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April 9, 2019
Glenn Close copes very well with the precise, formal, waspish lines; this is a fastidious, distinguished and exciting performance.
April 30, 2018
It's an elegant, erotic and gorgeously photographed tour through a wickedly artificial 18th century aristocratic world in which people can articulate anything and everything but the emotions that finally destroy them.
February 8, 2008
This incisive study of sex as an arena for manipulative power games takes too long to catch fire and suffers from a deficient central performance.
February 8, 2008
The creepy plot still holds a certain fascination.
April 30, 2007
Emotional cruelty through sexual manipulation is the rule of the game of this smooth transfer of Christopher Hampton's witty play, with an all-American cast, headed by Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer.
December 26, 2006
January 26, 2006
A sombre, manipulative affair in which the decor is never allowed to usurp our interest.
November 14, 2005
December 3, 2004
Splendid... full of deliciously devious characters
June 10, 2004
May 18, 2004
February 10, 2004
February 5, 2004
For a tragedy that carries a strong emotional kick, it's wickedly fun.
February 3, 2004
Close, Malkovich e Pfeiffer aproveitam ao mximo seus fascinantes personagens e os dilogos afiados do roteiro de Hampton, mas o filme um pouco mais frio do que deveria.
August 22, 2003
August 16, 2003
Wicked and well-appointed, this is a deliriously sinful costume a drama.
July 30, 2003
Its vernacular style allows the film to connect easily with present-day morals, sexual politics, and thirst for power.
May 20, 2003
Witty, entertaining, if occasionally overripe.
November 7, 2002
Stephen Frears' direction is superb -- the design and lighting evoke simultaneous worlds of privilege and squalor, and while the nature of day-to-day life in 18th century France becomes readily apparent, it never becomes distracting.
October 25, 2002
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