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Anaconda's pulpy pleasures are constricted by its own absurdity, but creature feature fans may enjoy its brazen silliness.



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A documentary film crew journeys to the depths of the Amazon in search of the mysterious Shirishama Indians, and ends up fighting a gargantuan, insatiable snake that squeezes its prey to death, eats it whole, regurgitates it and then eats it again.

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Jennifer Lopez
as Terri Flores
Ice Cube
as Danny Rich
Jon Voight
as Paul Sarone
Eric Stoltz
as Dr. Steven Cale
Jonathan Hyde
as Warren Westridge
Owen Wilson
as Gary Dixon
Kari Wuhrer
as Denise Kalberg
Danny Trejo
as Poacher
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  • Jun 20, 2016
    Decent "monster action" film. Pretty sure not too many people knew about these huge jungle snakes until this film came out. Surprised to see Jon Voight in this one, but he does a great job as the "old creepy boat guy." Action is decent and acting around the snake is okay, but at times the effects for the CGI snakes is pretty much crap.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 28, 2013
    Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) is a Director. She has come to the Amazon with the rest of her film crew to make a documentary on a long forgotten native tribe. The crew are on their journey down the river when they come across Paul Serone (Jon Voight). He appears to be stranded and they take him on board. But rather than a local fisherman he is actually a snake hunter on the trail of the world's largest snake. He takes over the boat and keeps the crew hostage in an attempt to capture and sell the reptile. Luis Llosa (Director) has produced a whole string of bad movies set in the Amazon, with the exception of The Specialist ... which is set in Miami. So if you know anything of Llosa you will probably be able to predict what's in store with Anaconda. Many people would label Anaconda as a Horror movie, or perhaps an Action/ Adventure movie. Personally, I think it's more of a disaster movie. Everything from the red writing at the beginning to the credits at the end is a complete disaster. The film is full of bad special effects, worse acting, poor film making, terrible continuity, awful clichés and is less factually correct than Bigfoot's birth certificate. As far as the actors go I feel that Ice Cube was by far the best on screen. Everyone else was embarrassingly painful to watch especially Jennifer Lopez who can barely deliver a line. I think this was noted early on and any line edited down to just a few words, such as; "OK", "Come on", "Are you OK", etc. Her acting is far scarier than any snake in this film. Believe it or not Jon Voight was once a highly respected actor, I have no idea why he even signed on to do this role. For whatever reason, half the film is taken up by him pulling various faces. I giggled throughout Anaconda at just how bad it was. I think that if the project was approached more light-heartedly and the film delivered in a more comedic fashion that the film would deliver much better. That fact that it is approached from a straight-faced, serious angle is a major downfall. You could see Anaconda as a film that plays homage to other Horror "creature features" of the 70's and 80's, but this is a bad tribute band given too high a budget. Given that they had $45,000,000 at their disposal I have no idea what they spent that kind of money on. Although Anaconda is a terrible film it was a great investment for anyone financially linked with it. It grossed a total of over $136,000,000 at the box office and coined 3 sequels. In short it was a huge success, noting that it made three times the amount it took to make. Sometimes bad movies can lead to a windfall in the industry called show-business, of which Anaconda is a shining example.
    James C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 18, 2011
    It's pretty damn difficult to impress even the most enthusiast and undemanding horror audiences with a 40 ft. long animatronics snake that, apart from looking silly, also screams at its victims. And yet, strangely enough, the CGI effect and visuals are actually the most pleasing aspects to endure whilst watching "Anaconda".
    Dutch E Super Reviewer
  • Sep 12, 2011
    Anaconda is a mediocre film and echoes creature films of the 1970's such as Jaws, Piranha and Grizzly. Except this time around it's a giant Anaconda wreaking havoc. The film had the potential of being so much better, and it has plenty of flaws. One thing is the special effects, which look cheap and the other is the bad acting, which ruin the film. The characters aren't that well developed so you don't care who gets eaten or not. Despite its mediocrity, the film manages to be fun at times, but it's not great. Don't watch this film expecting great things to come out of it, you'll be disappointed. This film was a theatrical B movie and it shows. The film had potential of being much better, and it could have been quite a memorable monster film, but it's quite forgettable. The story could have been reworked to make it better, but it all feels rushed, like the filmmakers didn't care about the end result. For horror fans that enjoy mediocre B movie style horror films, then check this one out, but for fans who love killer creature films with a little more substance, pass up on this. As a whole, Anaconda is wasted opportunity, one that is a disappointing film. I didn't really care for the films direction, and you end pretty bored halfway through the film, even with all the snake chaos going around. This was an effort by a director who simply didn't know how to create an effectively chilling creature. Some directors have brilliantly pulled it off, but not Luis Llosa, whose 40 foot Anaconda really does look fake plus add to that a cast that can't act, and you have a horror film that is forgettable, and not worth your time.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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