Jul 3, 2021
A formulaic biopic that sets itself apart with its depiction of the Mexican American and Tejano cultural experience.
Jan 20, 2021
It captures the appeal of Selena singing and Lopez shines in those scenes.
Jun 14, 2020
It's hard to get too cynical about the approach taken by Selena.
Feb 27, 2020
It tries to satisfy too many different groups at once and ends up watering down the art so much it satisfies no one.
Feb 27, 2020
Writer-director Gregory Nava... relates the singer's story on a touchingly human scale, particularly focusing on the father-daughter dynamic.
Feb 27, 2020
Gregory Nava's 1997 biopic about the Mexican-American pop star Selena Quintanilla Perez... is typical of the genre's excesses, but I enjoyed quite a bit of it, in large part because of the energy and charisma of Jennifer Lopez in the title role.
Sep 20, 2018
J-Lo does a phenomenal job...but I want to see the real Selena story, not one written by her parents...
Sep 20, 2018
The last five minutes are amazing...J-Lo looked great, the acting is solid, it's just a bit too long...
Mar 21, 2017
What makes this movie work is Jennifer Lopez's electric performance as Selena, capturing the charismatic aspects of Selena's stage persona and the essence of her maturity as a growing woman.
Sep 7, 2011
When it doesn't, however - when Selena teeters precariously in the direction of hagiography and buckles under the weight of representing all Latinas to all people - then the real young woman herself is hard to find.
Jul 6, 2010
... Lopez's presence and ability made her seem just one role away from stardom, and with "Selena" she's seized the opportunity and turned in an incandescent presentation that is especially strong during the film's numerous musical numbers.
Jul 6, 2010
At its best, "Selena" suggests why so many people reacted with such great heartbreak to her death.
Mar 27, 2009
Selena surmounts its connect-the-dots approach to its heroine's life to create an appealing, energetic look at a too-briefly soaring musical star.
Sep 28, 2007
Jennifer Lopez ... elevates the film immensely with her radiant and energetic performance.
Sep 17, 2007
A well-meaning but bland and shallow salute to Selena.
Sep 14, 2007
What a biography. And what a screenplay.
Sep 5, 2007
Even in its sappiest moments, Jennifer Lopez's performance and Selena's music shine through.
Jul 13, 2007
In spite of Jennifer Lopez' strong performance, it doesn't save an incomplete story that only covers some of Selena's life.
Feb 3, 2007
In her first major, star-making role, Jennifer Lopez is compelling, but the rest of this showbiz biopic is shallow and excessively melodramatic, like most of Gregory Nava's films.
Sep 18, 2005
Lopez's commanding presence makes up for any of the script's shortcomings.