Back to the Future Part III

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Back to the Future Part III draws the trilogy to a satisfying close with a simpler, sweeter round of time-travel antics.



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The final installment in the Back to the Future trilogy picks up where the second film left off, but it casts off the dizzying time travel of the first two films for mostly routine comedy set in the Old West. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) receives a 70-year-old letter from his inventor friend, Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), who tells Marty that he has retreated a century in time to live out a relatively quiet life in the Old West. Doc Brown reveals that he hid his DeLorean car/time machine in an abandoned mine outside town, and when Marty does some research and discovers that the Doc died shortly after writing the letter, he decides to find the car, travel back in time, and warn the Doc about his demise. Meanwhile, the Doc, who has fallen in love with a local woman (Mary Steenburgen), realizes he can't hide in the past from the problems he has caused to the time flow in the previous two adventures. He reluctantly decides to return to the present with Marty, but first, they have to find a way to get the DeLorean up to time-travel velocity with a broken fuel line and no gasoline. ~ Don Kaye, Rovi


Michael J. Fox
as Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd
as Dr. `Doc' Emmett Brown
Mary Steenburgen
as Clara Clayton
Thomas F. Wilson
as Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen
Lea Thompson
as Lorraine McFly, Maggie McFly
Matt Clark
as Bartender
Richard Dysart
as Barbed Wire Salesman
James Tolkan
as Marshal Strickland
Marc McClure
as Dave McFly
Wendie Jo Sperber
as Linda McFly
Jeffrey Weissman
as George McFly
Burton Gilliam
as Colt Gun Salesman
Bill McKinney
as Engineer
as Needles
Kaleb Henley
as Strickland's Son
Michael Watson
as Buford Tannen's Gang
Leslie A. Prickett
as Celebration Man
Dean Cundey
as Photographer
Pat Buttram
as Saloon Old-Timer #3
James A. Rammel
as Festival Dance Caller
Brad McPeters
as Eyepatch
Phinnaes D.
as Toothless
Rod Kuehne
as Ticket Agent
Leno Fletcher
as Conductor
Rick Logan
as Needles' Gang
Larry Ingold
as Train Fireman
Tim Konrad
as Barbed Wire Salesman's Companion
Kevin Holloway
as Marty Photo Double
Glenn Fox
as Boy with Gun
Michael Higgins
as Marty Dance Double
Harry Carey Jr.
as Saloon Old Timer
Dub Taylor
as Saloon Old Timer
Christopher Wynne
as Buford Tannen's Gang / Needles' Gang
Sean Gregory Sullivan
as Buford Tannen's Gang
Mike Watson
as Buford Tannen's Gang
J.J. Cohen
as Needles' Gang
Ricky Dean Logan
as Needles' Gang
Steve McArthur
as Festival Man #1
John Ickes
as Festival Man #2
Michael Mills
as 2nd Townsman
Michael Klastorin
as Townsman #1
Michael John Mills
as Townsman #2
Kenny Myers
as Townsman #3
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  • Jun 20, 2016
    Again, this film picks up right where the last one left off. This time, Marty goes back to the Old West. Same actors help keep continuity but I wasn't really as big of a fan of this one as I was of the first 2. It still is very much an above average film, but just my least favorite of the franchise. Mary Steenburgen as a love interest for Doc Brown did a great job in this film.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 19, 2015
    "Back To The Future: Part III" is better than 1989's "Back To The Future: Part II". "Back To The Future: Part III" has good acting from "Michael J. Fox" and "Christopher Lloyd". The plot to this film is "Doc" has accidently time travelled to 1885. Then "Marty Mcfly" finds out that on the 7th of September 1885 "Doc" is shot. So "Marty Mcfly" must time travel back to 1885. Whilst in 1885 "Doc" falls in love with a woman he meets. The woman's name is "Clara Clayton". And she is so annoying towards the end. The music in this film is good again like "Back To The Future: Part II" it's not mind blowing music. "Back To The Future: Part III" is a good end to the "Back To The Future" trilogy and I will recommend you watch it. So I give "Back To The Future: Part III" a 7/10.
    Steve G Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2015
    Still great to watch and whilst not as good as the previous film it rounds a superb trilogy off nicely.
    Ian W Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2015
    A good finale to the trilogy. Good, but not great.
    Maymay A Super Reviewer

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