Van Heflin

Van Heflin

Highest Rated: 100% The Prowler (Cost of Living ) (1951)

Lowest Rated: 33% East Side, West Side (1949)

Birthday: Dec 13, 1910

Birthplace: Walters, Oklahoma, USA

The son of an Oklahoma dentist, Van Heflin moved to California after his parents separated. Drawn to a life on the sea, Heflin shipped out on a tramp steamer upon graduating from high school, returning after a year to attend the University of Oklahoma in pursuit of a law degree. Two years into his studies, Heflin was back on the ocean. Having entertained thoughts of a theatrical career since childhood, Heflin made his Broadway bow in Channing Pollock's Mister Moneypenny; when the play folded after 61 performances, Heflin once more retreated to the sea, sailing up and down the Pacific for nearly three years. He revitalized his acting career in 1931, appearing in one short-lived production after another until landing a long-running assignment in S. N. Behrmann's 1936 Broadway offering End of Summer. This led to his film bow in Katharine Hepburn's A Woman Rebels (1936), as well as a brief contract with RKO Radio. Katharine Hepburn requested Heflin's services once more for her Broadway play The Philadelphia Story, and while the 1940 MGM film version of that play cast James Stewart in Heflin's role, the studio thought enough of Heflin to sign him to a contract. One of his MGM roles, that of the alcoholic, Shakespeare-spouting best friend of Robert Taylor in Johnny Eager (1942), won Heflin a "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar. After serving in various Army film units in World War II, Heflin resumed his film career, and also for a short while was heard on radio as Raymond Chandler's philosophical private eye Philip Marlowe. He worked in both Hollywood and Europe throughout the 1950s. In 1963, he was engaged to narrate the prestigious TV anthology The Great Adventure. He was forced to pull out of this assignment when cast as the Louis Nizer character in the Broadway play A Case of Libel. Heflin's final film appearance was in the made-for-TV speculative drama The Last Child; he died of a heart attack at the age of 61. Van Heflin was married twice, first to silent film star Esther Ralston, then to RKO contract player Frances Neal (who should not be confused with Heflin's actress sister Frances Heflin).


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Jeff Hartnett says: You know when a woman loves like that she can love you with every card in the deck, and then pull a knife across your throat the next morning.

Jeff Hartnett says: Mr. Freud, take a letter.

Robert Athos says: [to D'Artagnan] My friend, my friend. My young country friend, when will you learn about Paris? By now Richelieu, without the slightest question, knows even the color of your underpants.

Robert Athos says: [preparing to duel D'Artagnan with an injured right arm] You'll find the left hand most confusing.

D'Artagnan says: Well, Athos, in a matter of hours we'll be on the road to Spain with a price on our heads. Will we live to see France again?

Robert Athos says: Will we live to see Spain?

Robert Athos says: To die among friends. Can a man ask more? Can the world offer less? Who wants to live 'till the last bottle is empty? It's all-for one, d'Artagnan, and one for all.

Martha Ivers says: Its the only room I didn't change. [on showing her childhood room to Sam]

Sam Masterson says: We were just a couple of kids.

Mrs. Ivers says: Sorry that you ever left here. [to Sam]

Walter O'Neil says: And you. What have you done?

Walter O'Neil says: All life is a gamble.

Sam Masterson says: You'll do it for old times sake.

Martha Ivers says: A sure thing is never a gamble.

Martha Ivers says: There's only way you'll find out, release the girl.

Sam Masterson says: I haven't been on the rubberneck tour for years. [on being shown the house of Martha]

Sam Masterson says: Better get out of those wet clothes.

Toni Marachek says: I was so lonesome tonight, I was about to died.

Sam Masterson says: LIke I said, we leave tomorrow.

Sam Masterson says: You don't have to tell me who you are, I can tell by the smell.

Sam Masterson says: You scared little boy. You're just about to do your old pal a great big favor.

Jeff Hartnett says: This guy could have climbed the highest mountain in the world---if he'd just started up the right one.

Joe Starrett says: The only way I'll leave is in a pine box.

Joe Starrett says: The old-timers can't see it yet, but runnin' cattle on an open range can't go on. It takes too much space for too little results.

Joe Starrett says: I like a man who watches things goin' around. It means he'll make his mark some day.

Jussac says: [while dueling] Why don't you use your right hand, Athos?

Robert Athos says: I save my right hand for my drinking.

Joe Starrett says: Shane! Shane! Come back!