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October 1, 2016
Splendid comedy/drama with outstanding performances all around.
September 10, 2016
Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt both star and win Oscars for As Good as it Gets. When you examine what the plot of the movie is about, it sounds pretty much boring and rather deplorable. The only thing that can make this movie work is the performances given which are top rate. Nicholson as the angry, neurotic basket case is sensational. Hunt as the innocent, but sheltered woman is charming. Kinnear playing the gay neighbor connects all the dots to make this such a great movie. The movie is about relationships and character development, and few movies capture better how another person can change somebody else for the better. As Good As It gets is a masterpiece that withstands the test of time.
August 13, 2016
I hated this. Yea I said it. James L Brooks doesn't speak to me and when I feel like he's onto something then gets sidetracked by a forced romance angle, it makes me not like him and his movies more.

½ August 12, 2016
How can you not love this romantic comedy. I am a huge fan of Jack Nicholson, and just loved the character Melvin. Truly a good movie I watched twice.
July 17, 2016
An easy-to digest well-cast romance.
July 16, 2016
One of my favourite movies by Jack . Loved the wet T shirt on helen
½ June 29, 2016
Watched this on 29/6/16
The only thing missing here is cliche, yes, finally a romantic comedy that doesn't make you want to throw up and all thanks in large parts to Jack Nicholson. He fits into the role perfectly. The flawless script, fantastic dialogues and performances from Helen Hint and Greg Kinnear all deserve a mention.
½ June 20, 2016
Sweet romantic dramedy
June 13, 2016
The opening of As Good As It Gets introduces us to Melvin Udall, a popular and successful romance writer who just so happens to have OCD, and he's about to throw his gay neighbors dog down a trash chute. Later we see him re-enter his apartment only to lock and unlock his door three times, and turn the bathroom light on and off three times before throwing a perfectly good pair of leather gloves away. His apartment is well organized, even his candy dishes are color coated and originizied by volume. Melvin is not a nice man. His OCD prevents him from using a filter when talking to stranger or people in general, and he sure can't walk on cracks! Eventually Mevlins neighbor, Simon(a superb Greg Kinnear), is robbed and left beatin and unable to take care of his dog and Melvin is forced into babysitting by Simons art dealer/business manager played Cuba Gooding Jr. The dog is a cute little fur ball that melts Melvins icing heart and gives the audience a glimpse at melvins true character. The real heart of the film however is Helen Hunt. A single mother and waitress in Manhattan who lives with her mother and ill son. Melvin has breakfast a lot at her restaurant, and always at the same time and same section. And obliviously, it's Helens section. From there the film delevops into a romantic comedy. Jack Nicholson who plays Melvin won his third Academy Award and Helen Hunt won her only for best actress. Although I contend a perfect rating for this film, I still vote Titanic best picture of 1997. What makes As good as it Gets so damn good is not just the acting or writing, but James L. Brooks direction. Every now and then a director writes or is given a script that fits what they do so well. Think ET or Raiders of the Lost Ark for Spielberg, or the Departed for Scorsese and you get the idea. Watching this film makes you think it was an effortless project, because it flows so naturely. While Terms of Endearment might be James L.Brooks masterpiece, As Good As It Gets is his swan song.
½ June 13, 2016
OCD homophobe befriends his gay neighbor and a waitress at his local eatery.
May 16, 2016
This movie is absolutely hilarious and also heart warming!
April 22, 2016
One of my all-time favourites. The performances by Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear are just simply outstanding; award-worthy, in fact, and surrounded by a solid supporting cast. Well written with developed characters. A movie about the psychology of understanding people. Every time I watch it I feel a little bit better about my dysfunctional self. It touches me every time I watch it.
Super Reviewer
½ March 26, 2016
A funny, quotable and immensely entertaining film, As Good As it Gets brings one of Jack Nickelson's best performances and surrounds him with a stellar supporting cast. Not your standard romantic-comedy, that's for sure.
March 24, 2016
Is one of the greateast romantic-comedy of all time
February 27, 2016
This movie vies for my favorite of all time. Certainly, the best romantic comedy as far as I am concern. I don't know if there aren't many movies that have such a perfect blend of great writing, great acting, and great directing. I am just in awe of how good this one is.
February 24, 2016
Wonderfully entertaining romantic comedy centering on an intriguing relationship between a single mother and an antisocial man. Authentic Brooks direction, razor-sharp script, anchored by two superlative, Oscar-winning performances by the two stars. Unfortunately, this highly enjoyable feature misses greatness by turning into formula by the third act.
February 18, 2016
When we have life at our disposal, we are able have things just the way we like it. When sometimes we just need to get knocked out of our senses, to realize how much we are pain in the ass. We have a particular routine, place, ritual, superstition and way of talking. We expect things to be at our disposal any place any time. Able to say, do anything as we want, because it is a free country. A despicable human being, no sense of understanding love, whose profession is to write and express in books but can't do so in regular society. This regard we have of humanity, others see it different from others. A human being whom likes it his way and everyone else has to conform to that accomodation, rather them himself to others. We given in to this demand, with no judgment, because it's easier, it really is minor unless they push our buttons, and sometimes we just don't see it coming. When we have life at our disposal, to have life and see life the way we intended to. When we have no bark to our bite, and just a literary full of words and phrases. When we don't like it as much as anyone else, we live with it. It's far what we expected, far what we are used to and far from how we like it. We look at the bright side of life. And some sides we just can't bare to look at, when it is too bad. Sometimes the problem is the way we look at things, and can't see. When we don't see what ground we break in an instant, that we have this new perspective of life we never once saw and had. We are being seen through new eyes and perspective. When all we had to do it take control of the situation and have things easily follow as planned, better then expected, too good to be true. it's disturbing for others whom know you and refreshing for those whom dont.
½ February 13, 2016
There's great chemistry between the three leads, Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear, and they all put on some of the best performances of their life here. The movie is just too safe for me, times where it could go super dark, but it's one of those movies that has to appeal to a certain demographic. Nicholson's character is very dark and I feel the screenplay was trying to change him too much for the sake of the movie being safe, but the performances are all very good for what they're given.
½ February 11, 2016
gets better every time i watch it
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