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½ May 18, 2019
It must border on sacreligious for any film lover that Aniara should make an homage to Tarkovsky's Solaris during its first few minutes. But it is very telling of the film's overall ethic: lazy cynicism. This movie is an antihumanist lethargy whereas Tarkovsky is a slow burning poem that strikes the core of living. The fact that they are both space operas only makes their differences all the starker.

Aniara creates no emotional connection because it is too busy jumping around different genres and character stories. Who is MR? Is she a hired hand? Is she a renegade? Is she a scientist? Is she gay? Is she straight? Is she bisexual? Is she in love? Is she not? Why, she's all of these things whenever the plot deems it appropriate in order to make yet another cynical point. There is not a single character on this spaceship from a neoliberal hell. There are only caricatures that, themselves, cannot decide on who they are. Is MR's friend(?) part of a cult or not? Is the machine a machine or an organism? This final question would be interesting if it were posed. Unfortunately it is not. When it needs to be a machine, it's a machine. When the plot needs something to explode, it becomes an anguished organism. This the first of many rug pulls that make up this (once again) lazy film.

Movies can make a cynical point without being so distant from its characters that the point makes no difference anyway. We might take the recent Climax for example. Gaspar Noà (C) is able to appeal to our deepest sense of dread because his characters are real. If they can do such horrible, horrible things, so can we. That type of cynicism is legitimate (and a million times more effective) because it comes from human reality. Aniara is the equivalent to a prolonged masturbation where everything is subjected to one goal: an ironic orgasim of faux-bleakness. There's no emotion here, there's no humanity: just gratuitous dark.
October 5, 2018
From the opening credits--which deliberately look like the scroll for the end of another film (one about the end of humanity's time on Earth)--this film took me on an unexpected journey with a great many ideas. This is literate science fiction which may disappoint those looking for more overt violence. Instead, the oppression on display here is one possibly inherent to Western society.
Excellent film!
September 16, 2018
I adored Aniara and it was by far the highlight of the tiff 2018 film festival. A perfect cinematic bliss of nihilistic ruminations on the nature of humanity. This is a film with a lot to say and a supremely clever way of saying it. It's a reflection of albert camus most influential ideas in a provocative modern story garnished with genius social commentary.
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