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½ January 23, 2011
Schumacher goes beyond ridiculous in this disaster, his actors looking like flamboyant drag queens in a colorful carnival parade uttering some of the worst lines ever written. Everything is so embarrassingly bad and over-the-top that I could only feel ashamed for everyone involved.
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May 28, 2013
Well, at least Chris O'Donnell's nice to look at -- but that's about it for the "positives". The rest is a boring mess.
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August 25, 2012
A visual treat, but an overall trick. Batman & Robin fails to deliver with senseless innuendos as well as uninspiring performances from most of its cast. 1/5
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½ August 6, 2012
Well... where to start... If you watch this thing simply just to rip it apart then you will have the time of your life with this moving picture... until Poison Ivy and Bane come into the picture. Then it just becomes sad. This film is NOTHING but ice puns and bat nipples. Just thinking about this makes me depressed. I'm sorry for bringing this up.
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½ April 17, 2011
After Joel Schumacher reinvented the franchise with Batman Forever, which was a decent entry, nothing awful or great either, this film proved to be his downfall. This would thankfully be his final Batman film. What makes this film so bad is the lack of seriousness and stupid villains that though appear in the comics, are just wasted here due to a poor script where the writers decided to write wicked one liner. I was being sarcastic. This film's writing is sloppy, so one dimensional that you just don't care for anything that happens on-screen. This film was awful. The sets looked like garbage and costumes looked way too ridiculous. I mean this film was so over the top, it was painful. I hated the film. Everything about the film is sloppy, and nothing works. The film just fails on every level. One of the things that kill the film is the acting, everyone overacts in their parts. This is the worst Batman film of all. Horrible, poorly constructed and it shows Joel Schumacher's total disregard for the subject matter. This is a film that is definitely not worth watching. In fact I refuse to admit that this one exists. The filmmakers overproduced everything, and when big on this one. However this film proves that bigger production values are not necessarily better. In the hands of a more capable director a bigger production scope would have been better, but with Schumacher he turns his Batman into a joke. The scriptwriting here is sloppy, poorly written, and it all seems it was written as a first draft. Hell, I could have written a better script than this. This is a bad film that just ruins one of the greatest superheroes ever created. However the best about this film is that if it didn't exist, then we would never have Christopher Nolan's excellent trilogy. This film was a mistake to be made, and if you've never seen it, you are very lucky. Don't even plan to watch this to see how bad it is, it's bad. Batman & Robin is not only Schumacher's worst film; it also is the worst film in the superhero genre. With a bad cast that overact everything, poor script, poor directing and poor looking sets, Batman & Robin fails to be an effective entertaining and ultimately fun picture to truly deliver something good. Luckily Christopher Nolan stepped in and brought the prestige back into Batman.
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½ January 28, 2011
As a kid, I generally liked everything movie wise. I rarely ever watched a movie and said "i didn't like that at all." But at the age of 14, I knew that this movie was a stinker on every level. Clooney is horrible as Bruce Wayne. Silverstone as Batgirl? As if!(yeh, thats a "Clueless" reference). The villains are so darn hookey that the only thing this movie is missing is Adam West and a few BAM, BOOM, and WAAAMMSS! Everything about this movie is bad, and not so bad it's good, but bad as in it sucks bad. With this movie Joel Schumacher almost destroyed Batman for good(thank god for Christopher Nolan). Too busy concentrating on nipples on the suits, and showing their butts when they put on the suits, or having ice skates in there boots, he forgot to take the material serious. Instead, he made a huge joke of Batman and his entire mythology, and it's a bad joke that the Joker wouldn't even laugh at. My five year old nephew likes this movie, but I'm sure in a year or so, even he will know how lame this movie is.
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May 14, 2010
I am going to be honest, if it wasn't for the extremely corny one liners, and the overexagerated Mr. freeze, and a messy plot, this movie would actually be acceptable. But all of the stupid puns that every main cast member throw out pissed me off too much. I mean, come on, did the writer really think that, that would be a good idea? I don't know what he was thinking, but this movie did have potential, but they pretty much dug a hole deeper and deeper as the movie progressed. I did not hate it, but it was way too overdone to be called in any way good. I loved how cheesy the film is, and how fun this bad ride can be, so I am on the fence for this one, but I rather found it amusing. "Batman & Robin" sucks!
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½ March 6, 2012
Re-watching this movie for the sake of this review was an awful experience. Joel Schumacher has killed Batman and this movie is I never thought a Batman movie could be this bad, but the proof is right in front of me. Batman and Robin continues the adventures of Batman and Robin fighting crime and we have a new cast. George Clooney replaces Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne/Batman and he sucks at playing both. As Bruce Wayne he's just a generic rich guy and as Batman he's just some guy in a batsuit. Chris O'Donnell reprises his role as Robin and he does nothing but bitch and whine about how his mentor is holding him back. They should've just re-named Robin Anakin Skywalker because that's who I felt like I was watching. There's also new villains and Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Mr. Freeze, a terrible choice. His dialogue is nothing but a bunch of puns having to do with ice or cold and I'm not kidding, the puns are all he says the entire movie. Uma Thurman plays Poison Ivy, an interesting decision, but she provides most of the overracting the movie has to offer. Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy are pretty much useless since they both annoyed the crap out of me and they never felt like a real threat. The real threat in this movie is the director. Joel Schumacher ruins the character of Batman for the worst. He gives Batman a bat-credit card in the movie and I'm sure that part raped tons of childhoods. Batman also makes public appearances in this movie which goes against his character. In a good Batman movie, he would try and be inconspicuous and try to destroy any piece of evidence that proves his existence. However, the worst thing about Batman is that his suit has nipples on it. To be fair, the bat-nipples appeared in Batman Forever, but I felt like I should point them out in this review because of how bad this movie is. Alfred, Bruce's loyal butler, has a niece who appears in the movie and she eventually gets to become Batgirl. Introducing Batgirl was such a forced decision and having Alicia Silverstone play her was something only a true moron would do. She's such a wooden and dull actress, she's like the twentieth century version of Kristen Stewart. There are a lot of things bad about this movie: The bat-credit card, bat-nipples, the cheesy one liners, the awful acting, but the worst thing about it, to me, is how Bane was depicted. Bane is another villain in the movie and the way he was portrayed just broke my back. (Pun intended.) In the comics Bane is a brute criminal who is not only really strong, but he's also incredibly intelligent. He challenged Batman both mentally and physically, eventually breaking his back in a fight and being the only one of Batman's enemies to "break the bat." But in this movie, he's a mindless, idiotic puppet to Poison Ivy whose dialogue consists of nothing but a bunch of roaring. All I have to say is thank God for Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan. Batman and Robin originally had a sequel called Batman Triumphant, but it got shit-canned because of how bad this movie was. Batman and Robin is the worst superhero movie ever made, the characters were screwed up, the dialogue was terrible, the acting was horrible, the action scenes were boring, it has plenty of plot holes and it's just a terrible way to end the series. But with the end of this pice of shit movie, I can begin the reviews of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, the films that would make Batman badass again.
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March 6, 2012
This is the only non-Nolan Batman movie I've ever seen, so my ironic love of its punny camp...may not be that ironic.
Marc L.
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½ October 23, 2011
You know, originally, I had decided that this was a "so bad it's good" kind of movie. I mean, from the terrible acting, to the horrible script, to the disgustingly awful costumes, this film made me laugh. Hard. But there was one factor in this movie that was so unforgivable, so offensive and so downright awful I can't even give it the title of best worst movie.

The reason this movie is nonredeemable is because of it's portrayal of he characters. "Hercules" has more respect for it's source material than "Batman and Robin". How so?

#1: Batman is making public appearances in front of crowds of people. Isn't this the same Batman who would destroy any evidence of his existence and was as secretive as possible? The whole psyche of Batman is about blending in and being invisible! Also, one of the things that makes Batman great is that he DOESN'T spew catch phrases every 5 seconds. Here we hear catchphrases out of him all the time.

#2: Poison Ivy, in the comic books and animated series, is not nearly as evil as she is in the movie. She's no saint, not by a longshot, but she's more of an antihero than an ouright villain. She wants to create a world where plants and humans can live in harmony. Here she just wants to flat out destroy it. Not to mention she is not nearly as promiscuous as she is in the movie. Arriving as a candidate for a sexist auction? No way in hell. And do I even HAVE to bring up the Orphans?

#3: The Governator as Mr Freeze? Seriously? Mr. Freeze was always more about intelligence and cunning more than brute strength. Arnold conveys none of that. He was also an incredibly dark villain. Meaning that he doesn't spew ice puns every 5 seconds

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about the acting. Oh the acting. Remember how bad Jeremy Irons was in the live action "Dungeons and Dragons" movie ("LET THEIR BLOOD RAAAAAAAAIN FROM THE SKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!) Well Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze was even worse. I have never seen over acting this hilarious. Uma Thurman on the other hand...Well, her overacting was just painful. She overacts and underacts giving a downright dreadful performance (She would make up for it in Kill Bill however) Alicia Silverstone was down right horrible as Bat Girl. On the other hand, I always found Bat Girl to be an annoying character, so maybe she did well.

The script was laughable at best. "This is why Superman works alone", "Tonight's forecast; A freeze is coming!" "Stay cool, Birdboy!" I mean seriously? Can you believe this is the same guy who wrote the script for Lost Boys?

Batman & Robin could have been an enjoyable experience for me. Not good, God no, but enjoyable. Unfortunatley, it's utter disrespect for the characters ruined what could have been a great horrible film, and turned it into an all around horrible film. I will NEVER forgive Joel Schumacher for what he did!
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October 29, 2011
tried to have everything that was expected of a batman movie, failed, very miserably, a very low point in Schwarzenegger's career, I'm glad Christopher Nolan is doing the franchise a world of good now.
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½ July 23, 2008
Not fun, not even in some ironic hipster-esque way.
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½ April 22, 2011
Mr. Freeze: Tonight, hell freezes over!á

"Strength. Courage. Honor. And Loyalty."

The day this movie is considered good; that's when you'll know hell has freezed over. Not only is this the worst superhero movie ever, but it's up there with the worst movies ever made in any genre. Joel Shumacher should have gotten absolutely no more work after this. I've liked a couple of his movies; most notably The Lost Boys, but when he makes bad movies, which is most of the time; they are beyond horrible. The bad things that can be said about áBatman & Robin are endless, but I'll throw a few out there. Arnold as Mr. Freeze, Thurman as Poison Ivey, ALICIA SILVERSTONE, relentless disco feel to the streets of Gotham, Arnold as Mr. Freeze again, áChris O'Donnell, every little detail of Bane and Arnold as Mr. Freeze one more time for good measure.

Shumacher single handedly destroyed Batman for awhile. Thank God Christopher Nolan came and picked up all the pieces and made two spectacular films and now has everyone waiting for the third. It's almost laughable how bad this is. Yet I'm not laughing but cursing everyone involved from Clooney to Thurman. This has zero redeeming qualities; unless horrible is redeeming.
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½ September 6, 2010
I can never decide which was worse, Batman Forever or Batman & Robin. Both have the same style and stupidity. Overlooking that, they're entertaining movies, especially for younger audiences, and they follow the comic books very well. Overall, this one's pretty good, I think.
Daniel Mumby
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May 23, 2011
Most of us grow up believing that Batman and Robin is the worst film of all time, a position reinforced by countless polls in magazines. It's only as our understanding of film grows that we come to realise that Joel Schumacher's Razzie-nominated magnum opus is not so much an abomination as a case of colossal misjudgement. Make no mistake, it's utter rubbish, but it's not the worst film ever made by quite some distance.

As with its processor, the best way to understand Batman and Robin is through the extent of Tim Burton's involvement. With Batman Forever, Burton stayed on as a producer; he still held some sway over the end result, in least in terms of ensuring some form of continuity between his vision and that of his replacement. But with this instalment Burton and his sense of direction are completely absent. The hefty box office of Forever, which surpassed that of Batman Returns, gave Schumacher a free rein with full studio backing - and he made a total pig's ear of it.

One of the arguments used to defend Batman and Robin is that the film was made too quickly. Warner Brothers wanted a rapid follow-up to Forever, hiring Schumacher in August 1996 and telling him to have the finished film ready to release in ten months. But Schumacher was used to shooting so quickly, averaging a film a year between 1993 and 1997. This is proved by his decision to film A Time to Kill instead of waiting on Warner Brothers, and by production on Batman and Robin wrapping two weeks early. Finally, though screenwriter Akiva Goldsman was officially hired in August, he and Schumacher had already worked out the story on the set of A Time to Kill.

The script of Batman and Robin is not so much a script as a list of awful one-liners. Amidst his inexplicable Oscar win for A Beautiful Mind, Goldsman has scripted such utter disasters as Lost in Space and The Da Vinci Code. There is one good line in the whole screenplay: it occurs in the museum when the guards and gassed, and one of them is heard to shout "Oh my lungs!".

The rest of the time the script is lazy, shoddy and devoid of any character development. The story itself is incredibly derivative, borrowing from action movie clichÚs as it sees fit. The final showdown involving satellites, lasers and sunlight is a straight lift from Diamonds are Forever or Goldeneye (sticking with the Bond theme, it could almost be called the inspiration for Die Another Day). The designs of Mr. Freeze's vehicles are a total rip-off of Mad Max, and there are passing nods to A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner which will make every seasoned film buff's blood boil.

Schumacher has always been a director concerned with style above everything else, often to the point that he has forgotten how to tell a story. John Glover, who plays the mad scientist, recalled that Schumacher would shout: "Remember, everyone, this is a cartoon" before every take, and Chris O'Donnell commented that the film resembled a toy commercial. If Batman Forever was like a dark nightclub that had been turned into a disco, Batman and Robin is like a night at Studio 54 populated by characters from The Care Bears or Barney the Dinosaur.

The problem with Schumacher's approach is not a problem with being light or camp in itself. There are many great action films within the camp style which still hold up - Flash Gordon, Planet of the Apes, even Mad Max to some extent. The problem is that this approach is force-fed to the audience, with every scene and action being played so far over-the-top that there is no room left for the ideas to be presented intelligently. This is reflected in the film's homoeroticism, present in everything from the bat-nipples and rubber asses to Poison Ivy's lair being in a Turkish bath. The problem is not homoeroticism in and of itself - it's that we are so repeatedly told to believe that Batman is gay that we never have a chance to think about what else might be going on.

The only times when Batman and Robin even slightly works are the conversations between Bruce and Alfred about the purpose of Batman. This is in itself an indictment of the film: the villains are so boring and obnoxious that the only character we care about is the butler. Michael Gough gamely trudges his way through lines about cancelling pizza and housekeeping, and actually manages, unlike the other actors, to have more than one facial expression. If nothing else, his efforts make for welcome if mawkish diversion from an unnecessary deluge of special effects.

Throughout the Batman saga, the films have always been at their weakest whenever the effects were allowed to dominate - think of the opening set-piece of Forever, the spinning Batmobile from Returns, even the chase scenes from the first film. But all of these niggles pale in comparison with Batman and Robin, which is all about the effects. From its opening set-pieces to its final scenes involving satellites directing sunlight, there is a reliance on CGI and digital trickery to such an extent that the characters become completely secondary.

This feeling of superfluity is reinforced by Schumacher's direction. It's all very well constructing ten-minute action scenes with a beginning, middle and end, but the editing has to complement the action to justify the length. Schumacher's editing is terrible - there is no sense or pacing, and his angles are constantly shifting so that you can't really see what's going on. Seeing Freeze and Batman surf down to Gotham might have worked had it been done in one take, but with a cut every few seconds it feels completely devoid of energy.

As far as the acting goes, it makes the characters in Rocky Horror look understated. Uma Thurman is so bad that she makes William Shatner seems naturalistic, while the gormless Alicia Silverstone thoroughly deserved her Razzie nomination. The problem with casting such seemingly glamorous women is that we only believe in them when they put the spandex on. Before their real self becomes the cover story, there's no way we can believe that Thurman is a bookish scientist, or Silverstone is a schoolgirl.

The male performers fare no better. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been the king of one-liners in his day, but even his best lines are repetitive, cheesy and can be seen coming a mile off. Every possible pun involving ice, snow or cold is used, to the point where the character has become a parody of itself. George Clooney, who has since disowned the film, walks around with air of a man who things staring into middle distance will somehow maintain his dignity. And Chris O'Donnell remains. unconvincing and spends most of his lines whinging.

When Sucker Punch was released, Mark Kermode observed that getting angry about the film's sexual politics was doing it a greater service than it deserved - the biggest reaction being sheer boredom above all else. In the case of Batman and Robin, there is so much to get angry about in terms of plot holes (why would Mr. Freeze hide in an ice-cream pub? Why would people not die from focussed sunlight? How come Bane can be defeated so easily? Etc.). But to get in a huff about these things, valid overlooks the most important and cynical aspect of the film.

The reason Batman and Robin's story is so terribly weak is that the film exists mostly if not wholly to sell merchandise. There is no reason for Batman, Robin and Batgirl to change costumes: it is only in the film so that kids have to buy two action figures rather than one. The same goes for all of Freeze's gadgets, Poison Ivy's hairstyles, and the infamous Bat credit card, which takes jumping the shark to a whole new level.

Batman and Robin is the point where bad movies end and terrible movies begin. It's easily the worst film of the Burton-Schumacher era, ignoring all that was right about Burton's efforts and extrapolating all that was wrong with Batman Forever. Its reputation as one of the worst films of all time is such that to kick it when it so far down feels almost cruel. But suffice to say, the franchise needed a good eight years to recover before the arrival of a dark knight in shining armour.
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½ July 31, 2011
Hurts to give a Batman movie this kinda rating, but you get what you give.
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July 21, 2011
Just say no. Someone took Adam West Batman (plucked out the charm and nostalgia) and decided to throw it through a neon blender of unbearable nonsense. It's like... Saturday morning cartoon acted out by overpaid actors in a film that has way too large of a budget for it's own good. So awful that I died a little.

I give this half a star extra as an artist for some cool designs/visuals (Mr. Frost's armor for example) and Thurman's portrayal as Ivy.
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½ July 2, 2007
Batman and Robin is one of the worst superhero films ever made. It is a great example of studio interference gone mad, and betraying the source material. Batman is anything but a little hearted camp character and the sixties TV show. The studio thought that Batman was a family friendly character and looked to make money from all the toy sells afterwards. The only good thing about this film is that it ended the Burton/Schumacher era and brought about Christopher Nolan who made the excellent Batman Begins and the Dark Knight.

The plot is thin. The film starts with Batman (George Clooney) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) stopping a robbery at the Gotham National History Museum by Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger). The dynmatic duo stop him, but the super villain escapes. This starts to cause a rift between Batman and Robin. At the time in South America Dr. Pamela Isley (Uma Thurman), a botanist and environmentalist discoveries that her boss had been secretly making a brainless beast with superstrength, Bane. During the clash between the scientists an accident happens and Pamela becomes Posion Ivy. She goes to Gotham City with Bane and becomes an extreme environmentalist, making a proposal to Bruce Wayne to save the environment, but kill millions of people. Posion Ivy and Freeze team up to take over Gotham. A subplot of the film is Bruce's loyal butler Alfred had become ill. His niece Barbara (Alicia Silverstone), comes to take care of him. She clashes with Bruce because she believes that the billionaire never let Alfred live his own life. However, she is a trained fighter and ends up becoming Batgirl.

There are a number of problems with this film. It is too campy, the kind of Batman which an comic book fan hates. It is gadget heavy, the executives at Warner Brothers had ideas for the toy lines, and it just made things too convenient. Casting Arnold Schwarzenegger and giving him top-billing was terrible decision. Schwarzenegger is not a good actor; he was best in the first two Terminator films and Predator. Uma Thurman must have been embarrassed by her performance in this film, no one stood out for have a good performance. The writing is not good, there were some awful cheesy lines, like 'you're not sending me back to the cooler'. The Batman comics were not even looked at and the Sixties show was base for this bad film. Like with all the Batman films before Nolan, the plot was thin, but Batman and Robin takes it to new levels and the filmmakers may as well have not bothered. Nolan was able to make Batman into a dark complex character, dealing with ideas and were brilliantly written. Even the people who made Batman and Robin have disowned it. George Clooney said he will refund money if anyone comes up to him and said their paid to see Batman and Robin, Chris O'Donnell said it was like making a long toy ad and Joel Schumacher see this as his worst work and wanted to make a Batman film to please the fans, taking the character back to his dark roots. The screenwriter Akiva Goldsman was also ashamed of this film and has tried to make completely different films afterwards.

Batman and Robin is a great example of when a studio becomes too involved with making the film. They did not care what happened as long as the film made money, but it ended up being a box-office flop. Can't tell you to avoid it. I finally broke down and watched the whole thing to have a fully formed opinion but I can't say I recommend it at all. Truly awful.
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March 23, 2011
you put nipples on the bat-suit and arnold schwarzenegger as Mr.Freeze, how can you not predict failure?
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½ November 19, 2009
This continued that campy mildly deranged rendition of Batman that Joel Schumacher set up in Batman Forever, only this was even more outlandish and unrealistic. There are many things wrong with this movie, first of all being the odd relationship between all the characters. George Clooney played Batman like he played most of his mid nineties characters, with romantic charm and salt & pepper hair. Only, it makes no sense at all. That charm oddly extends to all beings in the movie. Uma Thurman turned Poison Ivy into a seductress, but she really only played the true character in the beginning. Alas, we have the star and shining element in the movie: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. Whether or not anyone understood this before, Mr. Freeze is the most campy and nutty villain in Batman's Rogue's Gallery. There was no way they were ever going to get down a serious look for him. So in that respect, Arnold plays the character beautifully and to perfection. He spews out crazy one-liners and has sporadic fits of shear evil. I feel like he completely makes the movie as watchable as it is. It is a Tour De Force performance in every way and he has undoubtedly constructed the end all say all of Mr. Freeze performances.
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