Sep 10, 2021
...this film is a sweeping epic of melancholy beauty and textures filtered through and diminished by the passage of time.
Sep 9, 2021
Nothing here hurts as much as it should.
Mar 31, 2021
Few movies can transport you, even for a moment. 2046 does that and more, rooting you in its multiple realities in a way that feels real and easy to understand.
Mar 27, 2021
Ambitious sequel to In the Mood for Love.
Feb 16, 2020
blending period nostalgia & sci-fi futurism, so that fact & fantasy, past & future are made to echo each other with an inescapable circularity, the film's strange chronology turns progress into backward-looking elegy & history into eternal return
Jul 17, 2019
2046 is not so much a date as a place or a state of mind. [Full review in Spanish]
Jun 5, 2019
Cinematographer Christopher Doyle adds to the atmosphere using vibrant colors that seem to pop right off the screen, and Shigeru Umebayashi's lush score sweeps through the film like a master painter's brush.
Apr 23, 2019
Wong Kar-wai's sumptuous tale of romantic heartbreak is now finally ready to be released: the end result is a work which combines formal cinematic brilliance with an operatic intensity of feeling.
Mar 14, 2018
The ravishing images are tinged with regret and loss: no passion can assuage the jaded hero's solitude.
Mar 6, 2015
Wwithout a doubt, it's seductively perplexing and devilishly good-looking -- and if you like it, you'll probably find that one viewing isn't enough.
Nov 19, 2013
For all its balance and grandeur, 2046 is the most nervous of Wong's films.
Oct 26, 2011
2046 thus comes to encapsulate everything to which Wong (and, in turn, his audience) keeps returning.
Sep 1, 2009
In the mood for sublimity
Jul 21, 2009
Seductive and luscious, a cinematic smorgasbord of sensuous delight.
Oct 18, 2008
The result is a sumptuous time-teasing story.
Oct 18, 2008
Here, the mystery of the deepest recesses of human emotion are plundered for cinematic play.
Jun 6, 2007
The romantic fatalism is so lush that you're invited to get lost in it.
Apr 25, 2007
Quite simply an incomparably sublime work of art, a triumph of lyricism over narrative in the cinema, and the most exquisite homage to the beauty of women it has ever been my privilege to witness on the screen.
Jun 24, 2006
It may help if you grasp the many allusions to Wong's earlier films (including, notably, Days of Being Wild), but it's far from necessary. This, after all, is undeniably real cinema.
Apr 1, 2006
A languid, shimmering mood piece from a master stylist, with some of Asia's finest actors at their peak.