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      Rating T-Meter Title | Year Review
      Wish (2023) Wish reminds its audience what makes classic Disney so special - and that it can’t be replicated. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Nov 25, 2023
      Quiz Lady (2023) Jessica Yu’s latest film has many strong bits of comedy but is never funny throughout. That has a lot to do with writer Jen D’Angelo’s focus being aimed more at the endearing relationship at the film’s center. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Nov 08, 2023
      Chestnut (2023) Chestnut is frustrating in how superbly it captures such a frustrating time in one’s life. The audience is taken on a whirlwind ride with a complicated love triangle on a rocky road to starting anew. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Oct 26, 2023
      All the Fires (2023) It’s a slow-burning portrait of adolescence that perfectly captures all the overwhelming emotions that come with it, thriving in the ecstasy of watching things burn. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Oct 26, 2023
      A Place of Our Own (2022) Being a trans woman in India seems at times impossible, but the film is a reminder of the queer community’s unwillingness to back down. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Oct 26, 2023
      Lie with Me (2022) One of the best queer films of the year. Everything from the warm, sunkissed cinematography to the romantic, meditative score brings back feelings of youth and first love. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Oct 26, 2023
      The Peasants (2023) The groundbreaking, hand-painted animation style of "Loving Vincent" is back. "The Peasants" is more epic in scope, a naturalistic portrait of 19th-century Poland and a spellbinding tableau of tragic love and one woman’s yearning for independence. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2023
      The Exorcist: Believer (2023) David Gordon Green needs to be stopped. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Oct 08, 2023
      When Evil Lurks (2023) It’s demons galore in the horror genre these days, and there seems to be what you could call “possession fatigue.” While most of these films hit tired beats, Demián Rugna’s When Evil Lurks is an original experience. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Oct 08, 2023
      Anatomy of a Fall (2023) Justine Triet creates an exemplary courtroom drama and an intense psychological journey that examines the anatomy of not only a crime but of human emotion, a marriage and artists. Sandra Hüller delivers a spellbinding performance - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Oct 08, 2023
      A Haunting in Venice (2023) The film presents a different Poirot than we’ve encountered, just like the story itself is more unfamiliar than the rest. A Haunting in Venice is an example of the treasure trove of stories that Christie has created that we have yet to explore on film. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Oct 05, 2023
      Orlando, My Political Biography (2023) Despite an uneven experience, “Orlando: My Political Biography” is an intelligent, playful dissection of one of queer literature’s seminal works and might also be the gayest documentary ever. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Sep 22, 2023
      Unicorns (2023) Sally El Hosaini and co-director and writer, James Krishna Floyd, create a story about a cross-cultural queer romance that’s both raw and heartfelt. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2023
      For Night Will Come (2023) Hammond as Philémon delivers a great performance full of pubescent angst and awkwardness that many teenagers can relate to, but also a deep, internal struggle to conform. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Sep 14, 2023
      On the Pulse (2023) The script emphasizes the difficulties of making it in the industry today and the struggles of a modern newsroom. The camaraderie formed is entertaining and its game of hard-hitting journalism emphasizes the importance of human stories. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Sep 14, 2023
      Through the Night (2023) It’s a stirring piece with powerful lead performances and rousing intensity. - Marmalade Matinee (Medium)
      Read More | Posted Sep 14, 2023
      The Nun II (2023) The Nun II is a masterpiece in comparison to the first film. It may not be anywhere near getting a spot on a list of best horror films, but when it works, it really works. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Sep 10, 2023
      Seven Veils (2023) “Seven Veils” reaches the core of what makes an artist, no matter how rotten that core may be. But it’s rotten because of emotion; human emotion, in all good and bad. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Sep 09, 2023
      Fitting In (2023) Being a woman, being a teenage girl, is bloody hell. You either don’t have enough of this or too much of that. There’s constant criticism at every turn, but “Fitting In” points the middle finger at it. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Sep 07, 2023
      The Royal Hotel (2023) Kitty Green proves that she's the real deal. While her latest film is flawed, she once again creates a provocative examination of gender dynamics with tension galore. The performances forcefully capture the anxiety of being thrown into this lion's den. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Sep 03, 2023
      Aporia (2023) A lot happens in the film’s first 30 minutes and it makes the story feel like it’s moving at an unusually quick pace. There isn’t much time to process events, but getting a lot out of the way early does create a deep exploration of guilt and consequence. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Aug 18, 2023
      The Pod Generation (2023) The film’s subject matter seems ridiculous but also terrifying like it's foreshadowing reality. There’s a lot of awkwardness in the satirical humor and it lacks the depth it needs to really make an impact, but it's fascinating nonetheless. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Aug 16, 2023
      Red, White & Royal Blue (2023) Matthew López’s feature debut is the most modern of fairytales, defying conventions with an abundance of emotion, engaging drama, and steamy hotness. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Aug 15, 2023
      Haunted Mansion (2023) As a gateway introduction to the horror genre for a new generation, Haunted Mansion is worthy of some praise. But at the end of the day, these Disney remakes just feel like a cash grab. This is sadly no different. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Aug 02, 2023
      Barbie (2023) Gerwig thoughtfully and beautifully explores the uniqueness of women; the feminine in its beauty and in all forms and imperfections. We don’t fit in a box – and never will. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Jul 24, 2023
      The Conjuring (2013) Ten years later, The Conjuring is still one of the best horror films. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jul 20, 2023
      Joy Ride (2023) Joy Ride is incredibly compelling in the way it balances comedy with immense heart. Its themes hit hard and it’s refreshing representation of Asian people, women in particular, who are often the butt of sexual jokes. Now, they’re the ones telling them. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jul 12, 2023
      The Graduates (2023) The Graduates is a quiet, heartwrenching journey of healing that’s also the discovery and wounded adjustment to a new normal and a journey to rebuilding a sense of self. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Jul 01, 2023
      Cinnamon (2023) A Blaxploitation film shot through a fresh, modern lens. It needed a longer runtime but it’s a super fly experience with ‘70s flavour and Pam Grier (!!). - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jun 27, 2023
      Blood for Dust (2023) It may do the “slow” in slow burn a bit too well at times, but its strong Western genre elements build memorable character dynamics and atmosphere. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jun 23, 2023
      Our Son (2023) Our Son is anchored by two incredibly powerful and heartbreaking performances by Evans and Porter. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jun 21, 2023
      Somewhere Quiet (2023) It does relish in being devilishly twisted, though, and as a debut feature, Lloyd surprises in how she plays with the final girl formula in a way that feels original and different from the usual slasher. - Next Best Picture
      Read More | Posted Jun 20, 2023
      Elemental (2023) Elemental is one of Pixar’s best works in recent years. Full of heart and humour, it hits profound notes in its telling of a beautiful love story between an unexpected pairing and the shaping of identity. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jun 17, 2023
      Blue Jean (2022) The Thatcherite Britain of Blue Jean is an eerie mirror for the present as Georgia Oakley’s stirring debut feature tells a profoundly moving story of a closeted lesbian teacher at a crossroads. - them.
      Read More | Posted Jun 08, 2023
      Reality (2023) It can be difficult to create a film to engage the masses that is set in only one location and very dialogue-heavy, but Sweeney is acting with a capital A, so it’s not hard for her to keep the audience’s undivided attention. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Jun 04, 2023
      Sanctuary (2022) Sanctuary knows how to ooze sex without showing it explicitly and the shifting power dynamics are wrestled with provocatively. It’s a clever, twisted, and sensual mind game that reaches a scorching, satisfying climax. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted May 23, 2023
      You Can Live Forever (2022) You Can Live Forever is a powerful story of young love, religion and queerness. Emotionally stirring as it follows two teens experiencing all the longing, anxiety and joy of first love, but under the stifling grip of blind faith. - Xtra Magazine
      Read More | Posted May 20, 2023
      Fool's Paradise (2023) Watching Fool’s Paradise is like being invited to a party where the one person you know knows everyone else. As they share jokes and reminisce, you awkwardly stand in the corner waiting for the appropriate time to go home. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted May 16, 2023
      Sisu (2022) Sisu is a rhapsody of action cinema. In many ways, it feels like a predecessor to John Wick, but this dark, gloriously brutal Finnish WWII film is its own beast. A white-knuckle thrill ride with a high Nazi death count. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted May 02, 2023
      Peter Pan & Wendy (2023) Peter Pan & Wendy is another example of realism ruining creativity. From Hook’s drab appearance to a lack of colour to boring action, it has no personality. It’s not the worst of the Disney live-actions, but the studio is losing touch with its own magic. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Apr 29, 2023
      To Catch a Killer (2023) Many may be surprised that the straight-to-VOD-looking To Catch A Killer is not only very gripping but also doesn’t paint the police in a flattering light. It touches on corruption, racism and questions the system. Still, it’s too surface-level. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Apr 26, 2023
      Renfield (2023) A modern reimagining of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that looks at the signs and dangers of codependency, served on a delicious platter of wacky comedy, zesty action, and hammy Nicolas Cage performance. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Apr 16, 2023
      How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2022) An explosive exploration of the climate crisis. In an incendiary display of environmental activism, a group of young people band together to fight the oil industry. Thrilling , electrifying and dire. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Apr 15, 2023
      The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) While Mario has never been about its story, that doesn’t translate well to film. It misses the opportunity to expand upon its lore and characters in new ways. If it doesn’t take a Super Mushroom for next time, this franchise won’t stay fun for long. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2023
      Enys Men (2022) Enys Men feels like a recent discovery pulled out of a dust-covered box that sat in a storage unit for five decades. Authentically ‘70s in visual style and experimental essence. An abstract structural work that’s enigmatic and unsettling. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Apr 04, 2023
      Murder Mystery 2 (2023) Murder Mystery 2 isn’t a perfect sequel. It excels on new fronts while scaling back on others; a whiplash of excitement and disappointment. But it goes bigger and better in many areas, which is all you could ask for. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Apr 01, 2023
      Boston Strangler (2023) Boston Strangler isn’t a true crime film that hits Fincher heights, but it’s still an incredibly fast-paced and gripping story of tense, hard-hitting journalism. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Mar 17, 2023
      Scream VI (2023) While the script does have many issues, the franchise’s latest is bigger and bloodier than ever. Ghostface is let loose in New York City, equalling stabbier stabs and killer violence. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Mar 15, 2023
      Sharper (2023) There’s much to admire about a high-stakes game that both sees terrible people get what they deserve and keeps us guessing until the very end. - Pajiba
      Read More | Posted Feb 17, 2023
      Eileen (2023) One of the most divisive films at Sundance, Eileen makes bold, unexpected choices in how it turns the tables on the noir by rewriting its dynamics and making it fresh. It's bonkers and intoxicating, but so fun if you can roll with it. - Pay or Wait
      Read More | Posted Feb 15, 2023
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