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November 21, 2016
Stallone had Cobra, Schwarzenegger has Raw Deal; a lovably insipid, overly violent and clumsily assembled mid 80's action romp.
½ November 6, 2016
Probably Arnie's weakest action film. It's just a generic gangster film, with some commando thrown in there. In fact, everything about it is pretty generic. But, if you love Arnold, you'll probably find something to like...
½ August 25, 2016
Pas revu depuis l'epoque VHS. Un Schwarzy mou, surtout apres Commando. Quelques scenes de baston sympa mais film longuet sans aucun rebondissement.
June 27, 2016
FBI agent takes last assignment in this tired action flick.
Super Reviewer
April 25, 2016
Just your standard Arnie 80's action flick full of bad jokes, Poor acting and bloody action, Not a film he will be remembered for nor will he want to remember himself.
½ February 10, 2016
Among the classic Arnold of the 80s.
February 6, 2016
I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. It's smaller in scale than what I'm used to for a Schwarzenegger movie, but that's what helps it stand out from the many other Arnold flicks. Plus this kind of movie you're not supposed to take too seriously. You're supposed to laugh at the more ridiculous stuff.
½ November 8, 2015
Most entertaining part of the film was Arnie's line, "You should not drink and bake."
½ September 12, 2015
It has some cheesy fun moments but this is one of Arnold's worst films. I recommend this one for die hard fans only.
½ July 29, 2015
A quintessential 80's action flick in the sense that there were plenty of squibs to sell all the violence and LOTS of disbelief to go around. Arnold plays an "American" FBI agent?? You simply gotta love the 80's!!
½ June 27, 2015
Throughout his movie career, Arnie has starred in some brilliant action movies.

This, unfortunately, isn't one of them.

Also throughout that career, he has delivered several memorable one-liners.

This film doesn't have any.

Dull, slow and just not very exciting: do yourself a favour, and avoid.
June 25, 2015

Raw Deal is an action movie fuelled by death, thrill pumping fighting and some pretty Arnie like lines+moves. The movie itself is kind of enjoyable if you take it for what it is and don't poke too many holes, but lets get serious for a moment, this movie isn't no masterpiece, this is pretty poor and one movie that has some big problems once looked into properly. It is fun though no doubt, the kind of film an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan looks forward to all week long.

The story kind of works, and I mean that, it is pretty thrilling and you generally don't know what's going to happen. Now that doesn't mean the story is perfect far from it, it has a lot of parts where guys sit around talking about mob stuff, the kind of thing that in film, gets just a little boring. It has it's action quota as you would imagine, the blood is really fake but no matter, the body count is high and the way some of them die, well that kind of stuff would work in a comedy.

Now Arnie isn't so bad here, he doesn't hit his heights as an action man hero but certainly gives off a good vibe when fighting all those bad guys. I think if you want real dramatic action, don't look here, leaving the supporting cast alone a minute, Schwarzenegger's cigar chomping under cover persona is insane, I mean he just looks suspicious, and then the way he delivers his lines, just not so good in that department. The cast isn't so bad, they support well they really do but the kind of basic plot coupled with bad directing and writing make this a hard one to turn into gold, I did feel Paul Shenar gives a good go at it, but that really isn't enough.

John Irvin the man behind this movie shouldn't be ashamed of what he made, after all this movie is not detestable, just way under average. The major flaws are laid out before you in one, a script that really does nothing, and two directing that makes the people fall down in the most ridiculous ways. So what if your looking for the positives, I felt the technical side was pretty good, some nice stunts performed and there's one particular explosion that is very well made.

Would I say don't watch this?, no I would fully recommend this, and to anyone even if you think action isn't for you, give it a go and take in the wonderful sight of an Austrian mafia member, just good fun. I think in all honesty this gives what you think it will, can please some but not others and this will not give you good drama so stay clear if you like a lot of that. The reviews are not pretty when it comes to this movie either, I don't really know what most people who have seen this think but I couldn't help feel that many will like this, but especially action movie junkies.

Overall a movie that is not so kind in the career of Arnold Schwarznegger, but also one that I don't think deserves to go on his "Worst of Career" slideshow. This is good old action, thrills, maybe not so many car chases but there are some, and shoot outs, oh boy this has many of them. This even tries it's hand at emotion, I mean you'll have to see what I mean but it does, it's kind of funny really, because the next minute, Arnie's blowing someone 10 feet in the air with a pump shotgun.
April 5, 2015
Not a bad Arnie movie, not the best either! Lot of shoot 'em up bang bang scenes 80's style. Ex. Arnie never misses the 50 guys shooting at him, but not one can manage to hit him. Corny but decent.
April 2, 2015
A Solid Generic Gangster Flick, Which See's A Washed Up FBI Agent (Schwarzenegger), Goes Undercover In An Off The Books Assignment To Take On The Local Mob Kingpin. A Solidly Written Crime/Action With Decent Performances And Some Superbly Crafted Action Sequences.
½ February 21, 2015
One of the absolute worst films of Arnold Schwarzenegger's career!
January 29, 2015
although mostly a generic mobster action film Arnold Schwarzenegger as always kicks ass and has his typically awesome quotable lines making this an awesome action 80s classic
½ January 1, 2015
Not well liked by the general public but if you're a fan of Arnold, then this movie delivers a fun shoot 'em up.
November 9, 2014
classic arnie luv this shit
October 1, 2014
some janky FX from the time period, but Arnold actually acts a little....
September 15, 2014
Raw Deal met un temps fou à développer son intrigue qui est pourtant d'une simplicité déconcertante. C'en serait presque rédhibitoire s'il n'y avait cette introduction musclée et ces trente dernières minutes aussi sauvage qu'un Seagal de la grande époque (Justice Sauvage, quoi). Arnold Schwarzenegger en découd avec Paul Shenar & Robert Davi, pour les plus connus et flingue à tour de bras, avec des one-liners inférieurs à ceux de Commando mais supérieurs à beaucoup d'autres films d'action de la même époque. Raw Deal est un bon divertissement, rien de plus.
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