Timothy Spall

Timothy Spall

Highest Rated: 100% The Missionary (1982)

Lowest Rated: 0% Reuniting The Rubins (2012)

Birthday: Feb 27, 1957

Birthplace: Battersea, London, England, UK

Perhaps the actor most closely associated with director Mike Leigh, Timothy Spall has acted in productions for the director on both the stage and screen. Spall made a particularly strong impression in Leigh's Life is Sweet (1991), which cast him as a socially awkward gourmet chef, and Secrets & Lies (1996), in which his starring performance as a portrait photographer struggling with marital problems earned him award nominations from the British Academy and the London Film Critics Circle. In addition to his work with Leigh, Spall has appeared in a number of disparate productions. He made his film debut with a supporting role in the Who's Quadrophenia in 1979 and spent the next decade splitting his time and energy between the stage and screen. He acted extensively for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre, and he also did acclaimed work on television, most notably as Mr. Venus in the BBC production of Charles Dicken's Our Mutual Friend, for which he received a BAFTA Best Actor nomination.Spall began to gain recognition and respect as a film actor in the 1990s, thanks in large part to his collaborations with Leigh. In addition to his work with the director, Spall was particularly memorable in Brian Gibson's Still Crazy (1998), a comedy that cast him as the drummer for a defunct 1970s rock band trying to make a come-back. In 1999, the actor enjoyed another collaboration with Leigh in Topsy-Turvy, an acclaimed drama about the partnership between Gilbert and Sullivan that featured Spall as an effeminate opera diva. The following year, he could be seen as Don Armado in Kenneth Branagh's musical adaptation of Love's Labour's Lost, and heard as a chicken farm denizen in Nick Park's animated Chicken Run. In recognition of his contributions to the arts, Spall was named an Officer of the Order of British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth on New Year's Eve, 1999.


Highest Rated Movies



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61% Mrs. Lowry & Son L.S. Lowry 2019
69% The Changeover Carmody Braque 2019
70% Finding Your Feet Charlie 2018
81% Early Man Chief Bobnar 2018
81% The Party Bill $0.4M 2018
69% The Journey Ian Paisley $0.2M 2017
82% Denial David Irving $4.1M 2016
29% Alice Through the Looking Glass Bayard $77.1M 2016
60% Away Actor 2016
43% Stanley A Man Of Variety Actor Screenwriter 2016
No Score Yet Cider with Rosie Actor 2015
No Score Yet Sucker The Professor 2015
97% Mr. Turner J.M.W. Turner 2014
29% The Love Punch Jerry $1.2M 2014
60% The Rise (Wasteland) Inspector West 2013
28% Upside Down Bob $69.8K 2013
78% Ginger & Rosa Mark $1.1M 2013
7% Assassin's Bullet Kahn 2012
0% Reuniting The Rubins Lenny Rubins $13.8K 2012
38% Comes A Bright Day Charlie 2012
No Score Yet Room on the Broom Dragon 2012
No Score Yet Love Bite Actor 2012
96% Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Wormtail $381.1M 2011
50% Desert Flower Donaldson $29.9K 2011
No Score Yet Christmas Angel Actor 2011
95% The King's Speech Winston Churchill $138.4M 2010
78% Heartless George $2.5K 2010
77% Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Wormtail $295M 2010
44% Jackboots on Whitehall Winston Churchill 2010
51% Alice in Wonderland Bayard $319.4M 2010
92% The Damned United Peter Taylor $0.4M 2009
83% Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Wormtail $302M 2009
80% Wake Wood Arthur 2009
No Score Yet The Fattest Man in Britain Georgie Godwin 2009
43% From Time to Time Boggis 2009
76% Appaloosa Phil Olson $20.2M 2008
42% Death Defying Acts Mr. Sugarman 2008
No Score Yet Masterpiece Classic Mr. Emerson 2008
85% Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Beadle Bamford $53M 2007
No Score Yet The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Espionage Escapades Actor 2007
No Score Yet Oliver Twist Actor 2007
93% Enchanted Nathaniel $127.8M 2007
79% Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman Albert Pierrepoint 2007
60% A Room With a View Mr. Emerson 2007
No Score Yet Mysterious Creatures Bill Ainscow 2006
No Score Yet Jamie's Return to School Dinners Actor 2006
88% Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Wormtail $290M 2005
No Score Yet Mr Harvey Lights a Candle Actor 2005
72% Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Mr. Poe $118.5M 2004
90% Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Peter Pettigrew $249.4M 2004
66% The Last Samurai Simon Graham $111.1M 2003
No Score Yet Gettin' Square Darren Barrington 2003
78% Nicholas Nickleby Charles Cheeryble $1.4M 2002
82% All or Nothing Phil 2002
48% Lucky Break Cliff 2002
50% My House in Umbria Quinty 2002
50% Gothic Dr. John Polidori 2002
42% Vanilla Sky Thomas Tipp 2001
53% Rock Star Mats $16.6M 2001
No Score Yet The Old Man Who Read Love Stories Luis Agalla (Mayor) 2001
66% Intimacy Andy 2001
No Score Yet Time After Time Actor 2001
No Score Yet Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise Tommy Rag 2001
31% Vatel Gourville 2000
No Score Yet Immortality Actor 2000
97% Chicken Run Nick the Rat $106.7M 2000
49% Love's Labour's Lost Don Armado 2000
47% Immortality Insp. Healey 2000
89% Topsy-Turvy Richard Temple 1999
No Score Yet Shooting the Past Actor 1999
No Score Yet Our Mutual Friend Actor 1999
73% Still Crazy David Beano Baggot 1998
No Score Yet Neville's Island Actor 1998
No Score Yet The Clandestine Marriage Sterling 1998
95% Secrets & Lies Maurice 1997
No Score Yet 1871 Actor 1997
95% Hamlet Rosencrantz 1996
92% Life Is Sweet Aubrey 1991
86% White Hunter Black Heart Hodkins 1990
50% The Sheltering Sky Eric 1990
No Score Yet Dream Demon Peck 1988
80% To Kill a Priest Igor 1988
67% Crusoe Rev. Milne 1988
25% The Bride Paulus 1985
No Score Yet Dutch Girls Lyndon 1985
100% The Missionary Parswell 1982
No Score Yet Home Sweet Home Actor 1982
100% Quadrophenia Agency Projectionist 1979
No Score Yet Cherry Orchard Actor 1962


86% Hatton Garden
Terry Perkins 2019
72% Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Ed Jacobson 2018
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2015
80% The Enfield Haunting
Maurice Grossea 2015
No Score Yet Variety Studio: Actors on Actors
Guest 2015
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60% Sinbad
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Oswald Bates Mr. Emerson Fagin 2009
No Score Yet Top Gear
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88% Summer of Rockets


J.M.W. Turner says: Mr Ruskin, can I pose you a somewhat conundrous question?

J.M.W. Turner says: Mr. Ruskin, can I pose you a somewhat conundrous question?

John Ruskin says: Ah, please do, Mr Turner.

John Ruskin says: Ah, please do, Mr. Turner.

J.M.W. Turner says: To which do you find yourself more partial, a steak and kidney pie or a veal and ham pie?

John Ruskin says: I must confess, Mr Turner, that I find myself quite unable to answer your question with the precision that I would wish.

John Ruskin says: I must confess, Mr. Turner, that I find myself quite unable to answer your question with the precision that I would wish.

Mr. Poe says: Children, I'm afraid that I must inform you of a very unfortunate event.

Rocky says: Ducky, i think you flew four feet today!

Nick says: Oh right four feet..from the roof to the ground! *he and Fetcher laugh*

Nick says: It makes you look like a vision, a dream..

Fetcher says: Like a duck!

Mr. Poe says: Count Olaf, what are you doing here?

Constable says: Hey, I'll handle this. Count Olaf, what *are* you doing here, man?

Judge Turpin says: Was he guilty?

Beadle Bamford says: Well, if he didn't do it, he's surely done something to warrant a hanging.

Judge Turpin says: What man has not?

Queen Narissa says: Speciosous-formosous-preclareus

Queen Narissa says: Speciosous-formosous-preclareus.

Nathaniel says: My most adored queen where did you send her?

Queen Narissa says: To a place where there are no happily ever afters

Queen Narissa says: To a place where there are no happily ever afters.

Princess Giselle says: (screams)

Queen Narissa says: (cackles)

Mats says: Taking the night off, are you?

Chris Cole says: ...I'm gonna take a piss...

Chris Cole says: I'll see you again.

Mats says: Yeah, yeah. Off you go...

Nathaniel says: For the nice lady. From a secret admirer.

Robert Philip says: A secret admirer... How come people keep giving you free stuff?

Princess Giselle says: What is it?

Nathaniel says: It's an apple martini, miss.

Robert Philip says: Apple mar-... Ooh! It looks yummy.

Robert Philip says: Yeah, be careful. It's poisonous.

Princess Giselle says: You're joking.

Robert Philip says: Yeah. *Laughter* They'll creep on you though. I'd be really careful.

Peter Pettigrew says: Remus....Sirius.... my beloved friends.

Peter Pettigrew says: Remus, Sirius. My beloved friends.

Peter Pettigrew says: What would you have done, Sirius?

Sirius Black says: I would have died! I would have died rather than betray my friends, as we would have done for you

Sirius Black says: I would have died! I would have died rather than betray my friends, as we would have done for you.

Luis Agalla (Mayor) says: "It says knock you idiot!"

Luis Agalla (Mayor) says: "That is not a gondola!"