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This TNT miniseries stars Alec Baldwin as Robert Jackson, the Supreme Court justice who served as the head prosecutor for the war crimes tribunal that took place in Nuremberg after the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust. The film follows Jackson from his preparations for the trial to the outcome of the trial itself, paying particular attention to the interplay between Jackson and the Nazi thugs he is trying to prosecute. Brian Cox co-stars a Hermann Goering, Hitler's right-hand man, while Christopher Plummer plays British prosecutor Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe, and Jill Hennessey portrays Elise Douglas, Jackson's invaluable secretary and sometime lover.

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Alec Baldwin
as Robert Jackson
Jill Hennessy
as Elsie Douglas
Brian Cox
as Hermann Goering
Christopher Plummer
as David Maxwell-Fyfe
Michael Ironside
as Col. Burton C. Andrus
Matt Craven
as Capt. Gustav Gilbert
Max von Sydow
as Samuel Rosenman
Herbert Knaup
as Albert Speer
Len Cariou
as Francis Biddle
David J. Francis
as Sir Geoffrey Lawrence
Len Doncheff
as Gen. Nikitchenko
Paul Hebert
as Judge de Vabres
Roger Dunn
as Col. Robert Storey
David McIlwraith
as Col. John Harlan Amen
Frank Moore
as Hans Frank
Frank Fontaine
as Wilhelm Keitel
Raymond Cloutier
as Karl Doenitz
Bill Corday
as Alfred Jodl
Christopher Shyer
as General Telford Taylor
Robert Joy
as Pachelogg
Christopher Heyerdahl
as Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Ken Kramer
as Sauckel
Sam Stone
as Streicher
Douglas O'Keeffe
as Baldur Von Schirach
Benoît Girard
as Ribbentrop
Tom Rack
as Fritzche
Roc LaFortune
as Rudolf Hess
Dennis St John
as Von Papen
as Rosenberg
Griffith Brewer
as Von Neurath
Hrothgar Matthews
as Thomas J. Dodd
Emidio Michetti
as American Sargent
Rene A. Gagnon
as Judge de Vabres
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Critic Reviews for Nuremberg

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Audience Reviews for Nuremberg

  • Jan 22, 2014
    Average made for TV film about the Nuremberg trials; this film extends to about a four hours, and portrays the trial in a way that just seems out of place. What I mean by that, is that, instead of focusing on the historical aspect head on, the filmmakers tried to over saturate the film's material, and therefore try to make it more dramatic than it needs to be. I really don't think that this is the definitive on the Nuremberg trial. I thought the film's script lacked and despite its terrific subject, this is a forgettable made for TV drama that never realizes its potential. The film just has too many over dramatic moments to make for a truly great film. I believe that if the script would have been better thought, then Nuremberg would have succeeded at being a very good Made for TV film. However, with these results on-screen, this is standard made for TV fair, and there are aspects of the film that I found questionable and I thought that the film could have been shorter as well. The story is pretty good and cast are good, but there are clearly aspects of the film that could have been improved upon. The Nuremberg trials has been the subject of numerous films and documentaries, but this one is one of the weaker one, as it tries to be an ambitious film, but it doesn't have the means to deliver on its historical subject. Despite the film's many imperfections, Adam Baldwin and Brian Cox save this film from being a total; misfire. This film could have been great, however it's confined to the small screen, which doesn't let the film to really shine through, therefore the scope of the project suffers and the results are underwhelming despite its highly interesting historical subject.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Aug 19, 2012
    Made for tv miniseries...Really good portrayal of a very important historical event from humanitarian, and legal perspectives. Great actors. Not an Oscar winning drama, but definitely a very decent attempt....
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • May 05, 2009
    Oh boy this Movie was really great.
    Lilo C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 19, 2008
    This was pretty good... I think the Nazi trials are one of the more overlooked aspects of World War II. (Unlike everything else, which they've used time and again to get us to buy $50 FPSs...) It humanized the situation, but it made it still entirely clear who were the "good guys". They focused on Herman Goring, and it was a god choice. He was essentially the second in command to Hitler, and one among the Nazis with no regret. They also brought family into the matter concerning Goring... Which sort of brings your "Oh, right, wife and kid..." sympathy into play. I don't think they played it up quite enough though. It worked at the beginning but in the second part it's essentially a 5 second skit where they ask to see him and are refused... The other Nazi they focused on was on the opposite end, he was incredibly disturbed by what he'd done, and he tried to make himself seem as powerful as Goring; he wanted equal status to the other Nazis, who looked up to Goring, who so bravely defended their position. The relationship between Justice Jackson and his assistant lady and the supposed affair that he had... were crap. It was completely fictitious and an insulting way to keep our attention. The aftermath of mass genocide isn't enough apparently. The other thing that bothered me was her lipstick. I know that sounds moronic but geeeeez... It was like... supersonic red... you couldn't look at anything else.... Basically, this movie is... Interesting.
    Jezzy A Super Reviewer

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