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A sorry swan song for the talented Chris Farley, Almost Heroes is a directionless comedy that doesn't even come close to triumph.



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In this comedy, a group of misfit explorers in 1804 lead a bumbling, ill-fated expedition in an attempt to reach the Pacific Ocean before Lewis and Clark. This is Chris Farley's last major role in a motion picture.


Chris Farley
as Bartholomew Hunt
Matthew Perry
as Leslie Edwards
Kevin Dunn
as Hidalgo
Lisa Barbuscia
as Shaquinna
David Packer
as Bidwell
Christian Clemenson
as Father Girard
Frank S. Salsedo
as Old Indian
Harry Shearer
as Narrator
Franklin Cover
as Nicholas Burr
Jonathan Joss
as Best Twig
George Aguilar
as Chief Two Roads
Gregory Cruz
as Iowa Indian
Don Lake
as Elias
John Farley
as Bartender
Tim DeKay
as New Bartender
Keith Sellon-Wright
as Merriweather Lewis
Scott Williamson
as William Clark
David Barrera
as Ferdinand
Jay Lacopo
as Hector
Billy Daydoge
as Strong Like Mountain
T. Dan Hopkins
as Running Puma
Axel Lindgren
as Salmon Brave
Scott G. Anderson
as Conquistador No. 2
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Critic Reviews for Almost Heroes

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Audience Reviews for Almost Heroes

  • Aug 08, 2017
    I remember finding this film a complete misfire but upon watching it again, the film has grown quite a lot. Guest is a great comedic genius and this film really should of set the world on fire with Farley in the lead role. The biggest issue is the film pushes to much attention on Farley and while it is funny, it robs the film of the other hilarious characters. This film has grown on me since watching on its release, the one liners and offbeat humour was an interesting choice. I have heard this suffered cuts by the studio and there was a really clever film laying on the floor of the editing room. Perry tries hard but even he can't survive without Farley stealing every scene he is in. It's easy to see why this died horribly at the box office but this is a film that deserves to be discovered for cult film status. Farley was growing into a great comedic character and sadly this was the last film that had his name attached to before his premature death. 06-08-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jul 12, 2013
    A giant misstep on the part of director Christopher Guest, this film tries to make a fast buck off of spoofs of the eighteenth century and expeditions to the new world. Frontiersmen life is easily mined for some gratuitous laughs, but everything about this film feels rushed and unnecessary. Even with some of the same cast Guest has used in the past, this film feels nothing like his previous mockumentaries. Guest is best in his element when he is pursuing the world of the rich, vain, and out of touch, and to focus on the past in this strange way makes no sense. The film is a straight up buddy comedy movie, focusing on a rich fop (Perry) who wants to reach the Western coast of the United States before the Lewis and Clark expedition can. He hires a tracker (Farley) to lead a crew of men there, and along the way they get into several kinds of shenanigans. If you were to ask me what those shenanigans were, I would have a hard time telling you, because though there are some interactions with Native Americans, a love triangle, and a near death, this film is very boring and tedious. The comedy is childish, and the characters are brutish ignoramuses most of the time. Perry's performance is never reigned in, and the indignant behavior of a rich man could easily be mistaken for an excessive bi-polar patient. Farley in turn also gives an over-the-top performance, but of all the people in this film, he is simply expected to be that crass and loud. He's really the only acceptable performer in this film, though it does hurt that this had to be his last film, released post humorously. There's just nothing here except an idea for a setting, and otherwise everything else gets garbled, whether it be the petty humor or the moronic sense of pacing.
    Spencer S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 07, 2013
    This is one of those low key comedies that you saw on the top shelf at your local video shop purely by accident when you went in for something else...something good. You noticed it and it intrigued you because you'd never heard of the film. You took it down and looked at the back of the VHS box to see more, hmmm Chris Farley and 'Chandler' from 'Friends', could be good fun. In brief this film is fun but very very very low brow and only works purely because of Farley's great screen presence. When I say fun I mean its good for the odd chuckle or visual moment but overall its complete and utter trash. Dare I say fun trash, I can't deny I liked Farley and his wild, over the top insane physical comedy, childish yes but also amusing. All of this was of course down to his size but his facial expressions could be gold. This is standard Farley fare with everything you would expect from the late comedian. The film is deliberately tacky and cheap looking with plenty of toilet humour, dumb visual gags, unrealistic sequences and Perry is in there purely to attract a bigger audience through his 'Friends' fame. Naturally he does just that by giving us more 'Chandler' wetness than you can shake a stick at, a period set 'Chandler'. If you're a Farley fan then you can't go wrong. I liked it for what it is...just an extremely light hearted comedy no brains required, typical Farley fun fluff.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • May 14, 2012
    Christopher Guest directs one of Chris Farley's last films. As a comedy, there are some really good laugh out loud moments. You will have to seriously suspend some of your disbelief to get engrossed in this story, but most comedies are extreme exaggerations of reality anyway. Matthew Perry is hilarious, and holds his own along side Farley. Eugene Levy and Kevin Dunn are fantastic in their roles. But once in a while the comedy goes a little over into the ridiculous side, and it takes you out of it a bit. But overall, the film is good. But not exactly deserving as the great Chris Farley's last hoorah.
    Bryan D Super Reviewer

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