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      Jarrod Walker

      Jarrod Walker

      Jarrod Walker's reviews only count toward the Tomatometer® when published at the following Tomatometer-approved publication(s): FilmFocus FILMINK (Australia)

      New Zealand born and Australian raised, Jarrod Walker’s 34 years on this planet have consisted of many hours spent in darkened theatres and many wasted evenings duelling wits with video store clerks. He’s put his obsession to work and has been known to write and direct short films as well as unjustifiably critiquing his betters in his capacity as contributor for FILMINK magazine. He abhors all forms of film snobbery (except his own) and feels at ease with his penchant for Michael Bay films and his predilection for Werner Herzog documentaries, Stanley Kubrick and anything directed by Sergio Leone. He wrestles with the meaning of David Lynch’s fascination for doppelgangers and often ponders the potential of a big screen version of MacGyver. He has recently made a foray into writing comic books and resides in Sydney with his girlfriend and an attitudinal cockatiel named Spike.


      Sydney, Australia

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      Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
      Fatman (2020) ...isn't as funny or edgy as it needs to be. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 01, 2020
      American Dharma (2018) feels right that Morris allows us, the viewer, to draw our own conclusions on the destructive nature of Bannon's social and political ideas. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Oct 14, 2020
      Miss Juneteenth (2020) ...nuanced and authentic performances... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2020
      The Secrets We Keep (2020) Character motivations (lacking the requisite nuance and doubt needed for this type of tale) are confused and all-too convenient, at times they're even straight up implausible. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Sep 18, 2020
      Fatima (2020) ...presents us with a story that is baffling superstitious twaddle, expecting the viewer to go on the ride. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Sep 02, 2020
      23 Walks (2020) The real joy of this tender love story is in its details, the beauty in the mundane, the quiet pain of those yearning for companionship and friendship and the silent power in a simple story about two elderly people walking their dogs. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jul 30, 2020
      Master Cheng (2019) ...akin to the tone of Lasse Hallstrom's output (Chocolat comes to mind), though the level of treacly emotional manipulation and twee is nowhere near as assaultive; it prefers instead to take the audience on a gentler ride. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jul 08, 2020
      The Assistant (2019) The quiet power of The Assistant lies in its nuance... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted May 22, 2020
      For Sama (2019) ...a singular experience... intimate and shattering... a monumentally moving testimony. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Feb 02, 2020
      My Hindu Friend (2015) ...surreal, reflective (though never sentimental) with Fellini-esque flights of frank sexuality, eroticism and existential whimsy... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 13, 2020
      Dying to Survive (2018) ...vitality and humanity, coupled with a universally engaging premise... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 18, 2019
      Dragged Across Concrete (2018) Where most filmmakers would cut, Zahler keeps the take rolling, to ratchet tension and (perhaps thanks to his novelistic leanings) to shift the tonal gears to a degree that's cinematically inspired... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jun 26, 2019
      Where Hands Touch (2018) The performances are affecting, particularly George MacKay... deft direction... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 26, 2019
      The Man Who Feels No Pain (2018) ...frenzied mish-mash of Bollywood musical, martial arts actioner and comic book origin tale is told with an eye towards western cinematic sensibilities and an affectionate reverence of filmic pop culture. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 14, 2019
      Snapshots (2018) ...stilted and artificial. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Feb 06, 2019
      All the Devil's Men (2018) ... the fight choreography and action sequences are deftly executed but the brutally 'by-the-numbers' scripting, coupled with a considerable lack of character depth or humour, just annihilates any joy that could be derived from the film. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Feb 06, 2019
      Border (2018) of the most singular and genre-defying films to come along the pike in a great while... An absolute cracker. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Feb 04, 2019
      Rafiki (2018) ...the message is vital and Kahiu's artistic flourishes are vibrant... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 28, 2019
      Arctic (2018) ...apart from most films of this ilk, akin to a Robert Bresson film in its stark minimalism and use of purely visual cinematic storytelling. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 20, 2019
      The American Meme (2018) ...genuinely informative and interesting or, in its depiction of the weapons-grade vacuity of its subjects, is actually just terrifying and galactically disheartening? - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Dec 11, 2018
      Luz (2018) If you're willing to go with it, there's an exhilaration at the sheer audacity of a filmmaker bringing this kind of storytelling perspective to bear on a genre picture. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 27, 2018
      Rampant (2018) For fans of the undead genre and the frenzied spilling of arcing jets of claret, this is an entertaining ride through a juxtaposition of genre tropes... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Oct 31, 2018
      The Great Battle (2018) ...chugs along like a rollicking hybrid of Seven Samurai, 300 and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Terrifically enjoyable. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Sep 26, 2018
      Wajib (2017) Real life father/son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri are terrifically engaging... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Sep 13, 2018
      Mega Time Squad (2018) ...enjoyably silly and gorily slapstick laughs. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Aug 28, 2018
      The Spy Gone North (2018) ...a great story, enjoyably told with cinematic flair and verve... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Aug 17, 2018
      Mandy (2018) ...a film that not only can contain Nicolas Cage but also work as a curious fusion of modern-day horror tropes, the operatic tone of Wagner's Ring cycle and epically primal and elemental cosmic dread. It's a doozy. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Aug 17, 2018
      I Kill Giants (2017) ...a sweetly intentioned film, beautifully shot and with a strong lead performance from Madison Wolfe... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted May 25, 2018
      American Folk (2017) The haunting effects of 9/11 have never been so lyrically approached on film... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted May 13, 2018
      Scream for Me Sarajevo (2017) ...there's something insanely 'metal' at the heart of this tale... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Apr 11, 2018
      The Endless (2017) ... akin to a 'blockbuster of the mind' - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 03, 2018
      The Wizard of Lies (2017) Robert De Niro gives one of his best recent performances in Barry Levinson's Bernie Maddow bio. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Apr 25, 2017
      Ovarian Psycos (2016) It's this 'gang versus community group' identity crisis that appears to be at the heart of things. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Feb 14, 2017
      Jonathan (2016) This gay-themed drama occasionally tips over into melodrama, but is bolstered by a winning sense of humanity. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 31, 2017
      Little Men (2016) a wonderful film - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Dec 05, 2016
      Spirit of the Game (2016) ...hampered by banal scripting and characterisation. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 29, 2016
      Sand Storm (2016) Quietly intense... - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 27, 2016
      Youth (2015) Youth functions effortlessly on a hypnotic ebb and flow, and climaxes in a final sequence that is resonant and moving. We watch films in the hope that we get to have experiences like this. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 01, 2016
      Man Up (2015) On the face of it, it does seem like Man Up is going to be another banal rom-com that flaccidly meanders from trope to trope, but this low key charmer is a refreshing surprise. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Nov 05, 2015
      Legend (2015) It's undermined by an ill-fitting score and a puzzlingly structured third act, but there's real pleasure in Hardy's bold, intense, and utterly compelling lead performance. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Oct 14, 2015
      A Walk in the Woods (2015) A fun time spent in the company of great characters. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Sep 02, 2015
      I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story (2014) Spinney is well-deserving of the attention, and from a standpoint of sheer curiosity and fascination, knowing more about this man who created a character that we loved as children and that our children now love, is a gently poignant experience. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jul 30, 2015
      Amy (2015) Despite the bittersweet irony of the story of her life being constructed from the news media's and her acolytes' cataloging of her self-destructive nosedive, there's a heartbreaking immediacy and authenticity in its telling. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jul 02, 2015
      Testament of Youth (2014) Testament Of Youth is hampered by a failure to effectively convey exactly what made it such an important work for the post-war generation. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Apr 23, 2015
      Run All Night (2015) Brad Inglesby's script is serviceable but it's the casting that gives the whole exercise gravitas. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 26, 2015
      The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (2013) A haunting meditation on love and loss. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2015
      Edge of Tomorrow (2014) It's a beautifully executed jolt of darkly funny, smart-arsed sci-fi adventure. Welcome back Tom. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Jan 05, 2015
      Interstellar (2014) Tthe film falters at minor points as the script creaks under the weight of its own ambitions but there are a great many moments in this film where it transcends its genre conventions and achieves a pure cinematic profundity and sense of overwhelming awe. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Oct 30, 2014
      James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge (2014) Sea exploration is his passion, and Cameron's technical proficiency and deep sense of curiosity and adventure are profoundly impressive. - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Aug 21, 2014
      Need for Speed (2014) Does high octane Grand Theft Auto-style racing carnage and leeringly pornographic shots of exotic sports cars screaming along at top speed really make up for a poorly written script? Why, yes...yes it does - FILMINK (Australia)
      Read More | Posted Mar 11, 2014
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