A Cat in the Brain (Un gatto nel cervello) (Nightmare Concert)


A Cat in the Brain (Un gatto nel cervello) (Nightmare Concert)

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In this Italian splatter film, director Lucio Fulci plays a horror filmmaker who goes to a psychiatrist because the types of films he makes are starting to disturb him, he suspects that his German producers are Nazis, and he believes he may be a killer himself. Much of the movie consists of clips from Fulci's previous films. ~ Brian Gusse, Rovi

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  • Jul 16, 2012
    A Cat In The Brain is the 8 1/2 of horror movies, directed by the one and only Lucio "grandfather of gore" Fulci. It's a must for fans of his work, re imagining some of his classic imagery on a story where a troubled horror director gets haunted by visions of his own work. And guess what, that director is Lucio himself on an hilariously bad role. A surprisingly smart and completly over the top gory ride showcasing a nice resumé of Fulci's work. Definently not for the faint of heart.
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Oct 04, 2011
    7.0/10 Lucio Fulci; now there's a name you may know. He's often cited as a master of horror; an outstanding genre director who preferred making gore flicks to anything else, but occasionally, he would make something different. If I had to name three of his most famous features, I'd definitely list "Zombie", "City of the Living Dead", and "The Beyond". Everything else I pretty much disliked due to the fact that Fulci is really only somewhat good when he's putting surrealism beside the gore effects. He didn't do this often enough. This is why I don't necessarily love him; but each of his films was what it was; and if it was shit, then so be it. Say you like Fulci, and admire his work even more than I do (on occasion). If you find yourself drooling at each of his most gruesome creations, then his "A Cat in the Brain" will have you foaming from the mouth. It's a love letter to the filmmaker's fans; made by the filmmaker himself. It might have been one of his last and only good films. I liked it because, if you can put the graphic violence and content aside, it can be seen as a dark satire that mimics the likes of "8 1/2". I was able to enjoy it for the most part; the violence is indeed intense, but I expected as much out of Fulci. What he didn't do was amaze me; what he did do was surprise me, and disgust me, but only a little. There's something oddly admirable about that. Not only did Fulci direct the film, but he also managed to squeeze himself in as the film's central character. I don't want to call him a hero; because, what's a hero when the person wields an axe and makes horror films as gruesome as Fulci does? Fulci plays himself; a filmmaker who is beginning to doubt both his ability and his sanity. This questioning begins when Fulci finds himself creating an alternate ego of some sorts to kill people at will. This happens commonly with the psychopaths of cinema, but is Fulci really as crazy as he seems? We'll just have to wait and see. Made up mostly of images and scenes from his earlier films, "A Cat in the Brain" is for most of its run-time a showcase of Fulci and his new alter-ego brutally slashing their way through prostitutes and demeaning gardeners alike. It's entertaining, if not almost distractingly grotesque, for the most part; and it never stops fascinating me to some degree. I was able to openly accept the satirical tones and enjoy what Fulci had prepared for his audience. You may not find yourself watching a genre masterpiece, but I mentioned "8 1/2", and when that film is paired with a review for a horror film, you know it's at least worth a look. But will the Fulci die-hards enjoy it? Absolutely. I imagine that they will have a good time reconnecting with the images that they've already seen from past Fulci efforts; and non-Fulci-enthusiasts (such as myself) might have the ability to look into the film a bit, and see something well worth the endurance that it may require. This is some shocking, brutal stuff, people. You may not have the stomach for the material, and you may not want to sit through it, but for those who are tolerant of this kind of stuff; "A Cat in the Brain" is a nice, unpleasant, uneasy, but unexpectedly intelligent treat. It's an exploitation picture with heart and even brains; as it studies the psychology of a filmmaker who single-handedly created some of the most repulsive and disgusting imagery for his time. I say this; if you kind of like Fulci (and at times, I do), then you'll have a good time watching this film. I say it's a lot of fun, albeit somewhat tasteless fun. If you hate Fulci, well, then you might just hate this too. It's a film that WANTS you to be open-minded when you go into it. Hopefully you will take my word for it, see it, and develop your own opinion. All I know is that it is what it is; and it inhabits a world where it can be accepted as something of quality. It has a fantastical and almost surrealistic nature to it; and I took a liking to it, the more I thought. I love movies like that.
    Ryan M Super Reviewer
  • May 10, 2011
    Utterly unwatchable dribble. Incoherent, pointless, pretentious, and solipsistic nonsense.
    Jonny B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 09, 2011
    Delve into the mind of Lucio Fulci in this humourous self parody of the "father of gore" himself. It plays out like a giallo but this is not a film to be taken too seriously - this is all a bit of satire from from the director poking fun at his critics and his own career. It's the goriest Fulci film I've ever seen with a whole plathora of brutally gory killings from chainsaw dismemberments, knife stabbings, beheadings, a disembowlment etc. Fulci fans will love it!
    Lee ? Super Reviewer

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