Lost Souls


Lost Souls

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Though Kaminski's film is visually stylish, Lost Souls is just another derivative entry in the Apocalypse genre, with lackluster direction, unengaging characters, and no scares.



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A modern thriller in which faith battles reason, Ryder plays a young woman who becomes aware of a conspiracy to enable the Devil to walk the earth in human form. To defeat the prophesy, she must convince a respected New York crime journalist, who is devoid of faith, that he is in fact the target of the conspiracy.

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Winona Ryder
as Maya Larkin
Ben Chaplin
as Peter Kelson
Sarah Wynter
as Claire Van Owen
John Hurt
as Father Lareaux
Elias Koteas
as John Townsend
John Beasley
as Mike Smythe
Victor Slezak
as Father Thomas
John Diehl
as Henry Birdson
Brad Greenquist
as George Viznik
W. Earl Brown
as William Kelson
Brian Reddy
as Father Frank
James Lancaster
as Father Jeremy
Paul Kleiman
as Paramedic
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Audience Reviews for Lost Souls

  • Apr 24, 2012
    Lost Souls is a dark and suspenseful thriller that explores the battle between spiritual forces. The story follows an exorcist who attempts to save a man who has been mark to be Satan's vessel, so that he can take human form. Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin lead the cast and give solid performances. The film is very stylized and atmospheric, which helps it to maintain an air of suspense and a sense of foreboding. And while the material is fairly derivative, it does have some dark turns and twists that give the story some additional intrigue and edginess. Though it does have flaws, Lost Souls is a hauntingly chilling supernatural thriller.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2011
    A pretty interesting film. Not the greatest flick out there, but still a little entertaining with a few scares.
    Jacob P Super Reviewer
  • Dec 01, 2009
    More grounded than most possession/end-of-the-world movies. Put another way, more 'Rosemary's Baby' than 'The Exorcist' which is the smarter, more interesting path. Intriguing enough to pull me along and well acted by the leads, smoky-eyed Winona Ryder and earnest Ben Chaplin. However the transitions from scene to scene are downright poor, here are a few examples: A man pursuing the protags is transforming into a beast in an empty house. Cut to: Protags running down the street. Ryder says Chaplin will become Satan incarnate on his 33rd birthday unless they can find a solution. With wide-eyed horror, Chaplin reveals that his birthday is tomorrow. Cut to: the pair of them leisurely sharing a coffee and cigarette on a terrace. WTF?!?!? Protags are beset upon by a hundred parishioners, Chaplin shoots two. Cut to: Protags running down the street. It's as if the screenwriter couldn't figure out how to extricate the heroes from sticky situations, so he simply excused himself from the task! Afraid that won't cut it, mate. Fittingly, the movie ends on an anticlimactic beat too: I was left there thinking, "That's it? That's the best resolution you came up with?" Possession movies are usually hokey yawners, but at least 'Lost Souls' tried putting some style into the proceedings.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2008
    <b> I have seen very few of Ben Chaplin Movies. For a Satanism thingy was this Movie not really convicing. The Plot was okay and the Actors tried their best. Worth watching once though
    Lilo C Super Reviewer

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