A Thousand Kisses Deep Reviews

August 23, 2018
The attempt is brave, and certainly an improvement on previous works by Lustig, but it tries too hard.
January 11, 2013
Neither proper science fiction nor serious romantic drama, A Thousand Kisses Deep is, in the end, too stupid to be worthwhile.
June 17, 2012
After a mildly intriguing first 20 minutes, most viewers will want to take an hour-length jump into the future to put this idiotic film behind them.
June 14, 2012
Only see this if you have a time machine which allows you to go back and regain the 84 minutes you spent watching it.
June 14, 2012
A vaguely ambitious but finally wretched exploration of alternative poverty-row realities.
June 14, 2012
The script's understanding of psychoanalysis seldom rises above the Wikipedian and David Warner's cryptic Freudian janitor rather put me in mind of the mystical Jacuzzi repairman played by Chevy Chase in Hot Tub Time Machine.
June 14, 2012
Nicely glossed melodrama that lacks the poetic depths of its musical namesake.
June 13, 2012
The initially-promising story about a haunted woman who travels back in time to reveal the truth is as unconvincing as they come.
June 13, 2012
Lustig strains for poetic meaning but comes up empty-handed. Unless, that is, you happen to like cod-Freudian naval-gazing.
June 12, 2012
A Thousand Kisses Deep certainly has ambitions, but the film struggles to lives up to the Leonard Cohen poem it's named after.
June 12, 2012
Slick and ambitious but also soapy and unfulfilling.
June 11, 2012
Scant time travel logic aside, Dana Lustig might finally have found her groove with this unassuming, low-budget sci-fi.
June 10, 2012
It's brimming with bold ideas but none entirely come off, despite a willing cast and solid performances from the leads.