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50% Worlds Apart (Enas Allos Kosmos) (2017) It can't help but come off as a bit diagrammed. Yet the movie is onto something: what happens to a society when "ordinary" life begins to get stripped away. ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 14, 2017
14% Sleepless (2017) "Sleepless" is a propulsive thin exercise, "energetic" but tedious, the kind of January movie that Jamie Foxx should have permanently graduated from. ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 13, 2017
27% The Bye Bye Man (2017) Even when it seems to be making things up as it goes along, its slapdash hallucinatory quality is a token gesture toward placing you inside the characters' heads. ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 12, 2017
18% Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) Should satisfy fans of the "Underworld" movies just enough to live up to the previous films' success ... and to guarantee that Beckinsale, if she so chooses, can ride out this saga some more. ‐ Variety
Posted Jan 6, 2017
100% Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (2017) "Bright Lights" captures the essence of what they had together - not just a bond but a mother-daughter marriage. One that lasted two lifetimes. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 30, 2016
83% Dangal (2016) Within that tight-lipped mask, [Khan] finds a hundred ways to communicate emotion. That's more than you can say for Dangal, a one-trick domestic sports drama that drags on for two hours and 40 minutes. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 22, 2016
33% Live By Night (2017) It's like seeing the ghost of a terrific movie: All the pieces are in place, yet as you're watching it (or thinking back on it afterwards), there doesn't seem to be quite enough there there. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 21, 2016
17% Assassin's Creed (2016) In "Assassin's Creed," Michael Fassbender is like the ultimate special effect. Just by showing up, he confers respectability on two hours of semi-coherent overly art-directed video-game sludge. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 19, 2016
31% Passengers (2016) "Passengers" is the tale of a lonely guy in space, the drama of an ethical conundrum, a love story featuring two of the hottest actors on the planet, and a turbulent sci-fi action-adventure - and for all of that, it manages to be not a very good movie. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 15, 2016
12% Collateral Beauty (2016) A strenuously uplifting Christmas awards-bait tearjerker. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 13, 2016
40% Why Him? (2016) It's bluntly cheeky, it goes on for too long, but the concept keeps on giving. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 12, 2016
60% The Bounce Back (2016) You watch it thinking: There's a reason why Tracy and Hepburn movies never hinged on therapy, and didn't feature actors whose exteriors looked a lot more exciting than their inner lives. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 10, 2016
65% Frank & Lola (2016) Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots are terrific in a canny little neo-noir that takes an authentic look at the dark side of love. ‐ Variety
Posted Dec 6, 2016
83% Mifune: The Last Samurai (2016) A dutiful and diverting but rather bare-bones documentary portrait ... ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 27, 2016
95% Fences (2016) As you watch "Fences," there's never a doubt that these lives matter, and that's a good and noble thing, but you're also aware (maybe too aware) of how much the movie itself wants to matter. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 22, 2016
61% Allied (2016) It's a flagrantly movie-ish concoction. But like Steven Spielberg's "Bridge of Spies," it's been made with a so-old-it's-new classicism that is executed with enough flair to lure audiences in. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 21, 2016
93% Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened... (2016) "Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" illustrates an essential principle of art: You have to risk cataclysmic failure - and, at times, fall into it - if you're planning to scale the heights. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 18, 2016
77% Magnus (2016) The movie assumes that a chronicle of Magnus's rise will be enough to keep the audience hooked. That turns out to be the right call. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 18, 2016
No Score Yet Citizen Jane: Battle for the City (2016) A fascinating documentary captures the showdown, half a century ago, between the activist Jane Jacobs and the Trumpian urban planner Robert Moses: a fight for the future of New York. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 12, 2016
48% Almost Christmas (2016) A bad Christmas movie can give off all the warmth of a televised yule log, but David E. Talbert, the writer-director of "Almost Christmas," has assembled a gifted cast and given them a chance to stretch out and play with their roles. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 9, 2016
9% USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) A World War II epic about the cruiser that carried the A-bomb, and was disastrously torpedoed, never finds its dramatic life. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 6, 2016
89% All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone (2016) Even if you belong to the choir it's preaching to, it has the rare distinction of being a movie you can agree and argue with at the same time. ‐ Variety
Posted Nov 6, 2016
84% The Ivory Game (2016) There are moments when the movie tugs at your heart, but the subject matter, because it's so epic, deserves an even more probing and definitive treatment. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 31, 2016
73% You've Been Trumped Too (2016) The movie makes a good point, then makes it over and over again. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 29, 2016
0% The Unspoken (2016) The phrase "low-budget horror" once held out the promise of seedy grisly sensation that big-budget horror wouldn't give you. But in the case of a movie like "The Unspoken," it just means: standard glossy horror tropes executed with scary ineptitude. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 27, 2016
79% By Sidney Lumet (2016) The movie is simply Lumet and his films, which turns out to be an astonishingly satisfying experience, because he's an incredible talker, with the same earthy electric push that powers his work. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 22, 2016
21% Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) It's another of Perry's raucous and slovenly comedies of responsibility, which means that its heart is in a very old - and right - place. If only a message that was this solid equalled solid laughs. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 21, 2016
55% Michael Moore In TrumpLand (2016) "Michael Moore In TrumpLand" comes on with a bombs-away fury, but it winds up being a tossed hand grenade that doesn't fully detonate. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 19, 2016
19% Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016) Earth to movie executives: This is not what Jon Hamm should be doing! ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 18, 2016
87% The Lost City of Z (2017) It makes no major dramatic missteps, yet it could have used an added dimension - something to make the two-hour-and-20-minute running time feel like a transformative journey rather than an epic anecdotal crusade. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 16, 2016
45% Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) The film isn't simply a technological experiment; it's also a highly original, heartfelt, and engrossing story. And part of the power of it lies in the way that those two things are connected. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 16, 2016
76% Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016) A little of this is funny, but a lot of it raises the question: Why is the new king of comedy working so hard to grab and hold our attention? Is he secretly worried he's going to lose it? ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 12, 2016
75% Trolls (2016) Kids should adore it, but don't let that scare you - the movie is every 3D psychedelic inch a fairy tale for adults. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 8, 2016
93% 20th Century Women (2017) "20th Century Women" is an endless chain of anecdotes, and though many individual moments are winning, the movie as a whole is rudderless. It never achieves an emotional power surge. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 7, 2016
88% Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (2016) The movie wants us to raise our fists and shout, "Yes, that's what happened. And it's an outrage!" Instead, you may feel like raising your hand and asking "Is that really what happened? If so, it's an outrage! Now please show us some evidence." ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 6, 2016
96% I Am Not Your Negro (2017) If you watch "I Am Not Your Negro," you'll spend a kaleidoscopic and transporting 90 minutes living inside James Baldwin's mind, coming thrillingly close to his existential perception of the hidden meaning of race in America. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 4, 2016
43% The Girl on the Train (2016) As a big-screen thriller, "The Girl on a Train" is just so-so, but taken as 112 minutes of upscale psychodramatic confessional bad-behavior porn, it generates a voyeuristic zing that's sure to carry audiences along. ‐ Variety
Posted Oct 3, 2016
97% 13th (2016) More than just another documentary, it's a crucial and stirring document - of racism and injustice, of politics and the big-picture design of America - that, I believe, will be watched and referenced for years to come. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 30, 2016
No Score Yet The Sixth Beatle (The 6th Beatle) (2016) Much ado about nothing. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 26, 2016
60% Generation Startup (2016) By the time "Generation Startup" is over, you feel like you've spent some quality time with people who incarnate both the unique opportunities offered to their generation and, in a certain unstated way, the lack of opportunities. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 23, 2016
63% Storks (2016) A strenuously unfunny animated comedy. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 20, 2016
95% The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Steinfeld makes Nadine a hellion you can't tear yourself away from. She isn't just the star of "The Edge of Seventeen" - she's its center of gravity. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 17, 2016
53% Trespass Against Us (2017) As a thief trying to break away from his criminal father, Michael Fassbender can't act his way out of this pile of grungy nonsense. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 16, 2016
64% LBJ (2016) Reiner has been around the block enough times to relish everything in Johnson that's rudely incorrect. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 15, 2016
No Score Yet Birth of the Dragon (2016) "Birth of the Dragon" is a strange film: It huffs and puffs about what a mythic fight this was, yet it bumbles and stumbles when it comes to showing us what happened, and why it mattered. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 14, 2016
89% My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea (2016) The annoyance factor of "My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea" extends to the animation, which is remorselessly clever and original yet still oddly uninvolving; it's like being buried in a dump truck's worth of antic indie drollery. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 12, 2016
81% Denial (2016) The crucial thing missing is what should be the essence of a courtroom drama: our immersion in how Lipstadt's lawyers stake out their strategy. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 12, 2016
79% Barry (2016) Set in 1981, a canny and absorbing drama paints a highly convincing portrait of Barack Obama when he was a 20-year-old college student in New York, still piecing together who he was. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 11, 2016
53% Mascots (2016) It's got a few chuckles, but mostly it plays like a rerun of past comic glories. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 11, 2016
61% Snowden (2016) Stone's exile in the desert of overheated irrelevance has now ended. "Snowden" isn't just the director's most exciting work since "Nixon" (1995) - it's the most important and galvanizing political drama by an American filmmaker in years. ‐ Variety
Posted Sep 10, 2016