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½ October 19, 2016
One of the more accessible von Trier films. He stated it was his attempt at horror, and there are certainly many elements of horror in it, as well as staggeringly brutal visuals (not all gruesome, but most arresting). It's really just the two lead actors in a very intimate work of dealing with grief, death and guilt.
October 16, 2016
A nice psychological thriller/horror. The art-house scenes kind of threw me out of the movie, which is why I only give this four stars. But the four stars it deserves (in my opinion). The action and suspense is great, which is why I enjoyed this movie so much.
½ October 15, 2016
Love it or hate it, it is a work of a unique mind.
October 4, 2016
Pointless Von Trier nonsense
½ September 26, 2016
Though shocking, this film's purpose is not mere shock value. It is a film about the cruelty of nature, humans and all. The brutal imagery and eerie atmosphere brought me in to the film, feeling every agonizing experience the characters felt, more than any other I have ever seen. Many people will not like this film, as many will be too blinded (or perhaps offended) by the brutality to connect to it.
½ September 21, 2016
beautifully shot and acted. should it exist? idfk ask someone else.
I would never recommend this film to anybody.
½ September 9, 2016
The average moviegoer will probably be turned off by the graphic violence, explicit sex(penetration shown), or even by the title of this misunderstood masterpiece but the visuals are stunning, the acting top notch and the story philosophically moving even when the movie gets to the peak of its insanity. Not a horror movie, but rather a film about humans and their inherently evil nature; many will leave antichrist having hated it but no one who watches it will ever forget it.
August 14, 2016
Well that was weird. Don't know what to think. The visuals were impressive.
August 8, 2016
"Chaos Reigns"




Sorry...God is not evident to be here...clearly...

Antichrist is directed by Lars Von Trier, and tells the tale of a couple, He (played by Willem Dafoe) and She (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) who retreat to the woods in order to fix...something.

And that's all I'm going to really say plot-wise.

The good? Ok, Antichrist has no actual observable good in it, but it is an impeccable film. And by 'good' I mean things that made me smile and created joyous feelings. No. Pack that up and leave it at the door, because Antichrist is a very, very hard watch. Let's get all the technicalities out of the way first so I can talk more about the themes.
Acting? On point
Cinematography? On point
Story? On-fucking-point
Seriously, Antichrist has a glorious base to build a kingdom on, and it builds a civilization. How the bloody hell did you do it Lars??? I am outstandingly impressed. The nature (hehe) of Antichrist is that it is the Devil's toybox. What I interpreted, is this being the story of Adam and Eve turned around on its head. A sub-concious mockery of the obscurity and ambiguity of religion with the messages of Hell and Anguish found amongst a sea of sugar-scrubbed lies. A seed of grief is planted in this film, and it physically and metaphorically grows into a woodland in which Satan can display his powers. How interest, sex, depression and torture are used as teddy bears for a live studio audience, 'the three beggars', who watch on this sickly game show take place and cameo in the performance whilst jeering the participants with gleeful ambition.

'Chaos Reigns' so the film speaks, I could hear audible laughter from the cackles of the supernatural as 'He' figured out the circumstances of his stay. It is hilarious for an unknown reason in the back of your mind, something tells you that someone finds this funny and jovial. What's really happening is simply humans being humans. Playing with their flesh, genitals and man-made tools to appease Satan, but it is simply not layered and scientific to be taken seriously. When 'He' reaches the climax of the film, it is rewarding to see a flock of people congratulate him in reaching the polar opposite of enlightenment.

The Bad? This film balances a lot of themes at the same time, and it could be perceived as messy, and even pretentious .However, what it does perfectly is organising the mess for a purpose made evident in the third act. This is not a film in which there is something human to base it on, this is a movie created by a creature and Lars Von Trier has been 'blessed' with the honour of making it visually accessible.

Where has this been all my life? This is a perfect horror movie, or just simply a perfect movie...which I wont be watching again any time soon. This will not become one of my re-watchable favourites due to graphic content (obviously not one to watch with well...literally anyone without being embarrassed) , but it will be preserved as one of the only two perfect films I have ever watched, in my life.

Wow. Oh My Satan.


August 7, 2016
"Antichrist" is a film that surprises, full of symbols, dramas, very strong scenes and anguish, the controversial director Lars Von Trier in delivering a great drama movie / thriller / horror / romance, good, a film that makes a flete with several the seventh art branches. The photograph of the film is great at times gets to be transcendental, the soundtrack odds with the traditional genre films, but it is good and tight fitting, the performances are great, especially the Charlotte Gainsbourg (award-winning songs) the script has rhythm problems, some dialogues are very extended, but the film's plot is very good, full of surprises and mysteries that despite the lack of pace, let the glaze viewer in the film.
I do not want to go into the various symbologies that the film back to because it varies the interpretation of each person, but it is worth mentioning some points, our protagonists unnamed go to a forest known as Eden, our protagonist blames himself for the death of the child, if guilt because they have sinned like Eve in paradise, the three beggars (as it is called the fourth chapter of the film) is a reference to the three kings, sacrifice is a way to pay for the sins of humanity to which the interpretation of it, women are the blame for sin, remember the final scene where several women without faces different bodies and ethnicities go toward the cabin, also to expunge their sins, that's some details of a very elaborate plot, the scenes of violence are heavy, especially the scene of genital mutilation was one of the most challenging scenes I've ever seen in a movie (and I've already seen a lot of movie junk stuck to Snuff), and explicit sex scenes too surprising, it is rare in a film, which leaves the performances of the actors in these dramatic moments, "Antichrist" really is not a movie for everyone, and many people will see it as a compelling thriller, others will be dazzled, others shocked, others will find an amazing movie and other will turn off the TV with 5min film is left you find out which group belongs.

Forgive my English by google translator.
August 6, 2016
Great film. I never ever ever want to watch it again.
½ July 14, 2016
Okay..... That was.... I never want to watch that movie again. But in a way, I'm glad I did watch it? It definitely wasn't the worst movie I ever watched, but it was one of the more fucked up. I feel like Lars Von Trier really doesn't understand women in his movies, which is weird because usually his main characters ARE women. He's a stunning film maker though. His movies are always beautiful to look at (when someone isn't performing genital mutilation) and his use of slow motion actually works well.
Oddly enough, this was probably my favorite Von Trier movie that I've seen. That's probably due to the fact that Willem Dafoe's character was actually a normal dude and not some overly sexed up/sincere scholar who had his head up his ass (though, if the character was played by anyone else, that's probably exactly what he would have been like. *Cough Stellan Skarsgard in Nymphomaniac Cough*) I might give Dogtown a try after watching this movie. That being said, I cannot recommend this movie to everyone, due to its graphic and depressing themes. 2.5/5 stars.
½ July 12, 2016
I don't see why this has such bad reviews. It's a film chock full of symbolism that it may take more than one viewing to comprehend and even then you can't get it all. Beautiful shots and ,at times, overwhelming intensity.
July 9, 2016
Lars von Trier invites the viewer on a wild rollercoaster ride down the rabbit hole of madness of perverse, nightmarish sexuality. In just under two hours, the film jumps from the death of an infant due to sexual intercourse (and yes, von Trier is so gracious that he included a penetration shot into the final cut of the film) to Ms. Gainsbourg taking a pair of scissors to her own clitoris. However, the more than unnerving graphic violence coupled with notoriously insinuated sex scenes is not enough to keep Antichrist from being nothing short of fascinating.
Super Reviewer
½ June 22, 2016
Script deals with a couple trying to cope with the loss of a child. The only reason anyone would want to watch this one is for the shot of full sex penetration at the very beginning as Willem Dafoe is banging in the shower. Toward the end, Gainsbourg hits Dafoe with an object right in the junk and then jacks him off until blood comes out. She then walks around with no pants on and cuts off her own clitoris with scissors. Seriously, this one is just plain bad and should be avoided.
June 8, 2016
Von Trier's typical visual mastery is on full display in Antichrist, but he drops the ball when trying to glean any deeper philosophical meaning out of a confused and indulgent script
½ June 5, 2016
Beautiful, brutal & staggeringly bizarre but for anyone who already knows Lars von Trier - this is nothing out of the ordinary as he has his own alternative/controversial style. But that doesn't change the fact this movie is overly explicit & disturbingly strange. It really is a tough film to sit through & it's another one of those movies that requires a repeat viewing to fully understand its hidden messages & overall complexity but let's face it, the film will leave most viewers repelled - that's if they even managed to last it out till the credits hit. Personally for me, I enjoy Lars unique take on film making (especially his 'Depression Trilogy'), but this movie was even a tad too "out there" for me & at times unnecessarily pornographic. I will however give this movie a lot of praise for making something as simple as 2 people out in the woods with nothing but themselves & a bunch of serene nature shots seem so unsettling & in a few scenes almost malevolent.
May 30, 2016
Extremely graphic, but surprisingly mostly not gratuitous. Although very strange, it actually does a decent job in tying all the elements together.
½ May 23, 2016
A bit like a beautiful nightmare.
½ May 10, 2016
Such a loving, heartfelt family movie. Bring the kids. They'll learn a lot about the loving and forgiving message that Lars Von Triers brings to the table.
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