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Once past the pulse-pounding car-chase opening sequence of Against All Odds, sharp-eyed viewers will be able to figure out that this 1984 suspenser is a remake of the 1947 noir classic Out of the Past. Forced off the field due to a shoulder injury, football player Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) takes a job with crooked nightclub owner Jake Wise (James Woods). Brogan isn't fond of his new boss, but he isn't much better himself, having previously shaved points during a game at Wise's behest. When Wise's girlfriend Jessie Wyler (Rachel Ward) skips town with a great deal of money, Brogan is sent to fetch her back. Once in Mexico, Brogan and Wyler fall in love, weakening his resolve to go through with his job. When Brogan fails to carry out his orders, another of Wise's hired hands (Alex Karras) is sent out to retrieve both Brogan and Wyler. During a struggle, the thug is killed by Wyler, who for the first time in the film demonstrates that she isn't the victim of circumstance she pretends to be. Upon his return to the U.S. -- minus Wyler, who's taken another run-out powder -- Brogan becomes enmeshed in a shady Chinatown-like business deal involving Wise and a real-estate fat cat (Richard Widmark) -- who happens to be married to Wyler's mother. Like Past, Against All Odds is based on the Daniel Mainwaring novel Build My Gallows High, and Jane Greer, who played the Rachel Ward character in the earlier film, is here cast as Ward's mother. Phil Collins wrote and sang the Oscar-winning theme song.


Jeff Bridges
as Terry Brogan
Rachel Ward
as Jessie Wyler
James Woods
as Jake Wise
Alex Karras
as Hank Sully
Jane Greer
as Mrs. Wyler
Richard Widmark
as Ben Caxton
Saul Rubinek
as Steve Kirsch
Pat Corley
as Ed Phillips
Bill McKinney
as Head Coach
Allen Williams
as Bob Soames
Sam Scarber
as Assistant Coach
Carl Ciarfalio
as Sully Stunt Double
Jon St. Elwood
as Ahmad Cooper
Tamara Stafford
as Kirsch's Girl Friend
Bud Davis
as Stunts
Tom Kelly
as Football Announcer
Paul Valentine
as Councilman Weinberg
Ted White
as Guard with Dog
Carey Loftin
as Ferrari Stunt Driver
Stone Bower
as Security Guard
Mel Scott-Thomas
as Quarterback
Barnetta McCarthy
as Receptionist
Dick Ziker
as Stunts
Ginger LaBrie
as Receptionist
Tommy Kelly
as Football Announcer
August Darnell
as Kid Creole
Taryn Hagey
as Coconut
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Audience Reviews for Against All Odds

  • Apr 24, 2010
    A remake of Jacques Tourneur's noir classic Out of the Past (1947), in this version a labyrinthine web of corruption touches on the world of pro football. When an injury-riddled body causes pro football player Terry Brogan (Jeff Bridges) to be cut by his team, Jake Wise (James Woods), a shady gambler friend, hires him to locate his spoiled, erratic girlfriend Jessie (Rachel Ward). Terry's attempt to glean Jessie's whereabouts from the girl's coldly aristocratic mother (Jane Greer) leads to a lucrative counteroffer to keep Jessie away from Jake if he finds her. After refusing, Terry heads for scenic Cozumel, where he eventually runs down the stunning young woman. A mutual attraction quickly develops and the pair are less than eager to return to California. Painfully, Terry tells Jessie about his involvement in a betting scandal which has put him under Jake's control. Meanwhile Jake, who is angered by the delay, senses that something is going on, and sends Terry's conditioning coach, Sully (Alex Karras), to find the couple. When he finally locates them, sweatily making love in a Mayan temple, tragedy ensues, spinning the ill-fated Terry into a world of boundless deceit and corruption.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Apr 23, 2010
    A stylish romantic thriller starring the handsome and charismatic Jeff Bridges in a superb performance, as a unemployed and disgruntled ex-football player who accepts a job from a shady nightclub owner and ex-teammate, played by James Woods in brilliantly sleazy performance to find his girlfriend played beautifully by the stunning Rachel Ward who's run off to Mexico, but the plot thickens when he falls in love with her. Wonderful supporting performances by Richard Widmark, Jane Geer, Dorian Harewood and Alex Karras. Skillfully directed by Taylor Hackford, great sensual love scenes, a hair-rasing race along Sunset Boulevard and a haunting Oscar nominated title song by Phil Collins are some of the film's highlights. An enjoyable modern film noir. Highly Recommended.
    Danny R Super Reviewer
  • Apr 23, 2010
    A football quarterback, Terry (Jeff Bridges) is asked by his friend Jake (James Woods) to go to Mexico and track down Woods' girlfriend, Jessie (Rachel Ward). Reluctantly Terry sets off for Mexico where he finds Jessie but he soon falls in love with her. I thought the love triangle between Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward, and James Woods was very well done. We have a little bit of everything thrown in here, betrayal, deceit, bribery, greed, crime, and some steamy sex scenes and it seems only Terry and Jessie's passion for each other is pure. I wouldn't spoil it but you just gotta love the ending when reality kicks in. The scenery in this movie is beautiful as is the magnificent theme song of Phil Collins.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 22, 2008
    Hey! Let's remake "Out of The Past" and screw it all up!
    Anthony V Super Reviewer

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