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February 19, 2019
One of my all-time favorites. This was in constant rotation (along with TMNT and Ghostbusters) in my house when I was growing up. It still makes me smile like an idiot no matter how many times I've seen it.
February 16, 2019
With a well thought out plot and filled with laughs. Back to the Future soars
February 12, 2019
One of my all-time favourite films. I particularly love Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown.
February 5, 2019
Mix the best of fun sci-fi with great comedy and you have this 80's gem. A must see.
February 5, 2019
For my pre-teen tastes, Michael J. Fox represented all that was good and fun about the mid 80's. Whether he was playing Alex on "Family Ties" or Marty McFly, there was no one as funny, charming and endearing as Michael J. Fox. Back to the Future was an amazing romp of a time-travel adventure with everything from Doc & his wacky DeLorean to Marty making music history at his prom with Johnny B. Good.
February 3, 2019
Universal Entertainment join Steven Spielberg once again to produce one of the best movies of all time. The writers: Robert Zemeckis (who also directed it) and Bob Gale had the imagination to bring a story so powerful and brilliant that you wouldn't get anymore from a cinematic masterpiece such as this. The plot: Marty McFly, a 17-year-old high school student, is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his close friend, the maverick scientist Doc Brown. The character development in this film is on the mark because you get to know the characters and know their story towards the plot.

The visual effects and cinematography was great but on the scene where Doctor Brown was looking at his future on the TV, the camera angles were very out of placed. They went up and down constantly. The score for the film was very good, but the score was sometimes too dramatic for the scene. But over than that, the score in this film was tight. The sound effects for the DeLorean was very good and it was an academy winner. Now let's talk about the theme: The Theme was one of the best themes in a film and has a memorable tune like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many more. The scene where Marty gatecrashes the enchantment under the sea dance with him singing Johnny B. Goode was my favourite scene in the film because when you saw Marvin Berry on the phone to Chuck Berry saying to him about the new sound he was looking for was hilarious because Chuck Berry sung Johnny B. Goode in 1958. Plot holes: As being a time travel movie, you would expect there to be plot holes, and this film does. I not going to talk about them all, but this one annoyed me the most. When Marty came back to the future he saw his mum again. But when he saw his mum, wouldn't she remember him for 1955 or when he came back he was forgotten by everyone he met in 1955.

Overall Back To The Future is a brilliant film that i'd recommend you watch because it is an extraordinary classic. Recommend rating 12 for scenes of bullying, infrequent strong language and a scene of sexual harassment. 98% - A+
February 3, 2019
back to the Future
Going back to the future is a sci-fi comedy work that has a big impact on me personally. Its director is Robert Zemigis, while Spielberg is the producer. The screenwriter is Robert Zemigis, starring Michael Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the soundtrack is Aaron Svischa. The film is produced in the United States and has a length of 116 minutes. Back to the future series is a milestone in American sci-fi comedy. There are three films in this series, and the first one is back to the future. The film tells that the hero from the future was sent back to the thirtie years ago by his doctor, let his mother fall in love with him at first sight, and finally helped his father to let him fall in love with his mother, correct the mistake and return with the help of a young doctor. 1985. The highlight of the story was that in 1985 there was an advanced concept that allowed the actor to return to 30 years ago, and the series also showed a lot of technology that is now possible. The story began in 1980 and the first draft was completed in 1981 and was eventually filmed as a film. This film series can be said to profoundly reflect the future history of the United States. Many Chinese research experts believe that Chinese people are more inclined to study the past, Americans are more inclined to explore the future, and returning to the future series and the Star Wars series will make all the audiences happy to think about what the future world will be. Although the film production was a bit rough now, people at the time were shocked by the spectacle on the screen. More interestingly, when the actor returned to the past to see a young Ph.D., the doctor asked the actor who was the president of the United States in 1985. The actor said that it was President Reagan. The doctor said "The actor?" In 1955, Reagan was still an actor. This political joke is also widely used in future movies. I personally highly recommend this movie, it is worth spending 6 hours on weekends to see the whole series.
January 29, 2019
me and my dad love this movie.You should watch it on movie night with your family
January 10, 2019
Brilliant, funny and charming. I watched this film when I was younger but since then I forgot about it. I rewatched it and Im so glad I did!
January 6, 2019
Marty McFly steals the show
January 4, 2019
Probably the best film of all time
January 1, 2019
An amazing film that I have loved ever since I was five years old. Back to the future is a classic that has memerable characters plot and comedy that still holds up to this very day
January 1, 2019
I can't imagine how amazing and new this must of been when it first came out. I love almost every moment of this film. I also love all of the time travel elements, even if some of them don't make sense scientifically.
December 30, 2018
Great acting, excellent writing and beautifully directed. One of the best movies of all time, also is my absolute favourite movie of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
½ December 28, 2018
A Phenomenal movie from the 80s...Not worth reviewing as everyone has seen it...but it's fantastic and you totally should see it if you haven't!
I'll give it
December 19, 2018
my friend eric has not seen this movie and for that he is a dummbie
December 2, 2018
Back to the Future Review
Back to the Future is a very colorful film with a vibrant story and vibrant characters with acting that conceives the characters to be vibrant with unforgettable special effects, and with brilliant set and costume design.
The beginning of Back to the Future introduces the protagonists of the picture Marty Mcfly and Emmett Brown in a genuinely vivid manner. The audience already really knows who Marty Mcfly and Emmett Brown is before they even see them in person because who they are is explained through set design we know they're authentically into or even authentically obsessed with: time, technology, and electronics because we see plenty of different clocks in Emmett's garage. There is also a TV, toaster, and a robotic arm that operates a can opener present. Marty Mcfly is later known to be into music when we see he has a guitar and speakers. Back to the Future is a cleaver film with the fact that it admires cleverness with having pictures of clever people in the introduction of the film such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin and this is clever because it shows that what Marty and Emmett admire the most in life is wisdom and inventiveness. Back to the Future also cherishes wisdom later on with a picture of Sir Isaac Newton in Doctor Emmett Brown's mansion.
Michael J Fox brings plenty of excitement to the character of Marty Mcfly with making him have moments where he has shocked expressions on his face such as when he's see's his mom's younger self for the first time in the 50s and his eyes and mouth are wide open, and he's breathing very hard. He also enables Marty Mcfly to have a startled countenance when he sees the van of the Libyans going after his friend Emmett Brown and he says "holy shit!" in a loud tone with his eyes wide open.
Christopher Lloyd also gives Doctor Emmett Brown an abundance of enthusiasm and fascination with making it so he talks and acts with an abundance of enthusiasm and fascination when he's introducing Marty to his time machine with his voice being high pitched, and his eyes being wide open. He also makes Emmett Brown have a petrified look on his face with his eyes wide open, and making lots of shrieks in a terrified manner when he's on the clock tower assuring Marty gets sent back to the future, thus he's making Emmett Brown perplexed in the perfect presence at the perfect time.
Lea Thomson makes Lorraine look and sound shy and frightened such as when she says "somebody's coming" when she's in the car with Marty and when she's talking to Marty about the enchantment under the sea dance when she's in Emmett Brown's garage. Lorraine is also made to look like she's curious and fascinated with the world around her such as with the way she looks at Marty with whom she's in love with.
Thomas F Wilson makes Biff the antagonist of the picture precisely: cruel, tough, and intense because he makes him look this way when he rises after Marty trips him and he says "alright punk" and also towards the end of the film when he twists George Mcfly's arm.
Crispin Glover plays George Mcfly in a similar manner to the way Lea Thomson plays Lorraine by also making him shy and frightened such as when he's sweating and breathing hard and acts very nervous when he's outside Lou's café, and he's getting advice from Marty on how to ask Lorraine out to the enchantment under the sea dance. There is a brilliant scene in the film where we see Crispin Glover transform George Mcfly from a hesitant terrified man into a brave confident man with the way he has his mouth open, and then closed when he's about to knock Biff out after Biff is twisting his arm.
The script of Back to the Future uses the concept of time travel in a unique method with changing things for the better but also with making sure things aren't changed because they were meant to be such as with Lorraine and George falling in love, and it thus uses the same concept that was used in the picture The Terminator because the concept of not changing something because it was meant to be is used by making sure Sara Connor the mother of John Connor isn't killed so her son John Connor can lead the humans in a war against machines.
There is an ingenious transformation of the town in the film called Hill Valley from the 1980s with aerobics type clothes being worn and cars shaped in a rectangle like presence to the 1950s with people wearing suit like clothes and cramped in like cars.
There is also memorable special effects in the picture particularly with the effects of the delorean time machine with sparks of lighting and fire, as it travels in time and with lighting and clouds towards the end of the picture when there is a big storm. The delorean time machine is given even more memorable special effects towards the end of the film when heat comes up from the bottom and top of it as it floats in the air and lighting coming out of it when it flies towards the screen.
Back to the Future has some flaws despite these perks. It suffers from plot holes such as with the matter that in the 80s Marty's family watches the 50s sitcom The Honeymooners, and in the 50s Lorraine's family also watches the 50s sitcom The Honeymooners, and this makes me wonder wouldn't it make more sense to have Marty's family watch an 80s sitcom in the 80s such as: The Cosby Show, Mama's Family, or Cheers.
There is also a moment in the film when we see George sitting at a table and then all of a sudden he's outside on his bike we don't hear him go outside or see how he goes outside, and this isn't just poor writing but also poor or lazy editing. Biff tells George that he sleeps in on Saturday in the 80s, but in the 50s he tells him he sleeps in on Sunday why is this? However Back to the Future is the perfect film if you just ignore its flaws. I give Back to the Future a 10 out of 10.
November 30, 2018
The movie that changed our perspective of time travel. A classic, that you will show to gladly to your kids. Doc and Marty are such fun and memorable characters. It is a serous movie, but the humor is always present, making this movie even more fun and entertaining. 10/10.
November 28, 2018
A science fiction adventure for the ages!

Back to the Future (1985) is an absolute classic film. It blends the straight forward, yet fast paced adventurous direction of Robert Zemeckis with his clever reference filled writing. The tight narrative with a neat beginning, middle, and ending are all well thought out as every inconsistency with regards to the time travel logic presented in the film are kept into accordance with their setup. It's entertaining, funny, and very sweet in nature. The hectic story keeps the plot focused as you tag along on an highly inventive time travel trip!

Michael J. Fox is so cool and likable as Marty McFly. His effortless style and quick wit play well with his apt physical comedy and smooth personality. He is one of cinema's greatest heroes.

Christopher Lloyd is hilarious as the zany scientist Dr. Emmett Brown. His goofy appearance and quirky faces make his character unforgettable. His line delivery is so quick that you are constantly smiling listening to him monologue away about scientific jargon. His dog Einstein is adorable as well.

Crispin Glover is mesmerizing in this excellent performance as the eternally awkward George McFly. He portrays the most believable shy, nervous, nerd with no confidence. He really gives a standout acting performance here.

I liked the supporting cast of the idiotic and creepy bully Biff Tannen, played by the huge Thomas F. Wilson. He is the quintessential school bully jock stereotype and it works so well in Back to the Future.

Similarly, one of film's most iconic leading ladies is the enchanting Lea Thompson as Lorraine Bainnes. She is very funny and sweet as Lorraine. You just want to help her out of the horrible situations she finds herself in throughout the movie. She is very pretty, but also plays the dramatic girl that wants a future nicely. I should also mention the very cool and lovely Claudia Wells as Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker. She makes herself instantly likable and you can buy her as Marty's girlfriend.

Overall, this movie is a blast of fast cars, loud music, retro clothes, good morals, and genuine people. You feel for each of the main cast and hope it all works out. I can come back to this movie countless times and still be impressed. Zemeckis outdid himself!
½ November 27, 2018
An endearing mad scientist cracks the secret to time travel and snares his young assistant in a complicated familial paradox. Do I really need to summarize? The original Back to the Future is one of the decade's most ambitious, identifiable smash hits, a genre-straddling film that's still effective more than thirty years later.

With a warm, slightly off-kilter personality, fabulous characters, a craftily complex plot and a fantastic musical score, there's no shortage of reasons why it's aged so well. Perhaps most impressive is the cast; one perfect fit after another. Michael J. Fox, at the onset of his overnight fame, is equal parts driven and perplexed by the chaos surrounding his life. Lea Thompson and Crispin Glover each nail double roles as deflated, defeated adults and their glowing, energetic teenage counterparts. Christopher Lloyd might be the best of them all as Doc Brown, the forever-old, slightly deranged mastermind who never completely believes he's accomplished his life's greatest goal.

The story has a few holes (what time-skipping adventure doesn't) and sometimes tries to be a little too cute, but such shortcomings are easily brushed aside as the large/small adventures unfold. Expertly written, directed, acted and produced, with memorable lines a'plenty and a charming, optimistic spirit, it's a well-worn favorite.
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