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May 12, 2018
Remaking the 1991 Academy-Award nominated, animated Disney classic based on the eponymous fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast" may not have as much charm as its predecessor, but it still managed to satisfy this Disney fan. It's an impressive production, filled with magic that can be seen on the sets, the costumes and the design, which all have an 18th century European feeling to them. But it's not all that this film has going for it. The entire cast shines, particularly Emma Watson as the fearless and dreamy Belle and Dan Stevens, which delivers a brilliant motion-capture performance as the Beast and he offers his handsome looks as the Prince. The film is a musical, just like the animation that inspired it, composed once again by the insanely talented Alan Menken. The skilled cast bring the melodies to life with their powerful singing - even though the slight use of autotune may be obvious in some parts. But seeing iconic animated scenes like "Be Our Guest" being brought to life gave me utter joy. The film looks stunning for most part, thanks to some brilliant VFX work, but the CGI on some certain characters may look old fashioned in a few years from now. It does feel like its slow pace at the beginning is only to allow a longer running time. But despite the flaws, it manages to add up to the story of the already beloved tale as old as time, with some new sweet details, as director Bill Condon and the rest of the crew make sure that they create the best wedding cake of a movie possible.
½ May 10, 2018
What a disappointment. This movie had so much potential and I was so excited to see it come to life. However, the movie left a lot to be desired. Emma's portrayal of beauty can only be compared to someone on their way to a colonoscopy. Belle lacked warmth or the ability to connect with the audience. The character was so forced to be some modern day feminist icon mistakes such as tucking a skirt into the 18th century version of underwear. I suppose that was artistic liberty. The historical inaccuracies are allover the place. English events and designs are pushed off as French. The ballroom scene was perhaps the most horrific. They had every opportunity to create such a beautiful Rocco stylized dress. Instead ugly prom dress was presented as the best they could come up with. I felt that production was so eager just to push the movie out, little to no thought was given to details. It made for a very unenjoyable experience.
½ May 9, 2018
Might be a little too slow for me. but the story and the scenes were great but with a little bit of CG feel. Emma is still great in this movie.
May 9, 2018
If you like auto tune, and if you like your beast to look like a pans labyrinth reject, this movie is for you. Stick to the original.
May 5, 2018
I would have given this five stars if they had not put Emma Watson it. She cannot sing and pretty much cannot act. The rest of the movie is beautifully done and all the actors and actresses have operatic voices She brings the movie down. But over all I was extremely impressed with it. Loved it
May 4, 2018
Fue una pelicula hermosa pero siento que la mayoria de las cosas que añadieron en esta version no tuvieron un impacto significante. La pelicula hubiera sido exactamente igual sin los eventos adicionales.
April 30, 2018
Still a great story, same songs, fabulous production more into young adults and adults this time. The most evil that actually also changes in the story is the witch that casts the spell in the first place. She would have killed the whole castle!
½ April 29, 2018
The film very much does what it needs to - which is why I am giving it an above average review - but fails to deliver anything more than that. Emma Watson as Belle, as much as it was fantasised, seems very much 'Emma Watson as Belle' and doesn't quite live up to the Paige O'Hara standard set in the animated version. The steampunk/modern take on some of the characters makes the film seem more mature but if anything, the animated version seems more like the film that was nominated for a Best Picture - not this one.
½ April 27, 2018
It was visually stunning and all the actors did a pretty good job except for Miss. Watson. Unfortunately I felt she didn't live up to the role and it looked like she struggled to emote anything. Also her singing was absolutely horrible and 100% auto tuned. It's 3 stars because of the visuals...except for the library scene....dude...library needs to be magic
April 22, 2018
Awesome Job I loved that it was adapted from the original movie every single bit of it maybe not everything about her mother but it was still wonderfull.
April 19, 2018
a almost word for word rebute of the first
½ April 15, 2018
A tale as old as time that maybe we should have left alone. As someone who loves musicals, Disney and the original Beauty and the Beast this film was a massive let down. Though it was visually stunning a lot of elements felt wrong about this film.

To get my biggest criticism out of the way first, the casting of Emma Watson as Belle was a horrible choice. In a cast of actors who clearly can sing and can sing well, Watson is out of place when her overly autotuned and sterile voice joins in. Her acting wasn't much better with a bored look through most of the film. It might be unfair to compare her to an animated character but even Paige O'Hara had WAY more personality in her voice alone. Belle should be excited to talk about books with people or when they show even the slightest interest in her interests. Instead we get meh.

The rest of the cast was fine, some more serviceable than others but for the most part leagues above our protagonist. The music is for the most part rather good adaptations of the original songs although ruined when ever we hear Emma Watson sing.

A big issue is that this film didn't really feel necessary. If it were drastically doing something different maybe but for the most part it's almost scene for scene exactly the same as the original excluding one or two moments. I just don't think being live action is enough to justify a remake like this.

Overall, an okay film that still doesn't come close to comparing to the original.
½ April 11, 2018
It brought a classic to life with Emma Watson. Good choice.
½ April 11, 2018
With an enchanting cast, beautifully crafted songs, and a painterly eye for detail; this is a faithful yet fresh retelling that honors its beloved source material.
April 6, 2018
I thought this movie was interesting, captivating and sometimes really clever. In my opinion it is just as good or even better than the 1991 version.
½ April 6, 2018
When your lead is surrounded by people who sing far better than her, she comes off bland. The CGI, like Watson's performance, was average. The main saving grace was the casting of Gaston, Lefou, and Cogsworth. This movie is a one and done for me.
April 5, 2018
enjoyable and very good for watch with family
April 4, 2018
Relive the tale as old as Stockholm Syndrome with this film based on our most beloved couple: Trump and Melania
I once played Beast in a small production of Beauty and the Beast, it was demanding as hell, but it was always captivating for me to be involved in a story that, in so few years, managed to leave a big imprint in pop culture. With Disney trying to remake everything that I held dear, I've decided long ago to look at these new live-action remakes as great opportunities for the next generation to connect with and spike interest about watching the original. And though I have mixed feelings about Maleficent, didn't go crazy about The Jungle Book, I think this one is up there with Cinderella. As all live action remakes, it relies on stardom to be attractive but with a truly remarkable group of actors put together, who can complain? Watson is stunning and graceful, Thompson was born to play Potts and Luke Evans is greater than the original. Stevens plays and nuanced Beast but I feel his appearance is not menacing enough (but, of course, more marketable). The costume and production design is resplendent and the CGI is capable, though sometimes it all gets too soundstagy for my taste. The longer runtime allows for some welcomed and purposeful scenes and great new songs but lets in some black sheep that really aren't needed. Despite some issues that I have with the overall direction and editing, it does manage to bring some new ideas that can be brought to life either through that circular shot when preparing dinner or in well-accomplished musical numbers like Be Our Guest and Gaston. Overall. it's a fast-paced, and well-thought out movie, striking a difficult balance between dialogue and song and reminding us that, with about 4 musicals theses last 4 months, it is great time for the musical genre! There are too many live-action remakes on the horizon, but judging from a Tim Burton's Dumbo, a Lion King with Beyoncé, a Cruela with Emma Stone and a Mary Poppins with Meryl Streep... As long as they're as good as this, I say keep them coming! It must bug me, of course, that all the fuss around the "gay LeFou" happened. It's disgusting that some regions refused to distribute the movie because he dances for literally two seconds with a man. What a retrogadous world that doesn't allow Disney to have queer chatacters in their movies, as they're pressured by foreign markets that won't allow it. In this particular situation, I see no heroes as Disney advertised that LeFou was gay but made almost no effort to develop a character that despite being camp was gay and rather being gay because the original character was camp.
½ April 3, 2018
Já sem grande memória do clássico de 1991 aventurei-me por esta reencarnação do conto Beauty and the Beast, e fiquei deveras surpreendido. Projetar no grande ecrã os seus filmes de animação, como por exemplo Cinderella (2015) e The Jungle Book (2016), mas desta vez filmados em ação real, é a mais recente aposta da Disney e tem sido criticamente e financeiramente um triunfo. Esta obra segue a mesma tendência.

Maravilhas há a dizer sobre este filme. A história sobre um príncipe amaldiçoado (Dan Stevens) e uma jovem (Emma Watson) que se deixa enamorar. É, na sua essência, um verdadeiro conto de fadas. Assume características de um musical rico em narrativa e personagens únicas, apresenta uma produção luxuosa e envolvente, que me conquistou nos primeiros minutos, e continuou a vislumbrar. Reparo apenas que os cenários em segundo plano pareceram demasiado artificiais em certas cenas.

O romance sucede com a troca de experiências entre as personagens e não apenas porque é necessário que aconteça para avançar o argumento, as atuações foram charmosas e compreendiam em si uma qualidade muito Disney. O diretor Bill Condon orientou bem os atores para performances mais surrealistas, evitando cair no exagero, para não desconectar a audiência das personagens e dos imensos comentários sociais que subtilmente iam sendo feitos.

A profundidade temática está a par com o brilhante aspeto visual. Não só compreende uma história clássica, com números musicais soberbos (uns mais que outros, é certo), como também invoca mensagens extremamente contemporâneas. Aceita, sem remorsos, personagens homossexuais, encara as figuras paternas como pessoas quentes e próximas dos filhos, promove a tolerância e a ilusão das primeiras impressões. Tudo isto em apenas pouco mais de 2 horas. 

Beauty and the Beast é um filme muito envolvente e relacionável, conseguindo trespassar plenamente a magia desta história tão velha quanto o tempo. É uma conquista de grupo, desde a animação dos objetos ao monstro, passando pelo guarda-roupa e caracterização das cenas. A dinâmica da produção foi essencial para conceber este belo mundo de fantasia que é uma autêntica terapia para a alma.

March 30, 2018
Wow, Disney. I mean, can you leave ANY of your films to stand on their own, or will you eventually have tarnished your entire repertoire? I love Emma Watson and Ewan McGregor to DEATH, but even they couldn't really bring anything new to this. Also one of the most perplexingly kiss-assy rotten tomatoes consensuses I've ever seen for a 71% RATED FILM (Technically a C-)
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