Sig Rumann

Sig Rumann

Highest Rated: 100% The World in His Arms (1952)

Lowest Rated: 33% A Royal Scandal (1945)

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Born in Germany, actor Sig Rumann studied electro-technology in college before returning to his native Hamburg to study acting. He worked his way up from bits to full leads in such theatrical centers as Stettin and Kiel before serving in World War I. Rumann came to New York in 1924 to appear in German-language plays. He was discovered simultaneously by comedian George Jessel, playwright George S. Kaufman, and critic Alexander Woollcott. He began chalking up an impressive list of stage roles, notably Baron Preysig in the 1930 Broadway production of Grand Hotel (in the role played by Wallace Beery in the 1932 film version). Rumann launched his film career at the advent of talkies, hitting his stride in the mid 1930s. During his years in Hollywood, he whittled down his stage name from Siegfried Rumann to plain Sig Ruman. The personification of Prussian pomposity, Rumann was a memorable foil for the Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera (1935), A Day at the Races (1937), and A Night in Casablanca (1946). He also was a favorite of director Ernst Lubitsch, appearing in Ninotchka (1939) as a bombastic Soviet emissary and in To Be or Not to Be (1942) as the unforgettable "Concentration Camp Ehrardt." With the coming of World War II, Ruman found himself much in demand as thick-headed, sometimes sadistic Nazis. Oddly, in The Hitler Gang (1944), Rumann was cast in a comparatively sympathetic role, as the ailing and senile Von Hindenburg. After the war, Rumann was "adopted" by Lubitsch admirer Billy Wilder, who cast the actor in such roles as the deceptively good-natured Sgt. Schultz in Stalag 17 (1953) and a marinet doctor in The Fortune Cookie (1966); Wilder also used Rumann's voice to dub over the guttural intonations of German actor Hubert von Meyerinck in One, Two, Three (1961). In delicate health during his last two decades, Rumann occasionally accepted unbilled roles, such as the kindly pawnbroker in O. Henry's Full House (1952). During one of his heartier periods, he had a recurring part on the 1952 TV sitcom Life with Luigi. Rumann's last film appearance was as a shoe-pounding Russian UN delegate in Jerry Lewis' Way... Way Out (1967).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Way...Way Out Actor 1966
96% The Fortune Cookie Prof. Winterhalter 1966
No Score Yet The Last Of The Secret Agents? Prof. Werner Von Koenig 1966
No Score Yet 36 Hours German Guard 1965
40% Robin and the Seven Hoods Hammacher 1964
50% The Errand Boy Baron Elston Carteblanche 1961
40% The Wings of Eagles Party Manager 1957
No Score Yet Many Rivers to Cross Spectacle Man 1955
No Score Yet 3 Ring Circus (Jerrico, the Wonder Clown) Colonel Fritz Schlitz 1954
No Score Yet Living It Up Dr. Egelhofer 1954
77% White Christmas Landlord 1954
88% The Glenn Miller Story Mr. Krantz 1953
85% Houdini Schultz 1953
No Score Yet Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation Cyrus Kraft 1953
97% Stalag 17 Schulz 1953
No Score Yet O. Henry's Full House Menkie 1952
100% The World in His Arms Gen. Ivan Vorashilov 1952
No Score Yet On the Riviera Gapeaux 1951
67% Border Incident Hugo Wolfgang Ulrich 1949
No Score Yet If You Knew Susie Count Alexis 1948
70% The Emperor Waltz Dr. Zwieback 1948
No Score Yet Mother Wore Tights Papa 1947
60% Night and Day Willowsky 1946
57% A Night in Casablanca Pfefferman 1946
No Score Yet The Dolly Sisters Tsimmis 1945
33% A Royal Scandal Gen. Ronsky 1945
No Score Yet Men in Her Diary Mme. Irene 1945
No Score Yet Summer Storm Kuzma 1944
60% It Happened Tomorrow Mr. Beckstein 1944
No Score Yet The Hitler Gang Gen. von Hindenburg 1944
55% House of Frankenstein Burgomaster Russman 1944
87% The Song of Bernadette Louis Bouriette 1943
No Score Yet Tarzan Triumphs Sergeant 1943
No Score Yet They Came to Blow Up America Dr. Herman Baumer 1943
No Score Yet Remember Pearl Harbor Dirk Van Hoorten 1942
98% To Be or Not to Be Col. Ehrhardt 1942
67% Desperate Journey Preuss 1942
No Score Yet Crossroads Dr. Alex Benoit 1942
No Score Yet We Were Dancing Baron Prax 1942
100% Love Crazy Dr. Wuthering 1941
No Score Yet The Wagons Roll At Night Hoffman the Great 1941
67% That Uncertain Feeling Mr. Kofka 1941
No Score Yet So Ends Our Night Ammers 1941
No Score Yet Shining Victory Prof. Herman Von Reiter 1941
No Score Yet Comrade X Emil von Hofer 1940
No Score Yet Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet Dr. Wolfert 1940
No Score Yet Bitter Sweet Herr Schlick 1940
97% Ninotchka Michael Ironoff 1939
100% Only Angels Have Wings Dutchman 1939
No Score Yet Confessions of a Nazi Spy Krogman 1939
No Score Yet Never Say Die Poppa Ingleborg 1939
No Score Yet Honolulu Psychiatrist 1939
No Score Yet The Saint in New York Hutch Rellin 1938
No Score Yet Suez Sgt. Fellerin 1938
No Score Yet The Great Waltz Wertheimer 1938
No Score Yet Thank You, Mr. Moto Col. Tchernov 1937
100% Nothing Sacred Dr. Emile Egglehoffer 1937
100% Heidi Police Captain 1937
No Score Yet Thin Ice Prime Minister 1937
No Score Yet Think Fast, Mr. Moto Nicolas Marloff 1937
94% A Day at the Races Dr. Steinberg 1937
No Score Yet This Is My Affair Gus 1937
No Score Yet Seventh Heaven Durand 1937
No Score Yet On The Avenue Herr Hanfstangel 1937
100% Maytime Fanchon 1937
No Score Yet Lancer Spy Lt. Col. Gotffried Hollen 1937
No Score Yet The Bold Caballero Commandante Sebastian Golle 1936
No Score Yet The Princess Comes Across Steindorf 1936
98% A Night at the Opera Gottlieb 1935
No Score Yet The Farmer Takes a Wife Blacksmith 1935
No Score Yet Under Pressure Doctor 1935
No Score Yet The Wedding Night Jan Nowak 1935
No Score Yet Servants' Entrance Hans Hansen 1934
No Score Yet The World Moves On Baron von Gerhardt 1934
No Score Yet Marie Galante Brogard 1934


No Score Yet Maverick
Capt. Steeget Bockenheimer Prof. Kronkhite Prof. Vegelius 1961


Schulz says: How do you expect to win the war with an army of clowns?

Lieutenant Dunbar says: We sort of hope you'd laugh yourselves to death.

Col. Ehrhardt says: What he did to Shakepeare, we are doing now to Poland.