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Peter Brown and Ahna Capri star as wildlife photographers, exploring the Amazon jungle. The two shutterbugs run afoul of homicidal hunter William Smith. In Most Dangerous Game fashion, the villain gives Brown and Capri a head start, then begins hunting them down like wild animals. The title is something of a giveaway: it's a safe bet that somebody's body will be picked clean by those omniverous Amazon piranhas. Filmed on location, Piranha Piranha received plenty of TV play after Jaws opened the floodgates of "death from the deep" flicks.


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Oh God, what a repulsive and pathetic excuse for a movie. I honestly can't remember being so bored in movie in all my life. There is literally like 30 minutes alone of just them driving. Where to? beats me, they're just driving for the sake of driving. There's also about another 30 minutes of very poorly filmed wildlife footage that serves no purpose whatsoever. It's just there as filler. The soundtrack is horrendously bland, out of place and repetitive. The acting is also, absolutely, horribly bad. It literally just sounds like they're reading off a piece of paper the entire time. Honestly it's not even worth my time to genuinely critique this abomination and it's definitely not worth your time to watch it. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from this atrocity to cinema and mankind.

Chad Lehmann
Chad Lehmann

There are hardly any piranha in the film, and it doesn't get interesting until the last 20 minutes. Lots of nice shots of the Amazon, but not much to a story. A good bit of the film is just a motorcycle race and scenes of people digging.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Wow, this was pretty bad. The score is particularly horrid, the acting is not good. The story isn?t too bad, but it?s so cheaply made and unprofessionally done, it doesn?t much matter. One small plus is some nice Venezuelan scenery.

James Higgins
James Higgins

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