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March 7, 2017
Great film about a period of musical history that is not seen enough in films and tv shows. Brilliant acting by Steve coogan and I love the "postmodern", jokey narrative of the story. One of my favourite films of all time.
½ November 30, 2016
Awesome film about a great time in music history.
November 2, 2016
Great movie that describes perfectly the spirit of Manchester music.
October 30, 2016
Definitively British! It's fast pace and jagged narration makes it particularly hard to follow, especially for non-British audiences. It was not apparent whether this was a "mockumentary" such as Spinal Tap or a "rockumentary". Knowing the source material beforehand, I was alert to its plot, but I could understand the frustration of people unfamiliar with the original story. The film is witty and fast-paced.

The film is a biopic of "Tony Wilson", godfather of the late '70s-'80s Manchester music scene. It is a valuable memorial to his great management vanguard in discovering and nurturing the Joy Division/New Order, the Happy Mondays, Factory Records record label and the Hacienda club. It also highlights his lack of administrative discipline, by pissing all this success away. This is a must-see for anyone desiring a career in the fickle music industry, and why standard business acumen is a must if one is to earn a living from such endeavours.

Fans of this film will enjoy the more serious Ian Curtis biopic, "Control", about the rise and fall of the band, Joy Division.
October 4, 2016
A very unique music film. Chronicles the career of label/club owner Tony Wilson. I have to say I enjoyed the first half, which was largely centered around post-punk, more than the second half which was more about the Happy Mondays and raves. However the whole movie is great and highly original.
October 1, 2016
Steve Coogan stars in Michael Winterbottom's drama based on the life of Factory Records founder Tony Wilson and the Manchester music scene. Coogan suits the role of Wilson well as the news reporter looking for a big break and he gives a good performance in one of his most serious roles.

While his performance is good and the direction from Winterbottom is very solid throughout, I have to heavily criticize the screenplay by Frank Cottrell Boyce, because even though you can understand exactly what is going happen, there is absolutely no need to be as much bad language in the script as there was, because it can very offensive at times, at least on 6 occasions.

However despite this, it's one very good account of Wilson and you will hopefully learn something here. Despite that I knew what was going on, this is one film that I will not be viewing again.
½ September 6, 2016
"Jazz is what you do when you can't get a gig. It's one step down from Celebrity Squares." 24HPP is as propulsive, anarchic and entertaining as some of the best of punk rock. Coogan, one of the world's greatest living comedic actors, plays a real-life record label CEO trying to infiltrate a corrupt system while trying not to give up his "morals", with plenty of heartbreaking blunders along the way. A BOATS Spinal Tap, with an almost-political-drama-esque bent.
August 26, 2016
With a terrific lead performance by Steve Coogan, as well as enjoyable guest starts, great script and true passion for its subject, this satiric documentary is a solid point of view of one of music's most triumphant moments in the late 70s- early 80s.
Super Reviewer
May 24, 2016
The style works, but sadly it runs out of energy long before the end of the film.
March 16, 2016
Brilliant, innovative telling of the Madchester story.

The story of the emergence of Manchester as a major musical centre in the late-1970s and 80s. The story is told through the eyes of Tony Wilson (played by Steve Coogan), Grenada TV presenter/journalist, owner of The Hacienda, a famed Manchester club, and founder of Factory Records. We see the where it all started - the Sex Pistols first gig in Manchester and the emergence of bands like the Buzzcocks and, most importantly, Joy Division. We see how New Order formed from Joy Division and later we meet the Happy Mondays...

Wonderfully entertaining yet edifying. It helps if you're into bands like Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, as I am. Even if you're not, it is worth watching to gain a better knowledge of musical history and the importance of what took place in Manchester in the 80s.

This movie could easily have degenerated into a dry, linear history lesson. However, director Michael Winterbottom keeps the audience engaging and entertained through many innovative methods: breaking the fourth wall, humour, Wilson's narration and some interesting visual effects.

As you would expect, there is a lot of music in the movie, and it is all great. Well chosen and timed too, as the music gives the movie its momentum.

Solid performance by Steve Coogan in the lead role. While mostly a dramatic role, there are quite a few comedic moments, and Coogan is in his element there. Good supporting cast too.
½ January 17, 2016
Missed this one. Great movie.
November 17, 2015
The best British film of the 00s. A cracking cast Lennie James, John Simms, Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson, but stand out performances from me came from Paddy Considine as Rob Gretton, Danny Cunningham as Shaun Ryder, Peter Kay as Don Tonay and Gollum as Martin Hannet. Unlike Sam Riley in 'Control' Sean Harris looks nothing like Ian Curtis, but he does pull of his stage presence. Love the recording of 'She's Lost Control', the methadone and the airport scene, the Happy Mondays tour bus and Don Tonay and Wilson in the mobile knocking shop "Put that on your TV show".
½ November 8, 2015
I did enjoy this alot but someone who isnt a fan of joy division/new order/manchester in general or simply enthusiastic about the musical history of this time, may have a job appreciating this film. Steve Coogan is superb.
½ March 16, 2015
must see za nau?it' nastanak nekih bendova i sli?no, interesantno snimljeno, dobra ekipa
February 1, 2015
When it's about Tony Wilson it's great. When it's about the bands it's boring.
January 4, 2015
Pretty good movie, had some very funny parts, I liked the style, it had some good music. But it was very disorganized.
August 18, 2014
Puts you right into the Madchester scene of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Very original, with the only conventional element being that it is moderately chronological.
July 24, 2014
A decent biopic, but not quite what I was expecting - which is neither good, nor bad. Coogan's good, but has been better since and the documentary-style hand-held camera doesn't always work, except when Wilson (Coogan) breaks the 4th-wall to give you a glimpse into the 'future', seeing as the first 30min takes place in the late '70s. The film almost works as a Joy Division/New Order and Happy Mondays biography, with some other - drugs, music clubs - aspects thrown in around them. It's not particularly funny, although it has some humourous moments, and is more a partially-non-fictional musical journey through two decades of Manchester music & culture.
July 22, 2014
Very entertaining. I didn't know about the music scene in Manchester so I found it all interesting. Great performance by Steve Coogan.
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