Charles S. Dutton

Charles S. Dutton

Highest Rated: 89% Bessie (2015)

Lowest Rated: 0% A Low Down Dirty Shame (1994)

Birthday: Jan 30, 1951

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Born January 30, 195, Charles Dutton attended the Yale School of Drama, and in 1983 he first appeared off-Broadway in Richard III. Before long he was delivering Tony-calibre performances in such Broadway productions as Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and The Piano Lesson. In films since 1986's No Mercy, the forceful, thunder-voiced Dutton has been seen in movies ranging from the mirth-provoking Crocodile Dundee 2 to the spine-chilling Alien 3. In 1991, Charles Dutton began a long TV run as the star of the Fox Network sitcom Roc.Dutton became an actor while serving a seven and a half-year prison sentence for stabbing a man during a street fight. While in prison, Dutton was stabbed in the neck with an ice pick during a fight with another inmate. The incident proved to be the turning point in Dutton's life when he refused to retaliate. Shortly thereafter, he became interested in drama and while serving his sentence completed a two-year college degree course. Upon his release from prison, Dutton was admitted into the Yale School of Drama. There he studied under playwright August Wilson and director Lloyd Richards.In 2000, Dutton directed The Corner, an acclaimed miniseries from HBO adapted from David Simon and Ed Burns' novel "The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood". The Corner won several awards, including an Emmy for Best Miniseries, and Dutton himself was honored for his direction. This would not be the last Emmy he received; the actor won Emmy Awards in 2002 and 2003 for supporting roles in televisiond dramas The Practice and Without a Trace. In 2003, Dutton starred in the made-for-TV drama D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear, and continued to make appearances on popular television shows including The L Word, The Sopranos, and House, M.D. Dutton joined the cast of Threshold in 2005. While the CBS science fiction series gained a loyal following, the show was short-lived. The actor went on to appear in filmmaker John Sayles' 2007 drama Honeydripper, which follows the owner of a blues club that was revitalized by a young electric guitarist.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Carter High Coach James $0.2M 2015
18% The Perfect Guy Roger $45.1M 2015
No Score Yet August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand Actor 2015
89% Bessie William "Pa" Rainey 2015
No Score Yet What Lola Wants Actor 2015
No Score Yet Android Cop Actor 2014
No Score Yet Very Larry Christmas Actor 2014
No Score Yet Comeback Dad Othell 2014
No Score Yet Scooby-doo! Wrestlemania Mystery Actor 2014
No Score Yet The Monkey's Paw Detective Margolis 2013
37% Peeples Executive Producer $9.2M 2013
34% LUV Cofield $0.2M 2013
36% Least Among Saints George $28.5K 2012
No Score Yet The Obama Effect Director John Thomas Screenwriter $0.2M 2012
20% Bad Ass Panther 2012
No Score Yet 40 Minutes Of Hell Actor 2012
19% Legion Percy Walker $40.2M 2010
24% Fame Alvin Dowd $22.5M 2009
75% American Violet Reverend Sanders $0.5M 2009
61% The Express Willie 'Pops' Davis $9.6M 2008
No Score Yet The Third Nail Actor 2008
No Score Yet Racing for Time Actor Director 2008
No Score Yet Racing for Time Director Cleveland 'Stack' Stackhouse 2008
68% Honeydripper Maceo 2007
No Score Yet Cuttin' Da Mustard Actor 2007
No Score Yet Alien3 (Special Edition) Actor 2007
No Score Yet Mayday Adm. Randolph Hennings 2005
38% The L.A. Riot Spectacular Mayor Bradley 2005
No Score Yet Something the Lord Made William Thomas 2004
46% Secret Window Ken Karsch $47.8M 2004
12% Against the Ropes Director Felix Reynolds $5.7M 2004
15% Gothika Dr. Douglas Grey $59.6M 2003
No Score Yet D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear Police Chief Charles Moose 2003
29% The Country Bears Actor $16.9M 2002
No Score Yet 10,000 Black Men Named George Milton Webster 2002
19% D-Tox (Eye See You) Hendricks 2002
No Score Yet Conviction McGill 2002
No Score Yet For Love or Country Dizzy Gillespie 2000
No Score Yet Deadlocked Jacob Doyle 2000
No Score Yet Aftershock: Earthquake in New York Actor 1999
15% Random Hearts Alcee 1999
86% Cookie's Fortune Willis Richland 1999
No Score Yet The '60s Actor 1999
10% Black Dog Agent Ford 1998
No Score Yet Blind Faith Charles Williams Sr. 1998
No Score Yet First Time Felon Director 1997
61% Mimic Leonard 1997
No Score Yet True Women Josiah 1997
No Score Yet Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance Lt. Charles Silvera 1996
88% Get on the Bus George 1996
66% A Time to Kill Sheriff Ozzie Walls 1996
No Score Yet Jack Reed: One of Our Own Actor 1996
85% Cry, the Beloved Country John Kumalo 1995
32% Nick of Time Huey 1995
No Score Yet Zooman Emmett 1995
No Score Yet The Piano Lesson Boy Willie 1995
No Score Yet Jack Reed: A Search for Justice Charles Silvera 1994
0% A Low Down Dirty Shame Rothmiller 1994
No Score Yet Foreign Student Howlin' Wolf 1994
25% Surviving the Game Cole 1994
No Score Yet Frederick Douglass Actor 1994
78% Rudy Fortune 1993
84% Menace II Society Mr. Butler 1993
13% The Distinguished Gentleman Elijah Hawkins 1992
43% Alien3 Dillon 1992
81% Mississippi Masala Tyrone 1991
87% Q & A Detective Sam Chapman 1990
No Score Yet An Unremarkable Life Actor 1989
64% Jacknife Jake 1989
No Score Yet Runaway Actor 1989
11% Crocodile Dundee II LeRoy Brown 1988
No Score Yet The Murder of Mary Phagan Jim Conley 1988
21% No Mercy Sgt. Sandy 1986
No Score Yet Apology (Apology for Murder) Asst. District Attorney 1986


36% Secrets and Lies
Kevin Haynes 2015
76% American Horror Story
Det. Granger 2014
88% Longmire
42% Zero Hour
Father Mickle 2013
94% The Good Wife
Damon Yarrow 2012
No Score Yet Criminal Minds
Tony 2011
59% Law & Order: LA
No Score Yet CSI: NY
Talmadge Neville 2009
91% House
Rodney Foreman 2007
77% Sleeper Cell
Director 2006
54% The L Word
Benjamin Bradshaw 2005
44% Threshold
J.T. Baylock 2005
No Score Yet Without a Trace
Chet 2002
No Score Yet Ed
Rev. Carver 2001
No Score Yet The Practice
Leonard Marshall 2001
100% The Corner
Director 2000
89% Oz
Alvah Case 1998
91% Homicide: Life on the Street
Elijah Sanborn 1996
No Score Yet Roc
Roc Emerson 1994


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Dillon says: You're all gonna die. Only question is how you check out. Do you want it on your feet...or on your fucking knees...begging? I ain't much for begging and nobody ever gave me nothin'. So I say, 'Fuck that thing! Let's fight it!'

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