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The plotline for Abandon is too disjointed and muddled to offer much in the way of thrills.



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A young woman is faced with the disturbing reemergence of a man she once loved in this psychological thriller. Embry Langan (Charlie Hunnam) was a wealthy but reckless student at an exclusive private college until he mysteriously vanished, with airline tickets to Europe left unused and plenty of money still in the bank. Two years later, Katie Burke (Katie Holmes), Embry's girlfriend, is still dealing with his disappearance as she goes into the home stretch of her college career. With exams, a thesis, and job interviews to think about, Katie is already walking an emotional tightrope when Wade Handler (Benjamin Bratt), a police detective, enters the picture. Handler, a recovering alcoholic, has been ordered to reopen the Langan case, and as he questions Katie about the missing man, she finds her obsession with her former beau taking over her life, which leaves her all the more unnerved when she begins seeing Embry around the campus. Meanwhile, Handler's investigation begins to suggest Langan's disappearance may have been more sinister than imagined, and could be connected with other cases of missing students. Abandon marked the directorial debut for screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, who won an Oscar for his script for Traffic.

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Katie Holmes
as Katie Burke
Benjamin Bratt
as Wade Handler
Zooey Deschanel
as Samantha Harper
Mark Feuerstein
as Robert Hanson
Fred Ward
as Lt. Bill Stayton
Melanie Lynskey
as Mousy Julie
Philip Bosco
as Prof. Jergensen
Gabriel Mann
as Harrison Hobart
Gabrielle Union
as Amanda Luttrell
Tony Goldwyn
as Dr. David Schaffer
Vaneesa Petch
as Young Katie
Victoria Petch
as Young Katie
Kevin Ryder
as Regular Guy
Rachelle Lefevre
as Eager Beaver
Paul Lemelin
as Eager Beaver
Simon Peacock
as Tech Recruiter
Howard Bilerman
as Venture Capitalist
Mark Camacho
as Detective Rigney
Mike Tsar
as Detective Kanter
Rob Burns
as Archivist
Kim Lambert
as Female Interviewee
Alicia Westelman
as Girl Singer
Jodie Resther
as Girl Singer
Bonnie Mak
as Waitress
Joe Cobden
as Student on Cell Phone
Kwasi Songui
as Campus Security Officer
Jay LaVallee
as Campus Security Officer
Arthur Holden
as Frank Peabody
Brett Watson
as Recovering Alcoholic College Student
Bill Rowat
as Harrison Hobart Sr.
Liz MacRae
as Mrs. Harrison Hobart
Bill Corday
as Homeless Guy
Gian Paolo Venuta
as Research Assistant
Sheena Larkin
as Female Mogul
Ivan Smith
as Professor
Mike Paterson
as Russian Bear
Samir Mallal
as Indian Guy
David Gow
as Passerby Outside Plum
Tim Petch
as Katie's Father
Ryan Wilner
as Student in Cafeteria
Charles S. Doucet
as Recovering Alcoholic Member
Charles Papasoff
as Recovering Alcoholic Member
Andrea Sadler
as Recovering Alcoholic Member
Christian Paul
as Recovering Alcoholic Member
Shawn Baichoo
as Trip Hop Inferno/Virgil
Ryan Kennedy
as Trip Hop Inferno/Tortured Soul
Philip LeMaistre
as Trip Hop Inferno/Tortured Soul
Giancarlo Caltabiano
as Trip Hop Inferno/Dante
Joseph Baugniet
as Trip Hop Inferno/Performer
John Fallon
as Trip Hop Inferno/Mime
Daniel Lee
as Trip Hop Inferno/Wolf
Malcolm Travis
as Trip Hop Inferno/Minos
Bryanne Hastings
as Trip Hop Inferno/Performer
Joan McBride
as Library Assistant
Iwan Edwards
as Choir Conductor
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Audience Reviews for Abandon

  • Sep 19, 2011
    Detective Wade Handler (Benjamin Bratt) is assigned to investigate the disappearance of gorgeous rich guy/ student Embry Larkin (Charlie Hunnam) who vanished two years ago. Wade looks for Embry's former girlfriend, Katie Burke (Katie Holmes), a supposedly irresistible 'Man Killer' whose sweet, beautiful facade no male can resist. Katie is aggressively competing for a job at a prestigious firm after graduation and under a lot of pressure, completing her thesis, while having sessions with her psychiatric, Dr. David Schaffer (Tony Goldwyn). It is no surprise when Bratt falls for her 'jailbait' cuteness and accepts her word when she says Embry broke up with her, just before he disappeared...and again believes her when she says that Embry had reappeared and is threatening her, despite the fact that nobody else in college sees him! As the film crawls towards its predictable conclusion, her obvious schizophrenia, and flashy camera angles attempting to pass as 'suspense' pad out the story leading to the climactic scene with history about to repeat itself!
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 19, 2011
    Really thought I had reviewed this film some time ago. This film didn't do much for me. Maybe it was the acting of Benjamin Bratt, maybe it was the charater he played, just didn't enjoy this film and that is something rare for me. A 2 star and hope never to watch again.
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 05, 2011
    Before I start, I know I am in the minority here. In fact, I have been defending this movie for years. After all, "Abandon" came out in 2002 and it's now 2011, and after almost 10 years I still keep coming back to this film, regardless of it's popular dislike. Written and directed by Stephen Gagan (Oscar winning scribe of "Traffic"), "Abandon" is extremely generous to multiple viewings. While the basic story is something we have certainly seen many, actually too many, times before, it's the characters and their psychology that really interest me. I find Katie (a wonderful and complex Katie Holmes) to be a very sympathetic character, regardless of her actions. I find something extremely cathartic in her story. Gagan crafts his morbid tale with a dark and stylish atmosphere rather than going for the easy scares others would have. He also tells his story with a shifting time frame that helps you see the world through Katie's eyes. "Abandon" is about the mind and how memories can grab hold, sometimes all too literally. "Abandon" is nothing new exactly, but for me, I really enjoy it. I think it's an involving, moody mystery with a very interesting central character. But then again, I am alone on this one, so go figure.
    Steven C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 29, 2009
    Katie Holmes trying to rid herself of her good girl image was unsuccessful in this film. It's not that her performance wasn't believable, she actually came across as a regular every-day college girl in this film, its just that this movie was kind of dull, and therefore not too many people would get the chance to see her playing against type.
    Remi L Super Reviewer

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