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      Moving On (2022) Gary M. Kramer The pairing of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda is always promising, and their latest endeavor, “Moving On,” has promise too. But this modest film is pretty much a big screen sitcom with a halfway decent premise and some awkward tonal shifts.
      Posted Mar 17, 2023
      Punch (2022) Gary M. Kramer It’s a lot, as they say, and Ings does not have the skill to pull it all off successfully.... overstuffed and overreaching, [Punch] puts both the characters and viewers through too much drama and suffering.
      Posted Mar 10, 2023
      Close (2022) Gary M. Kramer A beautiful, heartbreaking drama.... Dhont’s approach to the sensitive material succeeds because it is so restrained.
      Posted Feb 03, 2023
      The Way Out (2022) Gary M. Kramer Oddly, “The Way Out,” remains compelling even as it gets more implausible as when the denouement features a character imperiled in a ridiculous manner reserved exclusively for B-movies.
      Posted Jan 28, 2023
      Living (2022) Gary M. Kramer Working from a screenplay by famed author Kazuo Ishiguro and boasting an arguably career-best performance from Bill Nighy, Hermanus’ excellent remake contains all of the ideas and emotions of the original despite some tweaks and edits.
      Posted Jan 12, 2023
      The Whale (2022) Gary M. Kramer Charlie is meant to be gawked at and pitied — and the film lets viewers do both. It is meant to jerk tears, but it feels manipulative.... Aronofsky’s heavy-handed film is crushed by the weight of its own self-importance.
      Posted Dec 22, 2022
      The Holiday Sitter (2022) Gary M. Kramer A charming Christmas movie for fans of the genre, “The Holiday Sitter” is as comforting as a cup of cocoa with extra marshmallows that provide a sugar rush.
      Posted Dec 16, 2022
      The Inspection (2022) Gary M. Kramer Bratton provides viewers with much to process about race, sexuality and masculinity, and how young men like French must learn to survive in order to thrive. “The Inspection” is a tough but rewarding film. Don’t miss it.
      Posted Dec 01, 2022
      Tár (2022) Gary M. Kramer Riveting from start to finish, and energized by Blanchett’s stupendous performance, a fantastic score, crisp cinematography, and Field’s total command of tone, “TÁR” is an absolute triumph.
      Posted Oct 13, 2022
      Gameboys: The Movie (2021) Gary M. Kramer “Gameboys: The Movie” will deliver for fans of the series and may even generate some new ones.
      Posted Sep 23, 2022
      Do Revenge (2022) Gary M. Kramer “Do Revenge” is an imperfect film about ruining others to save oneself.
      Posted Sep 17, 2022
      A Sexplanation (2021) Gary M. Kramer An illuminating and funny documentary about sex education.
      Posted Aug 31, 2022
      Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) Gary M. Kramer A bit of flat champagne.
      Posted May 18, 2022
      See You Then (2021) Gary M. Kramer A wistful, compelling two-hander
      Posted Apr 22, 2022
      Better Nate Than Ever (2022) Gary M. Kramer The plotting may be geared towards pre-teens, but there is a certain kind of pleasure in watching Nate talk (or sing) his way in or out of every situation he encounters.
      Posted Apr 05, 2022
      Flee (2021) Gary M. Kramer Flee is often moving as Amin talks about the sacrifices he and his family made and the burden of responsibility he feels. And scenes that illustrate this are among the most striking.
      Posted Mar 02, 2022
      Compartment No. 6 (2021) Gary M. Kramer The expected bond that develops between these characters provides Compartment No. 6 with its magic.
      Posted Feb 17, 2022
      Alone With You (2021) Gary M. Kramer Despite its noble efforts, "Alone with You" fails to deliver on its potential.
      Posted Feb 01, 2022
      The Laureate (2021) Gary M. Kramer A bland, ambitious biographical drama... "The Laureate" feels like a missed opportunity. Nunez' film is far too basic to merit much attention.
      Posted Jan 18, 2022
      Benedetta (2021) Gary M. Kramer Subtle, it ain't. Erotic, it might be.... Ultimately, "Benedetta" provides agony and ecstasy in equal measure.
      Posted Dec 01, 2021
      Only the Animals (2019) Gary M. Kramer The film sizzles because viewers come to care about these characters even as they make poor choices and behave badly - perhaps because they do.
      Posted Nov 03, 2021
      Dear Evan Hansen (2021) Gary M. Kramer Evan Hansen has crippling social anxiety. And fans of the Tony-winning musical "Dear Evan Hansen," along with the curious, should approach the film version not just with great anxiety, but with actual fear, for it may soon turn to loathing.
      Posted Sep 23, 2021
      Dramarama (2020) Gary M. Kramer Wysocki certainly captures the way these kids think and speak and react to all this drama, which is of course, especially heightened for a group of theatrical teens... the ensemble cast makes the friendships, rivalries, and unspoken desires believable
      Posted Sep 01, 2021
      Ma Belle, My Beauty (2021) Gary M. Kramer [An] intoxicating romantic drama...Hill's film may not be deep, but it provides some keen insights about relationships. And it sure is gorgeous.
      Posted Aug 24, 2021
      Pray Away (2020) Gary M. Kramer Stolakis's critical documentary is truly devastating.
      Posted Aug 04, 2021
      Joe Bell (2020) Gary M. Kramer A painfully earnest melodrama..."Joe Bell" strives for poignancy as it hopes to educate people about tolerance, but it lays that valid messages on way too thick.
      Posted Jul 20, 2021
      Summertime (2020) Gary M. Kramer A tonic, a jubilant, ebullient film. Affectionate and infectious.... Audiences [will be] floating out of the theater buoyed by these lively characters and their individual experiences which are both universal and galvanizing.
      Posted Jul 13, 2021
      Clash of the Titans (1981) Larry Vitacco Clash of the Titans promises much more than it is prepared to deliver.
      Posted Jun 22, 2021
      Changing the Game (2019) Gary M. Kramer Changing the Game is a winning documentary that emphasizes this critical need these teens feel to be included, not excluded.
      Posted Jun 04, 2021
      The Sound of Identity (2020) Gary M. Kramer This documentary is effective for showcasing positive trans representation, but it is Lucas' singing, not just her attitude, that really impresses.
      Posted May 27, 2021
      Madalena (2021) Gary M. Kramer The performances are so natural that watching "Madalena" feels like eavesdropping on the characters' lives. But it is the film's wistful tone that makes this drama resonate.
      Posted May 13, 2021
      Together Together (2021) Gary M. Kramer Together Together works best as a showcase for Harrison. She is so winning and likable that one wishes the film had been told solely from her point of view.
      Posted May 06, 2021
      Bloodthirsty (2020) Gary M. Kramer It is always disappointing when a horror film whets an appetite for terror and gore and ends up leaving viewers wanting more.
      Posted Apr 21, 2021
      Moffie (2019) Gary M. Kramer An intimate, heartbreaking film... Moffie builds to a quietly powerful ending.
      Posted Apr 06, 2021
      The Affair (2019) Gary M. Kramer Sevcik's film may be handsomely mounted, but it is a flavorless dish of Europudding.
      Posted Mar 02, 2021
      The World to Come (2020) Gary M. Kramer "The World to Come" may be a bit gloomy, but the romance it depicts is stirring.
      Posted Feb 23, 2021
      Cowboys (2020) Gary M. Kramer Kerrigan's film is worthwhile and puts a queer spin on a familiar Western tale of pursuit.
      Posted Feb 09, 2021
      Two of Us (2019) Gary M. Kramer Two of Us is an involving story of lesbian love, emphasizing the power of being together and the pain of being apart.
      Posted Feb 02, 2021
      Supernova (2020) Gary M. Kramer "Supernova" often goes for sentiment, not sensibility... [It] not without merit, but this well-intentioned film never transcends its flaws.
      Posted Jan 25, 2021
      Funny Boy (2020) Gary M. Kramer The romance between the teens is tender...and the larger drama of violence provides a valuable backdrop for examining prejudice. This is a beautifully filmed and acted story about the turmoil of sexual, ethnic, religious and class difference.
      Posted Dec 31, 2020
      I'm Moshanty - Do You Love Me? (2020) Gary M. Kramer A useful introduction to a trans artist who is largely unknown to American audiences
      Posted Dec 31, 2020
      The One You Feed (2020) Gary M. Kramer The dialogue is largely risible, and the acting ranges from shrill (Fraiser) to stilted (Koorzen and Harwood). Like the stranger who is mostly trapped in the house, this excruciating film goes nowhere slowly.
      Posted Dec 31, 2020
      The Boys in the Band (2020) Gary M. Kramer This new screen version lacks the raw power and intensity of the theatrical experience.... The forceful performances lose much of their impact on the small screen.
      Posted Sep 30, 2020
      Antebellum (2020) Gary M. Kramer Bush and Renz are painting with a broad brush here, but their wildly entertaining film should prompt folks to think critically about the issues of oppression and racism.
      Posted Sep 17, 2020
      House of Cardin (2019) Gary M. Kramer "House of Cardin" is an effusive, appreciative look at the designer
      Posted Sep 08, 2020
      The Garden Left Behind (2019) Gary M. Kramer "The Garden Left Behind" is absorbing, and authentic, and important, it is also frequently didactic.
      Posted Aug 31, 2020
      I Ought to Be in Pictures (1982) Larry Vitacco I Ought To Be In Pictures ought to be; it's a classy adaptation of a fine play that has the added advantage of a cunningly cloying Marvin Hamlisch music score to help open the tearducts.
      Posted Aug 21, 2020
      The Right Girls (2020) Gary M. Kramer An urgent, cogent documentary that makes visible the experiences of migrant trans women seeking refuge in America.
      Posted Aug 21, 2020
      Summerland (2020) Gary M. Kramer Swale's film is not unlike the meals Alice serves Frank. She gives him an uncooked egg, a hard roll, and a paltry slice of ham on his first night. Eventually they enjoy a rasher of bacon, chips, and chocolate. "Summerland" is satisfying like comfort food.
      Posted Jul 29, 2020
      Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful (2020) Gary M. Kramer The debate over the photographer's work is very stimulating and a highlight of the doc.... Von Boehm lets many of Newton's images, which address power dynamics, speak for themselves.
      Posted Jul 23, 2020
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