Lady Chris 1928


No Score Yet Perry Mason
Capt. Bancroft West Phil Jenks Walter Haskell 1964
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Dr. Buckles 1962
No Score Yet The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Faulkner 1962
No Score Yet The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Fire Chief 1956


Max O'Hara says: Am I dreaming, or did I just see a gorilla?

Police Captain says: The planes got him

Police Captain says: Well, Denham, the airplanes got him.

Carl Denham says: Oh no, it was beauty killed the beast

Carl Denham says: Oh no, it was beauty killed the beast.

Carl Denham says: No, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.

Carl Denham says: It Was Beauty Killed The Beast.

Carl Denham says: It was beauty killed the beast.

Ann Darrow says: Do you always take the pictures you sell?

Carl Denham says: Ever since a trip I made to Africa. I'd have got a swell picture of a charging rhino, but the cameraman got scared. The darn fool, I was right there with a rifle! Seems he didn't trust me to get the rhino before it got him. I haven't fooled with a cameraman since; I do it myself.

Carl Denham says: Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel.

Police Captain says: Yep, the airplanes killed'em.

Carl Denham says: No, no. It wasn't the airplanes. It was Beauty who killed The Beast.