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May 7, 2020
...funny/scary account of the persecution of another of Lenny's disciples.
April 23, 2009
Josh Gilbert's curt documentary about the arrest and conviction of comedian and former bong-maker Tommy Chong reveals the federal sting operation that put Tommy Chong in a state penitentiary for nine months for shipping glass bongs to Pennsylvania.
June 21, 2007
Rather than some rambling, pro-pot film, this flick actually does a pretty good job of documenting the issues surrounding Chong's arrest, and the obvious intention by the Ashcroft justice department to bring down an icon of the debauched 70s.
May 24, 2007
A very scary documentary illustrating the carte blanche accorded Big Brother by the Patriot Act
March 1, 2007
What comes across is Chong's innate elegance and intelligence, two qualities often missing from his trademark comedic work.
September 30, 2006
June 30, 2006
This isn't a great piece of nonfiction filmmaking, but it has its moments.
June 17, 2006
This is an important propaganda film. After all, Gilbert has all the facts in hand and presents it halfway decently.
June 16, 2006
Even those unimpressed with [Cheech and Chong's] genially lowbrow work will be intrigued by the political tenor of this portrait.
June 15, 2006
should have gone for more
June 15, 2006
What could have been either a scathing critique of the drug war or an intimate portrait of a stoner facing mortality instead comes off as a fawning infomercial for its subject.
June 15, 2006
Apparently granted unlimited access to Chong's personal archives, Gilbert digs up some great footage and photos from his early years as well his '70s heyday.
June 14, 2006
It is also a portrait of resilience: Chong does his time (nine months) and has the last laugh, emerging as a born-again activist-survivor of the culture wars.
June 14, 2006
Josh Gilbert's film tells the depressing, often ridiculous and generally enraging story of how and why Tommy Chong ended up doing time in a minimum-security prison.
June 14, 2006
How the feds inadver tently resurrected the performing career of stoner comic Tommy Chong by busting him is the ironic subtext of Josh Gilbert's one-sided documentary a/k/a Tommy Chong.
June 13, 2006
This genial doc sprinkles Reagan and Nixon soundbites over its vintage stash of C&C clips for a suitably fuzzy squint at America from '69 to the buzzkill present.
June 9, 2006
Josh Gilbert's smoothly produced documentary a/k/a Tommy Chong should leave even Nancy Reagan aghast at the unfair trials of comedian Tommy Chong.
June 2, 2006
Its dramatic thinness doesn't dilute its simultaneously ridiculous and terrifying portrait of federal prosecution run amok.
May 30, 2006
A surprisingly clear-eyed, sober account of what it's liked to be embraced by a culture, while loathed by the Powers That Be.
April 29, 2006
The movie's value varies according to how much of the story you already know.
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