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The voices of Carol Channing, John Hurt, Jodi Benson and Gilbert Gottfried help bring this wonderful Hans Christian Andersen story to life. Barry Manilow contributed heavily to the film's music. Children still seem to enjoy this story about a young girl who was the size of a human thumb. She was kidnapped by a toad, just when she hoped to continue her life with Cornelius the Fairy Prince. This is a good "family film" with few, if any, parts that might be considered questionable for children. Kids are likely to enjoy how Gilbert Gottfried does the voice of a strange beetle and how Carol Channing breathes life into Ms. Fieldmouse.

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Carol Channing
as Ms. Fieldmouse
Gino Conforti
as Jacquimo
Will Ryan
as Hero/Reverend Rat/The Goat
as Mrs. Toad
Barbara Cook
as Thumbelina's Mother
Kenneth Mars
as King Colbert
Jodi Benson
as Thumbelina
June Foray
as Queen Tabitha
Gary Imhoff
as Prince Cornelius
John Hurt
as Mr. Mole
Joe Lynch
as Grundel
Pat Musick
as Mrs Rabbit
Neil Ross
as Mr. Fox
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Audience Reviews for Thumbelina

  • Mar 13, 2014
    Loved by our two-year-old girl. It's very typical fairytale movie, but it's got good songs and likeable characters.
    Angela A Super Reviewer
  • Sep 25, 2012
    Thumbelina is based on the Hans Christian Andersen book of the same name about a very small girl (literally about 3 inches tall) who wants to meet a fairy and she ends up getting her wish when a fairy prince named Cornelius visits her. The two schedule another meeting but a frog woman takes thumbelina to her house to marry her son. Thumbelina escapes and is now trying to find the prince and get home. Now seeing how this is Don Bluth after his, how shall I say, downfall in quality, I wasn't expecting much, especially seeing how it seems like its trying to be like a Disney Princess style film, but what I got shocked me immensley, and not in the good way. Okay Thumbelina gets a cast of both voice actors, singers, and comedians, but every character in the film is either a stereotype, bland, not developed enough, or just ungodly annoying, mainly that last one. Jodi Benson plays Thumbelina but its basically Ariel from Little Mermaid, just with less personality and more one dimensional, which is sad because Benson has done good characters before but this character was written so poorly and just not that interesting. But the worst character in the film is Jacimo the sparrow played by Gino Conforti. Conforti, I don't know what went wrong but this character was the most obnoxious thing. The design is annoying, he's overly optimistic, and the accent drives me crazy, It also doesn't help he gets two songs in the film and those are just as annoying as him. The only character that I liked was Gilbert Gottfried as the Beetle. Not only is he this films only saving grace, but his character is also really funny. The design of the character is interesting, and his one liners and dialogue is just hilarious, but aside from that there are no memorable characters in this film. Now the music is another story. Now for starters, Barry Manilow. I never thought he was a good composer and sometimes he'll just take other peoples songs and mess around with the lyrics and make up his own and keep the tone and beat to it. But the songs hear are just as obnoxious as almost all the characters in this film. Jodi Bensons songs are slow and drawn out too long, the frogs get one song and that song is just painful to my ears, Carol Channings irritating voice gets to sing once thankfully, and not to mention Jacimo's songs too are obnoxious and overly happy. The only song that I like, ironically also involves the beetle played by Gottfried, though Randy Crenshaw does the vocals for this song, and I guess you could qualify this as a villain song even though Beetle isn't established as a villain by this point. Now im probably being too harsh on this movie seeing how this movie was probably made for much younger kids in mind, but when it comes to Don Bluth, there are no dark turns in this film or anything made for adults and seeing how this is based off a Hans Christian Andersen novel thats saying something. This is just a film strictly made for kids. I'd recommend this movie only to children under the ages of maybe 8. But overall, and I'm going to sound extremely harsh to say this about a kids film, this is hands down one of the top ten worst movies I've ever seen in my life and next to Gilbert Gottfried, there is nothing I can see as good in this film.
    Michael E Super Reviewer
  • Feb 12, 2012
    Great music :) Favorite lines; Mother: Oh, no, Thumbelina. No. Don't ever wish to be anything but what you are. Mr. Beetle: [to Thumbelina after the Beetle Ball] Don't worry, you'll get over me. Thumbelina: [singing] You will be my wings/You will be my only love/You will take me far beyond the stars
    Sam R Super Reviewer
  • Jul 08, 2011
    Thumbelina was a movie I hoped to truly adore after over 13 years of not watching it, only, I found myself only to be neutral to it. It's good on some points, mainly visually, but it's also crappy on others. But Jodi Benson made it watchable. Now, Don Bluth has only made a handful of animated movies I love; The Land Before Time, & Anastasia. I truly hated A Troll in Central Park, never liked An American Tale, & could care less for All Dogs Go to Heaven. I have yet to watch The Secret of NIMH, & need to rewatch The Pebble & the Penguin, & Rock-A-Doodle (movies I loved as a child). So you can already expect me to say that yes, I loved Thumbelina as a child, but to be more accurate, I liked it. This film has it's major flaws, but also has it's moments of beauty. Animation/Coloring: The coloring in here is a little dull, you can clearly see the colors they're trying to use, but they are just matte & boring, but the visuals they use in here, such as the excessive sparkles/glitter, & [sun]lights are truly a dazzling view. And the animation is wonderful, nothing more to say on that. Characters: Only a handful of characters in here are likable, to me that is. Thumbelina is a petite girl who wonders & dreams of finding someone of her same size to lover her & live happily ever after, but at the same time she's also rather pessimistic & cries most of the time. She reminds me a little of Alice (Alice in Wonderland), but keep that part in mind later on in this review. Then we have Thumbelina's mother, who is a kind, & caring woman who only wanted a daughter, even if it was the size of her thumb (hence Thumbelina). Then we have Prince Cornelious, the typical rebellious prince who doesn't like what his own riches offer, & prefers the wild, daring life. The rest of the characters aren't too interesting; we have Mrs. Toad who kidnapped Thumbelina only to make her a star & marry one of her sons. Did I mention Mrs. Toad has very large boobies, a curvatious body, & is Spanish? Talk about Mexican accuracy right there. The bugs in here all look the same, large cartoony eyes, & rubber-hose arms. In other words, they all look like some of Warner Bros' rejected Merry Melodies characters. Cast/Acting: The voice acting in here was phenomenal,end it there. And Jodi Benson is in here! With her beautiful voice again since The Little Mermaid! Singers like her make me wonder why they don't get record deals rather than all of these new mediocre Disney Channel singers. Anyways, she may be the only memorable voice/actress you hear in this movie, but then there's Gilbert Gottfried. The rest of the cast members are forgettable Songs/Music: I only loved a handful of the songs in this movie, the rest of the songs in here are terribly written & executed. But wait, the songs I loved, only three of them are beautifully written. What are these songs? Well, the two beautifully written songs are Soon & the reprise. They're such wonderfully sang & written, that I just feel like crying when I listen to them. The memorable one is "Let me Be Your Wings", I can't seem to get it out of my head, mainly because it's such a pretty song. But however, when you watch the film & listen to this song, it automatically feels & looks like it ripped-off "A Whole new World" from Aladdin. The rest of the songs in here are nothing but crap. And let me warn you, if you're gonna plan on watching this song on youtube, do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to the "Marry the Mole" song by Ms. Fieldmouse. It's horrible, it really is. One of the worst songs I have ever heard from an animated movie. No wonder this poor movie won a Razzie award for worst original song. And I really, really hated & was annoyed by any of the "Follow your Heart" songs sang by that annoying bird. Now the score, on the other hand, is plain out beautiful. Plot/Story: Now, the plot in this movie seems simple, girl is tiny, wants a true love & she'll live happily ever after but is prevented as she is taken far away from home & must get back. But here is what I told you previously to hold your thought on; the movie begins to look like "Alice in Wonderland". The plot is a little confusing, girl must travel through many obstacles to get home. Now the major problem I had with this movie is the inaccuracies. The bird who helped her a long way, could have simply picked up Thumbelina & flew her home. No, instead he just made her suffer by going through an entire backyard & almost killed by the magical changing weather. No, I'm not kidding when I say that the weather in this movie changes by the day. One day it's spring, & the other is Summer, then it becomes Fall on the next day, & finally it's winter at last on the next day. And lemme tell you that the world of Thumbelina is magical up the ass. Sure, many of you may know me as the guy who'll rub realism on my ass & care nothing for it, but this movie just didn't have didn't do too well making it extremely magical. And I also forgot to mention that the animals in here wear clothing. The talking animals was nothing new, but every animal in here has it's own set of clothing, hell even baby hicks are born out of their eggs with small hats & bows & girly skirts! The other problem with this movie is how it feels so badly ripped off from other Disney movies. The main character looks like a Disney Princess with her large eyes, sings, & is a red head. So she's the tiny version of Ariel! Hell they even had the gall to use the same voice actress as Ariel! And you know what? this film ends the same way Beauty & the Beast does! Remember that stained glass ending? Yeah this film ends similarly, with a stained glass look, but in the story book it was pulled out from. Loyalness to its source: As far as I can say, this movie stays TRUE to the tale it was adapted from. But that's the problem, it is true to it in the first place. The original fairy tale gives no morals, has little logic, & gives you themes of bestiality. This film adapted this movie in the similar ways of the tale, & didn't change up on much. And what is the moral of this movie or the tale? None! You can say Disney changes everything from their sources & does no justice to them, no, bullshit. Disney adapts fairy tales & makes them more believable & realistic (somewhat), as well as more believable & even gives them morals to learn. If you've watched Tangled or Hercules, then you know what I mean. The original tales of those movies get weird, to plain out WTF?!?! & even at times make you say "Why could this person do _______ when they could easily have done_____?" or anything similar. When Disney adapted them, they gave them a unique twist to make them far more believable & to make more sense. This movie however, kept the exact same elements & did nothing to make them better. If Disney were to adapt this tale themselves (something I plan to do actually when I work with them), they would change most of the elements, to pretty much everything to make it far more logical as well as well written. Now, as for Don Bluth, my research tell me that he left Disney with some other animators to work on his own seeing that he though Disney was gong to shit bottom around the 70s & 80s. Well, he was pretty much right around there. He began to work on his early films which were huge hits, & then once he got to the 90s. he hit shit bottom, & fast. He felt he could do better, & only caused for Disney to rise back up again when they worked on their Renaissance films. Disney can thank Bluth for that because of him starting to make crappy ass films around that time, & Disney rose back up with them. Bluth felt he could do better, & he thought he could do it with his 90s films, but the sad truth is, they all failed drastically critically, & theatrically. Disney gave you Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, & The Little Mermaid, whilst Bluth gave you A Troll in Central Park, Thumbelina, & All Dogs go to Heaven, all terrible films despite their beautiful animation. Say what you want about Disney, but at least their films, even the crappy ones like The Black Cauldron, are far more well written than the ones Bluth gave you in the 90s. So all in all, the movie is ok, nothing special. You may like it, you may not. But most people who are under 10 will adore it. At best, this movie is mediocre, at worst it is crap.
    Frisby 2 Super Reviewer

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