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4/5 87% Lion (2016) Davis' debut is a touch over-stretched but impossible to resist - a classy crowd-pleaser with an especially magical first half. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 16, 2017
5/5 93% La La Land (2016) Could have been a grand folly but instead it's just grand. Will make audiences break into grins like its characters break into song. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 9, 2017
5/5 96% Manchester by the Sea (2016) If ever there was a film that epitomised the saying 'no pain, no gain', this is it. Packs a real wallop. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 9, 2017
4/5 80% Adult Life Skills (2016) Knock a star off if you're feeling cynical, but otherwise surrender to this fun, funny, spirited debut. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 3, 2017
4/5 95% Remainder (2015) Once watched, it's hard to forget. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 3, 2017
4/5 91% The Measure of a Man (La loi du marché) (2016) Watch Adam McKay's flash and funny financial crisis movie The Big Short and then turn to The Measure of a Man to see the human cost. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 2, 2017
4/5 86% Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) Party on, dudes! With tracks from Blondie, Van Halen, Sugar Hill Gang, The Cars and more, Linklater's frat-pack com is an absolute blast. Prepare to be amazed and amused. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 2, 2017
3/5 39% Jane Got a Gun (2016) Dusting itself off from a nightmare production, this western finally arrives to shoot, for the most part, straight and true. It certainly ain't no calamity Jane. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 2, 2017
3/5 57% The Neon Demon (2016) A shallow, slow-burn horror that takes an age to get to the strong meat but looks good doing it. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 2, 2017
2/5 No Score Yet The Intent (2016) Robustly performed but full of second-hand plotting and tedious slo-mo. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
4/5 96% Bobby Sands: 66 Days (2016) Informed, balanced and deeply humane. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
4/5 81% These Final Hours (2015) Zak Hilditch's breathless... thriller tears through orgies, mass suicides and murderous rampages to conclude on a scene as moving and terrifying as the climax of Melancholia. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
3/5 46% Knight of Cups (2016) This is Malick turning graceful, ever-decreasing circles, though there's a thrill to seeing him traverse hotel rooms and studio lots, nightclubs and strip clubs, after a career wrapped up in the period and pastoral. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
4/5 87% Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) With Streep on grandstanding form and Grant given a rare chance to show his range, this is an intelligent dramedy that moves and amuses. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
4/5 82% Julieta (2016) Sliding between past and present, Almodóvar drip-feeds revelations to hook viewers while crafting an affecting study of lost, grief and guilt. And the actresses, as ever in a Pedro joint, are terrific. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
3/5 9% Cell (2016) The opening is a hoot and the closer would make George A. Romero quake, but much in between is as flat as Cusack's battery. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 1, 2017
3/5 83% Two Women (Mesyats v derevne) (2014) Handsomely shot but rather inert. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 28, 2016
4/5 83% Silence (2017) Scorsese blends his twin religions of Catholicism and cinema to considerable effect. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 11, 2016
5/5 94% Blue Velvet (1986) Isabella Rossellini's singer Dorothy is a heart-rending open wound, Dennis Hopper's Frank Booth one of cinema's great nutjobs, and Lynch's control a thing of nightmarish beauty. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 1, 2016
3/5 71% Bleed For This (2016) This biopic coulda been a contender if superior specimens like Rocky and Raging Bull hadn't landed their punches first. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 1, 2016
4/5 96% Paterson (2016) A mesmeric treat of a film - one of Jarmusch's best. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 21, 2016
4/5 74% We Are the Flesh (Tenemos la carne) (2017) Think Luis Buñuel spliced with Hieronymus Bosch. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 16, 2016
73% Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) This first instalment showcases just enough of them to make you sign up for the full expedition. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 12, 2016
4/5 92% I, Daniel Blake (2016) The 80-year-old director still has plenty of fire in his belly. Warm, belligerent and, in places, unbearably moving. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 19, 2016
5/5 79% American Honey (2016) Will infuriate those who like their movies tight and tidy but go along for the ride and this is wind-in-your-hair thrilling. A modern classic. ‐ Total Film
Posted Oct 13, 2016
5/5 98% Under The Shadow (2016) Writer/director Babak Anvari blends war, patriarchal rule, folklore, spooky kids and one of the best jump scares since Carrie's hand burst from the grave, into a startling debut. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 27, 2016
4/5 63% The Magnificent Seven (2016) Not quite magnificent but certainly Fuqua's best since Training Day and a rare remake that actually delivers. Yee-haw! ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 13, 2016
4/5 83% Sausage Party (2016) Consistently funny, frequently hilarious. Just don't order one of those jumbo hotdogs before you take your seat - never mind the guilt, you'll choke laughing. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 31, 2016
4/5 70% Café Society (2016) More flyaway entertainment than vintage Woody but a joy while it lasts. Allen, at 80, has a spring in his step. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 31, 2016
4/5 100% Things to Come (L'avenir) (2016) Nathalie's brought to life by Huppert's subtly complex turn and Hansen-Løve's fluid, unfussy direction. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 31, 2016
3/5 40% The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016) A mildly compelling thriller with a solid cast. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 31, 2016
3/5 40% Morgan (2016) It engages but falls a good deal short of Ex Machina's fierce intelligence... [However,] the performances are robust. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 31, 2016
3/5 92% The Violators (2015) The Violators suffers from inevitable comparisons to Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, but is anchored by McQueen's terrific performance in her feature debut. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 15, 2016
3/5 26% Suicide Squad (2016) Starts off flavourful, turns rather bland. This Injustice League jaunt proves that DC is still a long way behind Marvel for on-screen action. ‐ Total Film
Posted Aug 2, 2016
4/5 75% The BFG (2016) A beguiling, potent tale that will make snapperwhippers of even the most surly adults, it is, in a big word favoured by its even bigger-hearted hero, scrumdiddlyumptious. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jul 25, 2016
2/5 31% Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Goldblum's Levinson sums it up while talking about the mothership sucking up whole cities from the Earth's surface: "What goes up, must come down." Sadly, he might have been talking about the franchise. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jun 21, 2016
4/5 83% Midnight Special (2016) Supernaturalism for sceptics: teaming up for the fourth time, Nichols and Shannon deliver another slow-burn, grounded triumph. ‐ Total Film
Posted Apr 4, 2016
4/5 90% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Cloverfield was all about making viewers to gasp and pant; 10 Cloverfield Lane demands you hold your breath. As unnerving as it is surprising. ‐ Total Film
Posted Mar 8, 2016
4/5 93% Anomalisa (2015) Charlie Kaufman shows us what it is to be human. Plus the best use of Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' in the movies. ‐ Total Film
Posted Mar 7, 2016
4/5 91% The Witch (2016) Robert Eggers' measured, meticulous debut builds into one of the most genuinely scary horror movies of recent years. ‐ Total Film
Posted Mar 7, 2016
4/5 53% Triple 9 (2016) If you like bleak 'n' brutal thrillers like The French Connection, Se7en and Animal Kingdom (who doesn't?), this is the movie for you. ‐ Total Film
Posted Feb 15, 2016
4/5 85% Hail, Caesar! (2016) Hail, Caesar! is a love letter inked in arsenic, at once celebrating the artistry of Hollywood and cringing at the crass commercialism and rampant phoniness of it all. ‐ Total Film
Posted Feb 3, 2016
4/5 96% Spotlight (2015) A rigorously detailed telling of an important story that never loses sight of the human devastation. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 25, 2016
4/5 75% The Hateful Eight (2015) A superior entertainment that marks Tarantino's most mature outing since Jackie Brown. ‐ Total Film
Posted Jan 4, 2016
95% We Are Still Here (2015) Those who can spot a Fulci reference will likely embrace this creepy, bloody haunted house movie more than mainstream viewers. But if you like your horror, it's a treat. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 31, 2015
4/5 60% Joy (2015) Not without glitches but an energetic study of one woman's refusal to settle for anything less than her share of the American Dream. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 28, 2015
5/5 92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) This, undoubtedly, is the movie that fans wanted, the movie that fans deserve. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 16, 2015
3/5 24% Victor Frankenstein (2015) Fun enough, but not the lightning-bolt-to-the-heart update we hoped for. ‐ Total Film
Posted Dec 2, 2015
5/5 86% Steve Jobs (2015) This is a movie that never lets up or allows viewers to do anything but meet it with fearsome focus. Much like its subject. ‐ Total Film
Posted Nov 9, 2015
4/5 92% The Martian (2015) The Martian is a savvy blend of the technical and the personal, of outer and inner journeys, and of teamwork and isolated glory. ‐ Total Film
Posted Sep 12, 2015