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½ July 9, 2015
The futility of our rational plans - the surprises of life just around the corner - the impossibility of true love, or the late recognition what it would have been.
½ June 10, 2011
Read the book over 20 years ago, and saw the movie a couple of years after that (but had forgotten about it until I watched it again tonight). Very good cast, but the story moves a bit slowly at times. As I read the book such a long time ago, it's impossible for me to comment now on the quality of the adaptation, but I think it's pretty close, to what I thought was a creepy story back then!
½ May 23, 2011
"Homo Faber" ("The Voyager") Allemagne-France-Gr├Ęce-USA (1991) de Volker Schl├Ândorff (1h57) couleurs (avec Sam Shepard, Julie Delpy et Barbara Sukowa) vu en VO le dimanche 22 mai 2011 (sur la cha├ (R)ne culturelle franco-allemande Arte) de 20h40 ├á 22h30 !
May 23, 2011
Un sympathique roman-photo mais pas plus. Bien que l'histoire lorgne vers la tragedie grecque, les enjeux dramatiques sont assez faibles puisque l'on comprend tr├Ęs vite o├╣ tout cela va se terminer. Une confrontation un peu expediee et decevante d'ailleurs. J'ai neanmoins envie de lire le roman car le personnage principal desabuse, obsede par les co├»ncidences et qui se laisse porter o├╣ elles le m├Ęnent, m'a bien plu.
May 14, 2011
Bearable for throwing out a number of alluring literary ideas, otherwise it's bogged down by an overload of symbolism.
March 27, 2011
Creepy... I read the book years ago and when I saw my local library had the movie version of it I wanted to see it.
October 7, 2010
Greek Tragedy meets Film Noir A Man on a Voyage which is full of in which he can avoid his Bitter Destiny the Cinematography, Pictures of the Places of his Travel and the Modern Classical Music Soundtrack are grandious
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½ April 30, 2010
This was actually a pretty good movie, even though it had a pretty gross twist towards the end. The acting wasn't great, but the story was interesting enough to allow me to overlook it.
May 5, 2009
Slow, slow and slow. Man almost dies, man finds an old friend dead, man hears about his old love, man meets a girl, man falls in love with a girl, man finds out the girl is his daughter, man meets his old love, the girl dies. the man is unhappy. Beatiful countryside and slow music. That about summs it all.
November 4, 2008
I liked the story but it was better told by Max Frisch on the book which originated this film. I guess the film just didn┬┤t have this little thing that makes films so special...
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June 25, 2008
A nice little piece of modern noir.
½ April 9, 2008
Read the book, this movie is not worth two hours of your time. It's shallow and I hate what Sam Shepard did with his character. When he "cries" at the end, it made me laugh. Yes, that bad.
½ March 3, 2008
an excellent film directed by the academy award Volker Schlondorff
½ February 25, 2008
I thought the movie was o.k., though the book was better. One saving grace : Julie Delpy.
½ February 22, 2008
The most boring and dumbest movie based on a book ever! It totally ruined the good book! If you read it, don't watch it..If you didn't, only watch it if you like shallow corny love movies....
January 30, 2008
More like........homo gayber....
December 3, 2007
Why can't I find this on DVD?
½ October 23, 2007
...fate, coincidence, tragic in The Greek sense...unsettling, poingnant...Sam Shepard rocks..
October 8, 2007
I really thought this was good. I love a story line built around a Greek tragedy. Fate, etc. Very nice flick.
August 22, 2007
oh come on,
how old am I 12 or something.
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