The Addams Family

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The movie is peppered with amusing sight gags and one-liners, but the disjointed script doesn't cohere into a successful whole.



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The eccentric lifestyle of the Addams family is threatened when the family attorney and a greedy mother/son team conspire to steal the family fortune.


Anjelica Huston
as Morticia Addams
Raul Julia
as Gomez Addams
Christopher Lloyd
as Uncle Fester Addams
Dan Hedaya
as Tully Alford
Christina Ricci
as Wednesday Addams
Jimmy Workman
as Pugsley Addams
Elizabeth Wilson
as Abigail Craven
Dana Ivey
as Margaret Alford
Paul Benedict
as Judge Woamack
Eugene M. Jackson
as One Armed Bass Player
Valerie Walker
as Teenage Fauna
John Franklin
as Cousin It
Tony Azito
as Digit Addams
Douglas Brian Martin
as Dexter Addams
Steven M. Martin
as Donald Addams
Allegra Kent
as Cousin Ophelia Addams
Richard Korthaze
as Slosh Addams
Ryan Holihan
as Lumpy Addams
Darlene Levin
as Fauna Amor
Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Employment Agent
Lela Ivey
as Susan Firkins
Whitby Hertford
as Little Tully
Patty Maloney
as Lois Addams
Victoria Hall
as Swedish Blonde
Jimmy Ross
as Pre-Teen Gomez
Ryan Anderson
as Pre-Teen Fester
Daniel Pikus
as Teenage Gomez
Michael Hittesdorf
as Teenage Fester
Lauren Walker
as Teenage Flora
Valeri Walker
as Teenage Fauna
Mercedes McNab
as Girl Scout
Joe Zimmerman
as Long Arm Addams
Steve Welles
as Fingers Addams
Eugene Jackson
as One-Armed Bass Player
Richard Tanner
as Snake Charmer
Marc Shaiman
as Conductor
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  • Jun 27, 2015
    Dark and wicked humour, this film plays better with age and is hilarious. This is one that deserves to be rediscovered in an age of dark tv shows like Lemony Snicket are growing popular on Netflix. The characters are unique and are hilariously sharp with biting humour of the era and great casting. The plot is a little thin but you can ignore this issue as it's mostly aimed at the characters, the brothers plot to be precise. The bizarre Addams family are placed firmly within reality so it's this revamp that keeps the storyline from growing old. I have fond memories of this film and Cousin It, is one of the favorite moments of the film. I think this film has grown better with time and deserves a rediscovery, I could imagine watching this film on the big screen if they decided to unleash the vault. 17-07-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Feb 16, 2015
    A tonally loyal adaptation of the 60's TV show. Some nonsensical moments and lacklustre scenes but Huston and Julia steal the thing with such fervour you can't help but enjoy yourself at least a little.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 14, 2014
    Despite the outstanding cast and a a few great moments, its mostly disappointing due to the weak screenplay.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 11, 2014
    Based on the '60s television sitcom, The Addams Family is wickedly funny. The story follows a shyster lawyer who tries to pull a con on the strangely macabre Addams Family by passing off an impostor as their long lost uncle Fester. Featuring Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and Christina Ricci, the performances are extraordinarily good; particularly Huston, who does an incredible job at delivering the dry, morbid humor. In fact, the comedy is exceptionally well-written and includes a lot of outrageous sight gags. Full of laughs, The Addams Family is an insanely fun and hysterical family film.
    Dann M Super Reviewer

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