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A bland, dumbed-down package of sports cliches.



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Charles S. Dutton's feature-length directorial debut Against the Ropes is based on the real-life story of Jackie Kallen, a Jewish woman from Detroit who became a successful boxing manager. Played by Meg Ryan, Kallen works her way up in the world of boxing by believing in the fighting skills of Luther Shaw (Omar Epps). Director Dutton appears as veteran trainer Felix Reynolds, whom Kallen encourages to come out of retirement.


Meg Ryan
as Jackie Kallen
Omar Epps
as Luther Shaw
Charles S. Dutton
as Felix Reynolds
Tim Daly
as Gavin
Sean Bell
as Ray Kallen
Dean McDermott
as Pete Kallen
Skye McCole Bartusiak
as Little Jackie
Juan Carlos Hernández
as Pedro Hernandez
Tory Kittles
as Devon Green
Gene Mack
as Kevin Keyes
Jared Durand
as Young Crisco
Beau Starr
as Corcoran
Reg Dreger
as Lonnie
Diego Fuentes
as Car Attendant
Arturo Fresolone
as Hernandez' Manager
James Jardine
as Ring Announcer
Merwin Mondesir
as Street Crony
Doug Lennox
as Barrel-Chested Man
Hayley Verlyn
as Beauty With LaRocca
Moses Nyarko
as Mouketendi
Joel Harris
as Mathias
Michael Rhoades
as Mathias' Manager
Bruce Gooch
as Pawn Shop Clerk
Arnold Pinnock
as Heavyweight
Nevin Pajkic
as Heavyweight
Dov Tiefenbach
as Organic Clerk
Jackie Kallen
as Female Reporter
Mike Kraft
as Jacobs
John Christopher Terry
as USA Today Reporter
Tamara Hickey
as Megan the Reporter
Karen Robinson
as Kimberly Insurance
Noah Danby
as LaRocca's Henchman
Rocky Zolnierczyk
as Sands Fight Referee
Tracey Waterhouse
as LaRocca's Receptionist
Michael Buffer
as Ring Announcer
Neil Crone
as HBO Commentator
Ray Marsh
as Final Fight Referee
Jeff Ironi
as Security Guard
Jean Daigle
as Montage Promoter
Carlos Varela Jr.
as Hernandez' Trainer
Jason Jones
as Ticket Guy
Shawn Lawrence
as Philadelphia Fight Official
Julian Scott Urena
as Ray Kallen's Sparring Partner
Remo DiCarlo
as Buffalo Opponent
Everton McEwan
as Luther's Sparring Partner
Eric Reynolds
as Hopeful Fighter
Nick Alachiotis
as Luther's Trainer
Syd Vanderpool
as Luther's Tampa Opponent
Egerton Marcus
as Hopeful Fighter
Hector Perez
as Hernandez' Sparring Partner
Rogue Johnston
as Montage Opponent
Paul Lawrie
as Montage Opponent
Donovan Boucher
as Montage Opponent
Martin Van Zanten
as Montage Opponent
Edwin DeLeon
as Montage Opponent
Chad Keens-Douglas
as Montage Opponent
Michael Amos
as Montage Opponent
Anthony Ferri
as Montage Opponent
Joseph Richardson
as Montage Opponent
Everol Carty
as Montage Opponent
Derek Bujalski
as Montage Opponent
Michael Dion
as DJ at Strip Club
Alwin Mascoll
as Interviewed Boxer
Peter Wylie
as Miami Referee
Dave Dunbar
as Philadelphia Referee
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Audience Reviews for Against the Ropes

  • Aug 23, 2008
    Interesting. Not original but it was okay.
    Sunil J Super Reviewer
  • Jul 24, 2008
    quite a hated movie! although it isnt original its not a terrible movie and is quite a good movie, it kept me entertained and interested in the movie and i thought it was pretty interesting. I enjoyed the story and its based on real events as well and i enjoyed the acting and writting of the script i think the movie showed how men are predujice and sexist when a women does a supposed male job that no women should do, and i think it projected that across brilliantly i really enjoyed the movie. Meg Ryan is brilliant and so is omar epps i love tony shalhoub in this hes brilliant as the horrible trainer businessman. Meg Ryan pays a women whose bossed about and finally gets the chances to take on a fighter for boxing but she takes a risk with an unsuspeciting surprise that turns to be a huge bonus, but will the fame get to her and will she continue to have the fighters best interests at heart? Funny in places and keeps you entertained and a real good emotional journey through the life of a women who gets everything good movie!
    Film C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 17, 2008
    I had to see it, c'mon it had Meg ryan in it
    Daryl . Super Reviewer
  • May 15, 2007
    Good bit comedy, but filled drama in fight film with my one of favourite beautiful actresses, Meg Ryan. Interesting inspired tale by the life of Jackie Kallen, the most successful female manager in the world of boxing.
    Dean M Super Reviewer

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