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      Family Switch (2023) Lindsay Press Unfortunately, there are too many things going on for too many characters and it is difficult to believe that this experience really would have helped this family in the long run in any way other than having a bizarre shared experience.
      Posted Dec 05, 2023
      RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ (2023) Angelique Boyd Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé sums up Beyoncé’s mission in trying to give her fans a look into this utopia she created on tour and making her album. There was so much joy, support, and being themselves whole-heartedly in the process.
      Posted Dec 05, 2023
      Totally Killer (2023) Lindsay Press Totally Killer is a horror movie, its decision to veer toward a more comical approach allows it to perfectly mix the two genres together.
      Posted Oct 09, 2023
      Spy Kids: Armageddon (2023) Lindsay Press Spy Kids: Armageddon is fun enough to sit through for a light-hearted adventure.
      Posted Sep 26, 2023
      Medusa Deluxe (2022) Lauren Coates From Perkins, Webb, and Meikle’s gripping performances to the stunning hair and makeup work from Chloe Dixon and Anne Little, Medusa Deluxe is a poignant murder mystery with a stellar cast and a killer sense of style.
      Posted Aug 31, 2023
      Theater Camp (2023) Tiara Starks Theater Camp sits at the intersection of raunchy yet wholesome.
      Posted Jul 26, 2023
      You Hurt My Feelings (2023) Tiara Starks This film lives up to the expectation of intimate character studies.
      Posted Jun 06, 2023
      The Little Mermaid (2023) Lauren Coates Thanks to Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, and some key changes in the script, it’s undoubtedly one of Disney’s most interesting, ambitious remakes yet.
      Posted May 30, 2023
      Ghosted (2023) Lindsay Press Ghosted never tries to be too serious and instead leans into the jokes, which allows the movie to have an equal balance of action and comedy.
      Posted May 16, 2023
      Titanic (1997) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno Revisiting the iconic film was a blissful experience, which holds up against the test of time.
      Posted Feb 24, 2023
      The Civil Dead (2023) Cassie Hager It’s got heart, a good number of laughs, and tells the story of a conflict between two old friends that is… complicated.
      Posted Feb 21, 2023
      A Thousand and One (2023) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno A Thousand and One represents storytelling at its best.
      Posted Feb 17, 2023
      Your Place or Mine (2023) Lindsay Press Your Place Or Mine is filled with upbeat performances by Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, who star in a film that helps bring back the fun and light-hearted enjoyment of romantic comedies.
      Posted Feb 17, 2023
      20 Days in Mariupol (2023) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno The immersive technique of truthful storytelling, effectively narrated by filmmaker Mstyslav Chernov in an undertone that never distracts from the shocking images on display.
      Posted Feb 07, 2023
      Going Varsity in Mariachi (2023) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno The film sucked me in right away with its engaging, sincere underdog story centering around the mariachi musicians from Roma High School in Roma, TX.
      Posted Feb 06, 2023
      Pianoforte (2023) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno The documentary does an excellent job showing why this competition is the pride of Poland.
      Posted Feb 06, 2023
      Little Richard: I Am Everything (2023) Veronica Elizabeth Bruno Cortes painted a picture of an artist who reveled in the two worlds he inhabited fully and in all honesty.
      Posted Feb 06, 2023
      You Hurt My Feelings (2023) Lauren Coates Though it may not be particularly ambitious or original, the film’s examination of self-image and lying to the people you love is clever, focused one, resulting in an instant comfort watch with an impressive cast.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      My Animal (2023) Lauren Coates Though the script may at times struggle and the film itself struggles with pacing and urgency, the strength of direction secure its legacy in the canon of queer horror and queer teen romance.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Infinity Pool (2023) Lauren Coates It's the no-holds-barred performances from Goth and Skarsgård that truly makes the film memorable.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt (2023) Lauren Coates This is a grand slam of a debut feature and an extraordinary approach to slice-of-life dramas.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Magazine Dreams (2023) Lauren Coates Despite the smothering tone, Jonathan Majors turns in a career-best performance as Killian Maddox – bringing sympathy and dimension to what could easily have become a caricature of incel types.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Passages (2023) Lauren Coates When push comes to shove, Passages doesn’t deliver (or dig deep enough) on its potential.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Fair Play (2023) Lauren Coates An explosive, fast-paced relationship drama/thriller that casts an unflinching look at feminism on Wall Street.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) Lindsay Press While the film throws in plenty of easter eggs toward the show, it is not enough to justify the direction the story chose or the bizarre plot twist the movie throws in later.
      Posted Jan 27, 2023
      The School for Good and Evil (2022) Lindsay Press The movie lacks a severe amount of world-building, character development, and follow-through.
      Posted Nov 15, 2022
      Rosaline (2022) Lindsay Press Rosaline is a comical and updated portrayal of Romeo and Juliet from a new perspective and tone that is not afraid to have some fun with the original material to make itself unique compared to other re-tellings.
      Posted Nov 01, 2022
      Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) Lindsay Press Hocus Pocus 2 is just as fun as its predecessor.
      Posted Oct 11, 2022
      Women Talking (2022) Lauren Coates With a ferociously talented ensemble cast (including the likes of Rooney Mara, Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, and Claire Foy), subtle direction, and a remarkably deft screenplay, Women Talking is undoubtedly our favorite film of TIFF- and possibly the year.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      Catherine Called Birdy (2022) Lauren Coates With Bella Ramsey’s comedic talent and an ensemble cast (Scott, Alwyn, and Piper) providing equal parts warmth and heartbreak, Catherine Called Birdy is an uplifting coming-of-age story, and relentlessly joyful exploration of youth, identity, and family.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      Pearl (2022) Lauren Coates Between Tyler Bates’ vintage-inspired score, West’s clever cinematography, and Goth’s staggering performance, Pearl is a gripping character drama disguised as a horror movie, and a compelling prequel that strengthens an already-impressive story.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      Corsage (2022) Lauren Coates Kreutzer’s script is as remarkably funny as it is poignant, and in conjunction with Kriep’s spirited performance, the two craft a witty, ruminative, melancholy portrait of an extraordinary ruler.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      The Whale (2022) Lauren Coates Paired with Sadie Sink’s fierce performance as his callous and jaded daughter, the two make for the perfect pair to bring Aronofsky’s tragic tale to life, and their pas de deux performances make The Whale one of TIFF’s best.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) Lauren Coates With a compelling leading lady in Janelle Monáe and an ensemble cast filled to the brim with comedic talent, Glass Onion is a rollicking good time and a clever mystery that more than does justice to the Knives Out name.
      Posted Oct 06, 2022
      What Comes Around (2022) Lauren Coates Wobbly filmmaking holds Roost back from the effective family drama/thriller it could’ve been, and the star-making turn for Van Dien it should’ve been.
      Posted Sep 27, 2022
      Do Revenge (2022) Lindsay Press Do Revenge makes its mark with its original elements that allow it to feel different and arguably less predictable at times than other teen movies.
      Posted Sep 20, 2022
      Jane (2022) Sabrina Reed A smart film.
      Posted Sep 14, 2022
      Jane (2022) Lindsay Press Jane is the type of film that allows the viewers to lean in and pay attention without answering every question.
      Posted Aug 25, 2022
      Look Both Ways (2022) Lindsay Press Look Both Ways creates an ending where the concept of an ambiguous conclusion for which way her life will go does not feel unanswered.
      Posted Aug 24, 2022
      Bullet Train (2022) Anjolie Therrien Entertaining, eye-catching, witty, comedic, and just over-the-top creative.
      Posted Aug 15, 2022
      Day Shift (2022) Cassie Hager A pretty rad time... charming and fun enough.
      Posted Aug 12, 2022
      Nope (2022) Lauren Coates Between the watered-down storytelling, the hollow characters, and the frustrating lack of coherence between the interwoven stories, Nope is one summer blockbuster that can’t quite deliver.
      Posted Jul 28, 2022
      Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Lauren Coates hor: Love and Thunder is an action-packed rip-ride of a marvel flick, whose clunky exposition isn’t enough to detract from the heartfelt central story and the (long overdue) focus on Jane Foster.
      Posted Jul 13, 2022
      The Man From Toronto (2022) Cassie Hager The film lacks one thing that’s essential for a solid home viewing experience: fun.
      Posted Jun 28, 2022
      Crush (2022) Lindsay Press Crush keeps its story funny and light, exploring the happiness of being an LGBTQIA+ teenager.
      Posted Jun 10, 2022
      Men (2022) Lauren Coates There just isn’t enough substance or tact put into Men to make it the allegorical folk horror masterpiece it could’ve been.
      Posted Jun 03, 2022
      Senior Year (2022) Lindsay Press Unfortunately, from a nostalgic callback to the early 2000s to a teen comedy hopeful, Senior Year fails to be one of the fun and witty films it attempts to emulate or directly references.
      Posted May 16, 2022
      Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) Anna Govert It’s scary, it’s brutal, it’s mind-bending, and it’s incredible to look at. Even with the lackluster storytelling, I already have a genuine need to see this in a theater again, due to just how immersive and compelling the visuals are.
      Posted May 06, 2022
      The Lost City (2022) Lauren Coates The chemistry between Bullock and Tatum makes The Lost City a fresh, remarkably funny take on a familiar story.
      Posted Mar 25, 2022
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Cassie Hager It starts shaky -- but brutal kills, timely banter, and a solid cast of characters make Texas Chainsaw Massacre a surprisingly decent sequel.
      Posted Feb 19, 2022
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