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Jackie (2016)

"Pablo Larrain taps into a challenging and intriguing perspective on the traditional White House bio-pic." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 29, 2016

Allied (2016)

"This sentimental romance may not break your heart, but it sure is very easy on the eye." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 21, 2016

Miss Sloane (2016)

"Jessica Chastain's ferocious star turn is the fascinating and stabilizing factor in this promising, but ultimately wobbly political thriller." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 20, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

"This eye-popper gets the new franchise off to a magical enough start." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 16, 2016

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

"This movie is a miracle: a stunningly intimate masterwork that wrenches, but still leaves the heart brimming. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 15, 2016

Arrival (2016)

"Elegant and ambitious, this sci-fi mystery is designed to take on life's biggest questions in the most intimate way. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 9, 2016

Loving (2016)

"Rarely has a film of such historical importance felt so vivid and relatable." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 1, 2016

Doctor Strange (2016)

" While very much an origins flick, this ambitious kickoff is also, happily, a movie that wows while it makes us wonder." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Nov 1, 2016

Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)

"Desperate for a good laugh? This, unfortunately, isn't it." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Oct 19, 2016

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

"Explosions, guns and oh yeah, Cobie Smulders in a bra." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Oct 19, 2016

Moonlight (2016)

"This achingly beautiful coming of ager leaves its mark on both heart and soul." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Oct 18, 2016

The Accountant (2016)

"Yes, I pretty much followed along with the mess-with-the numbers story of this accountant, a math genius with Asperger's Syndrome" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Oct 12, 2016

The Girl on the Train (2016)

"The most thrilling thing about this not particularly thrilling thriller: Emily Blunt's outstanding lead performance, which is so good, you almost think she's in another movie." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Oct 5, 2016

Deepwater Horizon (2016)

"Peter Berg's rugged version of the worst environmental disaster in American history is very effective. So why did I feel so guilty enjoying it?" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Sep 28, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

"This is the movie equivalent of meeting an old friend you haven't seen in a long time for brunch. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Sep 14, 2016

Snowden (2016)

"You used to be able to count on Oliver Stone for a good shot or two of cinematic adrenaline. So, who would have thought he'd choose to present one of the most controversial figures of the 21st Century as warm, fuzzy, and more than a bit boring?" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Sep 13, 2016

Sully (2016)

"Clint Eastwood's heart pounding recreation of the Miracle on the Hudson is only one of the rewards of this earnest, slyly emotional biography." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Sep 6, 2016

War Dogs (2016)

"This buddy/action/adventure/comedy/based on true story movie tells an interesting enough tale. But, oh, if it only had the guts of its no-good heroes." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Aug 17, 2016

Sausage Party (2016)

"This "secret life of groceries", like so many other Seth Rogen movies, is a congenial mess of the outrageously funny and the bong-induced lazy drags. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Aug 10, 2016

Hell or High Water (2016)

"Not everything is what it seems in this deceptively simple story. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Aug 10, 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

"The fact that it is no surprise Meryl Streep delivers a virtuoso performance here shouldn't deny us the sheer joy of watching her do it. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Aug 9, 2016

Suicide Squad (2016)

"Please let the record show I actually kind of dug the first 20 minutes of so. It was the rest of this movie that did me in. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Aug 2, 2016

Jason Bourne (2016)

"When was the last time I was surprisingly engrossed by so much incessant, full throttle action? " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 27, 2016

Indignation (2016)

"You can keep your 3D and blue screen. For my money, the most exciting scene of the summer comes as Logan Lerman and Tracy Letts let it rip in this Philip Roth adaptation." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 25, 2016

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016)

"This splashy update with Edina and Patsy is very much your mother's Ab Fab. And proud of it." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 21, 2016

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

"Justin Lin's take on the iconic series is not your father's Star Trek. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 21, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016)

"Pains me to say this, but the only thing this new Ghostbusters busts is my dreams." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 14, 2016

Café Society (2016)

"Woody Allen's newest goes down as smooth as a somewhat watered down martini. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 12, 2016

Captain Fantastic (2016)

"Is there an emotion I didn't feel watching this story of a non-traditional family, trying to stay together after the wife and mother disappears?" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jul 6, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

"The most intriguing part of this legend is wondering just who the heck this movie is supposed to appeal to." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jun 29, 2016

The BFG (2016)

"This carefully designed adaptation of the Dahl children's classic isn't perfect, but when Spielberg taps into his fountain-of-youth joy, I sure couldn't help but feel like a kid again myself." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jun 27, 2016

Now You See Me 2 (2016)

"Sequels and magic have something in common: harder to pull them off when you're already familiar with the set up. This aiming to please caper may not have the initial wow factor going for it, but there is still some fun in the mix." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jun 8, 2016

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

"James Wan's method to the madness cannot be denied. He sure knows how to scare the terrified giggles out of you. But this sequel sticks so squarely to the formula, it leaves plenty of time for the more logical mind to wander." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jun 7, 2016

Me Before You (2016)

"No surprises here, except for the fact that this melodrama plays as winningly as it does." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jun 1, 2016

The Nice Guys (2016)

"This one's a cheerfully violent blast to the past that's as comfy as a broken in go-go boot." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted May 18, 2016

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)

"Could this be the most socially aware gross out comedy in, maybe, ever?" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted May 17, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

"There's a lot of something for everyone in this standardly super, superhero movie. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted May 4, 2016

Mother's Day (2016)

"It is with a heavy heart I ask, "how does a script like this even make it to the big screen?"" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Apr 28, 2016

The Boss (2016)

"Melissa McCarthy, you're breaking my heart." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Apr 6, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

"There's sure no joy in Gotham tonight, boys and girls. Because this bloated bust takes all the fun out of what could have been a flashy and fiery mash- up. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Mar 23, 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

"This little cream puff might not appeal to the masses, but it certainly will appeal to some. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Mar 22, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

"If Sam Shepard ever goofed around with the alien horror genre, he might have come up with something like this surprisingly effective thriller." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Mar 10, 2016

Eddie The Eagle (2016)

"Like its subject, this unpretentious feel good movie aims for and hits a more generous definition of the term "winner". " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Feb 22, 2016

Zoolander 2 (2016)

"Yes, it's ridiculous. It's supposed to be. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Feb 10, 2016

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

"Why don't we leave the Coen Brothers' 1950's Hollywood studio comedy walking on air? " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Feb 4, 2016

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016)

"Michael Bay efforts to keep the politics out of this movie, but, really, how can you keep the politics out of a movie about the terror that happened at Benghazi?" ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Jan 14, 2016

The Hateful Eight (2015)

"Quentin Tarentino's latest homage mashup hits a lot of familiar notes, but where's the fun? " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Dec 22, 2015

The Revenant (2015)

"Gorgeous to look at, this romantic survivalist revenger has the heart of an ice pick. " ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Dec 22, 2015

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

"J.J. Abrams has, for the most part, taken the safe road, not re-inventing the wheel, but building a solid, respectful and, at times, darn entertaining reboot." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Dec 19, 2015

Son of Saul (2015)

"Son of Saul stands as one of the most extraordinary films ever made about the Holocaust. The fact that it was made by a first time filmmaker makes it one of the most extraordinary film debuts in years." ‐The Movie Minute
Posted Dec 8, 2015
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