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February 28, 2019
From the beautifully eerie house and a haunting unsettling score, to the quelling cinematography and a cast of acting brilliance, this film gives it all that you want from a hint of horror perspective.
November 15, 2018
Based on and old Korean folklore tale called "Janghwa Hongreyon-jon", Kim Ji-woon brings us this sadistically suspenseful display which will have you gripped to your seats but keeping your feet well off the ground. Su-Mi is released back to her family home after spending time in a mental institution. Whilst excited about being back with her sister and father, she's at unease when she meets her overbearing stepmother. Since being home, Su-Mi has begun to notice not only their home is being haunted by a twisted ghost, but also her stepmother is extremely cruel and abusive.
This film blends the beautiful Korean surroundings with a dark dysfunctional family atmosphere. Over the two hours you will a film so precisely done that all the scares are in the right places and it's not rushed, which is a frequent problem with modern day horrors. Sometimes, less gore is more and that is certainly the case with Tale of Two Sisters. The awkward relationship between the sisters and their parents, the constant questions at the beginning as why she was sectioned and the overall psychological experience makes this a film not to be missed.
½ November 3, 2018
Surprisingly boasted critics of the movie made me want watch it. It was an incredible disappointment, the story is half an hour talks about nothing. The characters are not well-developed and opened on the screen, so you just cannot feel compassion to any of them. It is given that if you haven't read the original story you would hardly understand what's going on. However, there is some sense in the plot if you are patient enough to watch it till the end, there were so many "jumps out of the dark", which have no logical connection with a story. I am not going to leave spoilers, just to say that the director is trying to scare you with effects he imagined not based on a story. Overall, I feel sorry foe spending time on this. Cannot believe there are so many good feedbacks on here.
½ October 27, 2018
Corea del Sur no se queda atrás en sus intenciones de emular el cine americano y japonés, en lo que respecta a fórmulas conocidas del género de terror. Sin embargo, se debe destacar que, en cuanto a la realización de este film, realmente se logra marcar un punto y aparte en cuanto a lo convencional, y más bien, se concibe un producto con la suficiente identidad como para ser su propia cosa. Esta película recuerda un poco el estilo de Guillermo del Toro (aunque no es esa su intención), y nos presenta una serie de escenarios agradables, música atmosférica y emocional, que entran en contraste cuando se nos muestran los "espectros" y aterradoras visiones que se suscitan de vez en cuando. Esto hay que resaltarlo bastante, porque no se abusa del efecto sorpresa y, más bien, se opta por la progresión narrativa por encima de todo lo demás. Es gracias a esto, que el film presenta varios giros de situaciones (algunos con mayor sutileza que otros) que favorecen a intensificar la tragedia implícita en la complicada relación de la disfuncional familia expuesta en el film. Este es su mejor aporte...aunque ello no quiere decir que sea perfecto. El problema de reservar una "verdad" hasta el final, con el fin de generar una sorpresa en el espectador, es que se tiende a sacrificar la lógica y el sentido común de todos los personajes que, supuestamente, son los que están en el lado correcto del tablero (en este caso, el padre de familia). Pero, si pasamos por encima este detalle, la película casi no presenta ningún tipo de fallas a nivel narrativo, audiovisual, y mucho menos, a nivel de interpretación. Y en ese sentido, esta película cumple con ser un cuento "perturbador" para un público juvenil y adulto.
October 3, 2018
Happy i can watch this movie in my audio language using boxxy software
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August 15, 2017
A Tale of Two Sisters, ladies and gentlemen, is now my favourite horror film. I took some time to reflect (after an hour of calming down) and without a doubt I can honestly say this is a masterpiece. Yes yes yes yes YES! Words cannot describe how flipping perfect this film is. I'm not even going to detail the plot, just take my advice and watch it immediately. As I was entranced I kept thinking "...this all seems too familiar...", then it clicked. Hollywood remade this with a film called The Uninvited (underrated but inferior nonetheless). Interestingly that film only used one plot twist and is not half as creepy. I've never felt so terrified in all my life. Something about Asian ghost girls just...gives me nightmares. Two scenes in particular: one involves one of the sisters dreaming where a woman is clawing at the floor beside her bed and the other is towards the end and is set in a freezing room. Holy sweet mother of...*ahem* it physically made me hide behind a cushion. That's never happened to me before. Asian horror films are miles ahead of Hollywood. Kim Jee-Woon was stylish and made the tale extremely visual as opposed to masses of dialogue. The slow camera movements when scenes start to edge towards the horror direction and having every character move slower than paint drying, incredibly effective and unnerving. Not one, not two, but three "Oh My God!" moments where I literally flipped out in awe and excitement. Carefully constructed characters and a palpable sisterly bond between Su-Mi and Su-Yeon. Acting was incredible all round. The musical score was appropriately used, upbeat in the more cheerful moments and muted in the tense scenes. You think your step-mother was scary and/or evil? You've seen nothing yet. This woman is the definition of ominous, mental and most definitely haunting. In fact the whole experience was haunting and I cannot wait to watch it again. Easily, without a doubt, A Tale of Two Sisters gets the perfect rating. Definitely experience this, then give The Uninvited a watch and compare.
April 10, 2017
This one is a tough one. I remember watching it the first time and being terrified by it. When you understand the plot, it actually feels like a masterful movie. Even while watching it there were alot of 'so that's what happened?!' moments in there. Only a pity I needed to google some parts of the plot.

What actually scares me the most about this one: You're not entirely sure what happened at first, and begin to think about the plot alot more. Then, when you finally get it, you know the makers of this movie deliberately made you feel the same way Su-mi must have felt. The psychological part of this movie is the real horror.
½ March 20, 2017
Kim Ji-woon's (I saw the devil, A Bittersweet Life) psychological horror movie is creepy and has an eerie atmosphere through out. It may get a little confusing but yet intriguing. A good watch!
½ February 21, 2017
Crazy creepy delusional horror. As dark as it is mysterious. Thus too fixated on high pitch audio.
February 1, 2017
My favourite ghost movie ever made. Hauntingly emotional all the while being absolutely petrifying. One of the scariest movies of all time.
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December 23, 2016
Sometimes it is better for a film to be more straightforward in order to work, and this sinister Asian horror movie is ironically too unpredictable for its own good and fails to be as scary as it believes to be (and that is because it is so strangely confusing until the end).
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December 18, 2016
Great scary movie. Had a hard time falling asleep.
½ September 15, 2016
The atmosphere is very vintage and creepy. This is how a good Korean movie should really be made.
September 2, 2016
Se le podría llamar la versión coreana de The Others.
El suspenso muy bien logrado, espectacularmente actuada y en general está bien realizada, pero quizá necesitamos mejor desarrollo de los personajes o más tiempo con ellos como para que nos importe un poco qué mierda es lo que les pasa.
½ July 8, 2016
Nearly every creepy moment is tainted by Grudge-esque flourishes.
½ July 5, 2016
It was an interesting modern adaptation of the Korean folktale "Janghwa Hongryeon jeon." I liked what Kim decided to do with it
April 24, 2016
Jee-woon Kim's brilliant film would seem to have been somehow forgotten over the years. It arrived during Asia's cinematic re-birth of the late 1990's / early 2000's. This movie is a horror film, but it operates more like a carefully calibrated and disoriented psychological study. It is a masterful film that manages to raise itself above the conventional horror film.
March 10, 2016
La mejor película de terror coreana que he visto... luego de varias decepciones, aprendí que al cine coreano hay que tenerle paciencia.... es lento como el crecimiento de un bonzai... pero de vez en cuando vale la pena. Hubo momentos de tensión bastante interesantes que eran complementados por la vieja del lado que le decia al novio "tápame los ojos... tápame los ojos" pero el objetivo de la película no era ese. La trama es envolvente, las actuaciones excelentes y el desenlace lo deja a uno frío. Lamentablemente cae en artificios comunes usados en las películas orientales como apariciones de niñas con la mecha por la cara que caminan chueco... y una peculiaridad extraña... las casas se encargan de repartir jusiticia... pa que jueces si tienen "Justicia Arquitectonica" como dijo Cesar. En fin, buena para verla en cine.. pero recuerde, sea paciente y aguantese la primera mitad de la pelicula una introduccion a la cultura coreana moderna. (es mas divertido de lo que suena).
½ February 24, 2016
Excellent Korean pyschological horror about 2 sisters who return home after spending time in a mental institution following the death of their mother. Once home though it becomes clear that there is something in the house and all is not what it seems.

The cinematography is exceptional and the overall atmosphere is maintained throughout. Genuinely unnerving scenes provide the scares over basic formulatic jumps and the cast are all excellent. The intricate and weaving plot will keep you guessing right up until the double twist ending - which is the best in the genre - but will leave the audience with unnanswered questions. Repeat viewings will be required. A must see.
February 21, 2016
I found it eerie enough yet confusing
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