Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff

Highest Rated: 90% Barry Lyndon (1975)

Lowest Rated: 10% Revolution (1985)

Birthday: Aug 3, 1937

Birthplace: Not Available

Trained in drama at Ecole Jacques LeCoq and Britain's Webber-Douglas Academy, actor Steven Berkoff made his London stage bow in a 1959 staging of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Shortly thereafter, Berkoff formed the London Theatre Group, famed for its risk-taking, experimental theatrical pieces. As a playwright, Berkoff displayed a fondness bordering on obsession with Franz Kafka: among his Theatre Group offerings were such Kafka adaptations as The Trial and Metamorphosis. He has also written such original plays as East, and has expressed his life-and-work philosophies in his books I Am Hamlet (a 1989 celebration of his favorite stage role) and Overview (1994). In films from the 1970's, Berkoff is often as not seen as a villain: A Clockwork Orange, Octopussy, Rambo II. Most filmgoers will remember Berkoff as the despicable white-collar miscreant Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), while TV fans will recall him as Hitler in the miniseries War and Remembrance. In 1994, Steven Berkoff wrote, directed and acted in the aptly titled film Decadence.

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Lisbeth Salander says: Something wrong with the report?

Dirch Frode says: No, no. It was quite thorough. I'm more interested in what's not in it.

Lisbeth Salander says: There's nothing "not in it".

Lisbeth Salander says: There's nothing 'not in it'.

Dirch Frode says: Your opinion of him isn't .

Lisbeth Salander says: He's clean in my opinion.

Dirch Frode says: You mean, he's hygienic?

Lisbeth Salander says: He has had a long standing sexual relationship with his co-editor of the magazine. It destroyed his marriage but not hers. He sometimes performs cunnilingus.... Not often enough, in my opinion.

Dirch Frode says: No you were right to leave that out.

Lisbeth Salander says: I know.

Minister says: This vicious young hoodlum will be transformed out of all recognition.

Alex says: Alex replies: Thank you very much for this chance, sir.

Constable says: Minister replies: Let's hope you make the most of it, my boy.

Dragan Armansky says: I'm concerned you won't like her [Salander]. She's different.

Dirch Frode says: In what way?

Dragan Armansky says: In every way.

Dragan Armansky says: She's one of the best investigator I had. But, she's different.

Dirch Frode says: And, in what way?

Dragan Armansky says: In every way.

Reginald Shaw says: You'll find life is not quite so giving to an ugly woman

Reginald Shaw says: You'll find life is not quite so giving to an ugly woman.

Lord Ludd says: "but I am not sorry and shall not apologize, and I'll soon go to Dublin as to Hell."