Turhan Bey

Turhan Bey

Highest Rated: 100% Hollywood Chinese (2007)

Lowest Rated: 29% The Mummy's Tomb (1942)

Birthday: Mar 30, 1922

Birthplace: Vienna, Austria

As was true of Indian actor Sabu and Dominican leading lady Maria Montez, the ethnic otherness of Turhan Bey allowed moviegoers in the Golden Age of Hollywood to project upon his inscrutable features their most resplendent fantasies and darkest fears. With his true lineage a Turkish-Czechoslovakian split, Bey was often cast as Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, Mexican, Egyptian, Indian and Slavic characters, with their occupations never ranging far beyond the circle of career criminals, Nazi henchmen and bogus psychics. Never an A-list actor, Bey was paired occasionally with leading ladies of higher star wattage, such as Katherine Hepburn in "Dragon Seed" (1944) and Merle Oberon in "Night in Paradise" (1946). The height of his popularity came with appearances in a run of Universal Studio's Arabian Nights-style films, including "White Savage" (1942) and "Arthur Lubin's "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (1944). His highly-publicized affair with Lana Turner at the peak of their respective sex symbol powers also kept him a Photoplay regular. A regime change at Universal after World War II sent Bey packing to the independent studio Eagle-Lion, for whom he appeared in a handful of films before fleeing for his Austrian homeland. A late-life comeback proved the septuagenarian had lost none of his native charm, as a guest star on such popular TV series as "Murder, She Wrote" (CBS, 1984-1996) and "Babylon Five" (The WB, 1994-1998), and capped an eclectic career as one of Hollywood's most unforgettable men of mystery.

Highest rated movies

Hollywood Chinese
Arabian Nights
The Mummy's Tomb




No Score Yet 76% American Masters Unknown (Character) - 2008
100% No Score Yet Hollywood Chinese Unknown (Character) - 2007
No Score Yet 43% Virtual Combat Dr. Cameron (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet No Score Yet Healer Igor Vostovich (Character) - 1994
No Score Yet No Score Yet Stolen Identity Producer - 1953
No Score Yet No Score Yet Prisoners of the Casbah Ahmed (Character) - 1953
No Score Yet 50% Parole, Inc. Barney Rodescu (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet No Score Yet Song of India Gopal (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet No Score Yet Adventures of Casanova Lorenzo (Character) - 1948
No Score Yet 37% The Amazing Mr. X Alexis (Character) - 1948
No Score Yet No Score Yet A Night in Paradise Aesop (Character) - 1946
No Score Yet No Score Yet Frisco Sal Dude Forante (Character) - 1945
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sudan Herua (Character) - 1945
No Score Yet 22% The Climax Franz Munzer (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 40% Dragon Seed Lao Er Tan (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 56% Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Jamiel (Character) - 1944
No Score Yet 5% The Mad Ghoul Eric Iverson (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet 48% Background to Danger Hassan (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet No Score Yet Adventures of Smilin' Jack Kageyama (Character) - 1943
No Score Yet No Score Yet White Savage Tamara (Character) - 1943
29% 25% The Mummy's Tomb Mehemet Bey (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet No Score Yet Drums of the Congo Juma (Character) - 1942
67% 80% Arabian Nights Captain (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet No Score Yet Raiders of the Desert Hassen Mohammed (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Burma Convoy Mr. Yuchau (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet 30% Shadows on the Stairs Ram Singh (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet 54% Footsteps in the Dark Ahmed (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet 40% The Gay Falcon Manuel Retana (Character) - 1941
No Score Yet No Score Yet Bombay Clipper Captain Chundra (Character) - 1941


No Score Yet 93% Babylon 5 Unknown (Guest Star) 1998


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