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July 6, 2018
At its best this film is brave, cool and brimful of ideas, and if they're barely contained within the slightly flimsy story, that's down to Campos' decision to give himself the safety net of a well-worn genre.
September 23, 2012
Antonio Campos' Afterschool plays like the creepy younger brother of Kenneth Lonergan's Margaret.
November 17, 2011
June 9, 2011
The film examines such relevant issues as violence in school, voyeurism, and abuse.
December 17, 2009
When not downright creepy, it's quietly damning of an administration willing to point all the wrong fingers and play up all the wrong angles before brushing the matter aside.
November 4, 2009
This is a little movie well worth checking out. The performances are very natural, and the themes are enticingly provocative.
October 9, 2009
It's both a supremely controlled exercise in form and tone and an intriguing exploration of the ways new technology intersects with age-old questions of dominance, control and individuality, particularly in the school setting.
October 7, 2009
Anthony Campos (who was 24 when he made this jolting pic) captures the numbing psychic scramble that just might cause the YouTube generation to go morally haywire. Or become filmmakers.
October 6, 2009
Whatever happened to the analog days when kids found contentment by cramming phone booths, sitting on flagpoles or simply going steady?
October 3, 2009
Antonio Campos's character study of a prep school social misfit named Robert (Ezra Miller) is an intimate psychological journey into a coded juvenile mindset.
October 2, 2009
Perhaps it is the intent of Afterschool, to create such a distancing effect the viewer is forced to observe, perhaps even critique these young people's experience. If this is the case, Afterschool is one long period of detention.
October 2, 2009
Campos has developed a style of his own, one that owes as much to video installations as it does to cinematic narrative.
October 2, 2009
Though thin on story, the film shows poise and vision, using bleak cinema-realite techniques with chilling effect. Campos promises to be heard from again.
October 2, 2009
Those with the patience to wait out Mr. Campos's overindulgences will definitely leave Afterschool unnerved, which is probably exactly what he had in mind.
October 1, 2009
The passing of time and the evolution of technology may give it an expiration date, but more likely, Campos' film stands to be an essential document of what it was like to be a young person in the late '00s.
September 30, 2009
Deserves credit for managing to make prep school seem like the most hellish place on the planet, but is at some points hard to watch for all the wrong reasons.
September 29, 2009
Afterschool, the almost frighteningly accomplished first feature made by Antonio Campos when he was 24, is high school as horror show.
August 24, 2009
An intelligent, often gripping, and intriguingly autobiographical drama of paranoia.
August 24, 2009
At heart it's another unpleasant existential crisis for another unpleasant schoolboy in another unpleasant American prep school.
August 24, 2009
It's an intriguing scenario, but what makes the film special (if at times slightly trying) is that it's all artfully shot in an apparently artless manner.
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