Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes

Highest Rated: 97% Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Lowest Rated: 0% Armed Response (2017)

Birthday: Jul 31, 1962

Birthplace: Orlando, Florida, USA

With sleek, well-muscled good looks that easily lend themselves to romantic leading roles or parts that call for running, jumping, and handling firearms, Wesley Snipes became one of the most popular Hollywood stars of the 1990s. First coming to prominence with roles in Spike Lee's Mo' Better Blues and Jungle Fever, Snipes went on to prove himself as an actor who could appeal to audiences as a man that women want and men want to be.Born in Orlando, FL, on July 31, 1962, Snipes grew up in the Bronx. He developed an early interest in acting and attended Manhattan's High School for the Performing Arts. His mother moved him back to Florida before he could graduate, but after finishing up high school in Florida, Snipes attended the State University of New York-Purchase and began pursuing an acting career. It was while performing in a competition that he was discovered by an agent, and a short time later he made his film debut in the Goldie Hawn vehicle Wildcats (1986). Although he appeared in a few more films during the 1980s, it was Snipes' turn as a street tough who menaces Michael Jackson in the Martin Scorsese-directed video for "Bad" that caught the eye of director Lee. He was so impressed with the actor's performance that he cast him in his 1990 Mo' Better Blues as a flamboyant saxophonist opposite Denzel Washington. That role, coupled with the exposure that Snipes had received for his performance as a talented but undisciplined baseball player in the previous year's Major League, succeeded in giving the actor a tentative plot on the Hollywood map. With his starring role in Lee's 1991 Jungle Fever, Snipes won critical praise and increased his audience exposure, and his career duly took off.That same year, Snipes further demonstrated his flexibility with disparate roles in New Jack City, in which he played a volatile drug lord, and The Waterdance, in which he starred as a former wild man repenting for his ways in a hospital's paraplegic ward. Both performances earned strong reviews, and the following year Snipes found himself as the lead in his first big-budget action flick, Passenger 57. The film, which featured the actor as an ex-cop with an attitude who takes on an airplane hijacker, proved to be a hit. Snipes' other film that year, the comedy White Men Can't Jump, was also successful, allowing the actor to enter the arena of full-fledged movie star. After a few more action stints in such films as Rising Sun (1993), which featured him opposite Sean Connery, Snipes went in a different direction with an uncredited role in Waiting to Exhale (1995). The same year he completely bucked his macho, action-figure persona with his portrayal of a flamboyant drag queen in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Snipes continued to focus on less testosterone-saturated projects after a turn as a baseball player in The Fan (1996), starring as an adulterous director in Mike Figgis' One Night Stand (1997) -- for which he won a Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival -- and as Alfre Woodard's handsome cousin in Down in the Delta in 1998. That same year, Snipes returned to the action genre, playing a pumped-up vampire slayer in Blade and a wrongfully accused man on the run from the law in the sequel to The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals. The former would prove to be a massive cult hit and one of his biggest box-office successes to date. And while the new millenium would see most of Snipes' films relegated to straight-to-video releases, a pair of Blade sequels in 2002 and 2004 helped the actor remain a presence at the multiplexes.Sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion in 2008, Snipes began serving his term in 2010.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Cut Throat City Actor 2020
97% Dolemite Is My Name D'Urville Martin 2019
0% Armed Response Actor 2017
0% The Recall The Hunter $20.1K 2017
82% Chi-Raq Cyclops $2.7M 2015
32% The Expendables 3 Doc $34.8M 2014
No Score Yet Game of Death Marcus Jones 2010
44% Brooklyn's Finest Caz $26.8M 2010
No Score Yet Gallowwalkers Aman 2009
No Score Yet Chasing the Dragon Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Art of War II: Betrayal Neil Shaw 2008
No Score Yet The Contractor James Dial 2007
No Score Yet Hard Luck Lucky 2006
No Score Yet The Detonator Sonni Griffith 2006
No Score Yet Chaos Lorenz/Jason York 2005
No Score Yet The Marksman Painter 2005
No Score Yet 7 Seconds John Tuliver 2005
26% Blade: Trinity Producer Blade $52.5M 2004
No Score Yet Unstoppable (9 Lives) Dean Cage 2004
48% Undisputed Monroe Hutchen Executive Producer 2002
44% Zigzag Dave Fletcher 2002
No Score Yet Zig Zag Actor 2002
57% Blade II Producer Blade $82.1M 2002
20% Liberty Stands Still Joe 2002
No Score Yet Ultimate Fights Actor 2002
No Score Yet Disappearing Acts Actor 2000
16% The Art of War Executive Producer Shaw $29.5M 2000
11% Play It to the Bone Ringside Fan 1999
79% Down in the Delta Will Sinclair Producer 1998
No Score Yet Futuresport (Future Sport) Producer Executive Producer Obike Fixx 1998
55% Blade Producer Blade 1998
41% The Big Hit Producer 1998
32% One Night Stand Max 1997
26% U.S. Marshals Mark Sheridan 1997
33% Murder at 1600 Det. Harlan Regis 1997
34% The Fan Bobby Rayburn 1996
No Score Yet America's Dream George Du Vaul 1996
56% Waiting to Exhale James Wheeler (uncredited) 1995
22% Money Train John 1995
41% To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Noxema Jackson 1995
41% Drop Zone Pete Nessip 1994
20% Sugar Hill Roemello Skuggs 1994
62% Demolition Man Simon Phoenix 1993
33% Rising Sun Web Smith 1993
18% Boiling Point Jimmy Mercer 1993
No Score Yet ESPN Films: Hardwood Dreams Part 1 Narrator 1993
24% Passenger 57 John Cutter 1992
93% The Waterdance Raymond Hill 1992
76% White Men Can't Jump Sidney Deane 1992
81% Jungle Fever Flipper Purify 1991
77% New Jack City Nino Brown 1991
72% King of New York Thomas Flannigan 1990
73% Mo' Better Blues Shadow Henderson 1990
83% Major League Willie Mays Hayes 1989
No Score Yet Vietnam War Story 1 Actor 1988
No Score Yet Critical Condition Ambulance Driver 1987
31% Streets of Gold Roland Jenkins 1986
22% Wildcats Trumaine 1986


No Score Yet CBS This Morning
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2017
39% The Player
Mr. Johnson 2015
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2015
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2015
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2010
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2010
33% The Wanda Sykes Show
Guest 2010
No Score Yet The Bernie Mac Show
Duke 2003
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2002
No Score Yet H.E.L.P.
Lou Barton


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Doc says: I'm the knife before Christmas.

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Jimmy Mercer says: When was the last time you had your fix?

Nino Brown says: " Good ,cause you got to rob to get rich in the Reagan era."

Nino Brown says: Good ,cause you got to rob to get rich in the Reagan era.

Nino Brown says: Good, cause you got to rob to get rich in the Reagan era.

Edgar Friendly says: God, I love to hate this place!

Simon Phoenix says: Play ball!

Sergeant John Spartan says: Somebody put me back in the fridge.

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Simon Phoenix says: Greetings, whats your bogle?

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Nino Brown says: Sit your five-dollar ass down before I make change.