The Informer Reviews

July 27, 2020
McLaglen is perfect in the lead - a mountainous, uncontrollable ruffian - in a destructive (and self-destructive), chaotic, downward spiral.
April 17, 2020
The story is told in sheer cinema terms, with remarkable atmospheric handling. Full credit to director John Ford for the effect of the whole, and for such remarkable touches as the scratching sound...
July 22, 2019
Strongly handled, with no prettifying touches, The Informer is one of the most impressive pictures of the year.
June 12, 2019
Certainly it is the best movie of the year so far, and it is doubtful if any subsequent one will be able to surpass it. I am inclined to believe, moreover, that it is the finest thing which the American movies have ever produced.
June 13, 2018
Victor MeLaglen has never given an abler performance, and the film, even if it sometimes underlines its points rather crudely, is a memorable picture of a pitiless war waged without honour on either side in doorways and cellars and gin shops.
March 28, 2013
The film's gorgeous black-and-white cinematography -- with its streams of fog and sparkling cobblestones -- gave audiences a new glimpse as to the potential artistry of cinema.
February 13, 2009
John Ford won the first of his four Oscars for this tale of betrayal, set against the Irish Revolution of 1922, which is more impressive visually than thematically.
February 19, 2008
Among John Ford's first great films; w/Oscar turn by McLaglen.
June 16, 2007
February 8, 2007
A heavy-handed, dreary and unimaginative work.
June 6, 2006
The Informer remains a keenly moving film experience.
February 15, 2005
August 22, 2003
July 8, 2003
March 27, 2003
August 22, 2002
Nearly as good as its reputation