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½ August 2, 2017
An interesting premise and good performances but just too out there - not a comedy, not a love story, no real point...?
½ October 28, 2016
Charlie Kaufman's least known and least appreciated work, and I don't get why. Sure, it isn't his best script ever, but it's still absolutely amazing. This is yet another clinic of how to write based on themes and how simply by exploring them from every angle, you can wind up with a very unique story. I highly recommend it.
October 22, 2016
good directorial debut from Gondry
August 22, 2016
Though it doesn't have as many belly laughs as Being John Malkovich or Adaptation (those are both 10's for me), it does contain all the inventiveness Charlie Kaufman is known for, some wonderful performances and the score is absolutely gorgeous.
½ April 9, 2016
Cute, but the message here seems to be that "civilizing a "natural man" makes him into a two-timing liar, who lets an innocent person, whom he claims to love, rot in prison for something he did, while he gets off scot free and lives happily with another woman. I guess "civilization" is enough to corrupt anyone is the message here.
½ May 20, 2014
I saw this one afternoon when I was living in the first rental I ever moved into with my now-wife. It has alright.
March 10, 2014
This one just didn't connect with me.
Super Reviewer
December 23, 2013
Shocking a load of crap this movie is, considering the amount of talent involved in it. Especially the director's and writers track record has been great, which makes you wonder what everyone was smoking doing this. They should most certainly be ashamed of themselves. Avoid at all costs, even if you like the Björk videos it mimics.
November 27, 2013
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
July 4, 2013
The great Italian director Marco Ferreri would have liked this movie. Especially recommended for those who have some psychology and anthropology background.
February 27, 2013
A hilarious film. Charlie Kaufman just cannot do wrong it seems. And Michel Gondry's style is always charming, always reminding us of the unlimited possibilities of cinema.
½ January 12, 2013
Rhys Ifans saves this one as a reformed, refined wild man; he (alone) makes this film worth watching. As far as Kaufman/Gondry collaborations, well, to put it kindly: it's second best.
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½ December 3, 2012
This movie's amateurish directing (Michel Gondry has done much, much better) and strangely stilted acting (despite some significant talent) detracts greatly from Charlie Kaufman's great, thought-provoking, deadpan script.
October 3, 2012
It's no Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it is a very quirky, entertaining, and intriguing commentary on human motivations.
½ September 4, 2012
An extended joke that rarely makes one laugh. Still, Rhys Ifans is excellent in it. There's also some weird subplots that don't go anywhere and only appear in one scene to make you go "huh?"
July 25, 2012
Uma genial crítica ao processo civilizador. Charlie Kaufman e Michel Gondry se superaram.
July 24, 2012
very odd film but interesting to see Tim Robbins in such an offbeat quirky comedy. its a bizarre story but worth the watch.
June 28, 2012
"From my new vantage point, I realize that love is nothing more than a messy conglomeration of need, desperation, fear of death, and insecurity about penis size." Logically, this movie should have rocked: it's a Charlie Kaufman/Michel Gondry. Unfortunately, it comes off as extremely middle-of-the-road and slightly above average. Besides Patricia Arquette, all the actors do a really good job (Sorry Patricia, but if your best acting quality is standing in front of a camera naked 90% of the time, I think you'd be better at a different career.) But I dunno, the movie sometimes hits home runs, and sometimes it strikes out at the plate (hehe, baseball analogy). It just appears boring sometimes, and coming from me, that's terrible, cuz I rarely think movies are boring. The premise is awesome, and only someone like Kaufman would dare to pull it off. Except I don't even think he can do it! It's definitely at the bottom of my list in terms of Kaufman flicks, although I still haven't seen Malkovich. I guess it's worth a one-time view, or if you're a completist, then watch it cuz it's a Charlie Kaufman. Fun fact: Hilary Duff plays Lila when she's a kid...wait, how is that fun?
June 23, 2012
Psychedelic, high-concept dick-swinging, with a dash of pulp anthropology. A little-seen 2001 collaboration between American film maestros, HUMAN NATURE is a nearly perfect example of them blending their talents and compensating for one another's weaknesses. Director Michel Gondry (better known today for '04's ETERNAL SUNSHINE) and writer Charlie Kaufman (better known today for '02's ADAPTATION) team up early in their careers, and the result is a winning combo of absurd comedy and philosophic gravity.

Gondry's a great visual artist, but his twee conceits can't always support a whole script; Kaufman's a weird genius with words, but his concepts are often too ludicrous and neverending. Together, they blend the visuals and weirdness, clean up the other's cuteness or brokenness, and deliver a zany and rambunctious tale of wild nature or human legitimacy; sex in all its many, many manifestations; and culture as an experiment or a mistake or something better.

We meet all the characters at present, then flash back for most of their stories. Nathan (Tim Robbins), in a whitewashed Heaven with a gunshot scar in his head, was actually a behavioral scientist. Puff (Rhys Ifans), urbanely testifying before Congress, was actually a man-ape that Nathan eventually studied. Lila (Patricia Arquette), in a police interrogation before she starts serving a life sentence, was actually an embarrassingly fur-covered young woman who befriended both Nathan and Puff.

In a pivotal side-plot (but one that doesn't necessitate the same flashback framing), Nathan's lab assistant Gabrielle (Miranda Otto -- extreme, over-the-top, French-accented cuteness -- I can't believe Eowyn had such a previous role) flirts with her supervisor and lands in the middle of the whole complex and strange satire.
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