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November 27, 2016
Interesting movie about 2 guys that are fans of "The Road Warrior" and go through problems with girls. Definitely not for everyone. The guys look very similar (Dirty, beards and skinny). I got lost on who was sleeping with who. Also, not sure what really happened and what was imagined in the main character's head.
April 3, 2016
this movie really is done good, emotional and interesting. It left me for a day thinking about it, was surprised that it got made with an low budget of 12k to make the movie!
January 2, 2016
An amateur film with a lot of professional qualities, but with a script that didn't follow the rest of the production. The last half-hour of the movie crumbles apart frustratingly.
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
September 28, 2015
It's better to take this film as something made by young filmmakers than as a critically acclaimed sensation. It's more about the vibe, the look, the spirit of a work by young artists. It's not about having everything correct and beautiful.
½ April 24, 2015
A kickass thrill ride of badassery. (aka a MUST SEE FILM!)
April 6, 2015
one of the greatest indie films of all time. From the beautiful cinematography to the awesomely written dialogue, which has this natural raw feel.. Great film, check it out
½ October 14, 2014
Interesting with some spikes of intensity. A little too disjointed for my tastes. I vascillate between 2 and 1/2 stars and 3. It is beautifully shot, perhaps if I was twenty and bitter.
August 31, 2014
There were pieces of a movie here, but an awful lot of uninspiring ones with the few interesting moments. Yes the cinematography, production design and music were interesting and often times beautiful. But it wasn't enough to sustain a good cinematic story for me. Felt like a short film / music video stretched out over 105 minutes.
August 26, 2014
Great potential, didn't really live up to it. The opening snapshots led me to believe this would be an interesting movie, but after an hour or more I couldn't stand another second of it not really going anywhere.
½ August 22, 2014
Think mumblecore meets Harmony Korine/dogme 95-lite filmmaking techniques with some nice sequences that show promise of a larger picture only to have it all come crashing down in the final 20 minutes or so, especially the final shots which prove what this movie is all about. It's not a bad movie, but the way this story is told infuriates me to no end. It may be a nice movie to watch after a semi life-changing event has occurred in your own life but it's nothing more than navel-gazing on the director/writer/actor Evan Glodell's part...which I guess is the whole point of the mumblecore genre. If only there were more to this story than what it ended up being.
July 25, 2014
Some of the most amazing work in the last forever...
½ July 14, 2014
A raw and explosive burst of creative-storytelling told with tenacity. 'Bell' is a truly rare piece of filmmaking because you'll never see anything else like it. The sound track is the best of the year.
June 26, 2014
This is one of the weirdest movies i've seen in a while...if you ever watch bellflower,I bet you won't be able to tell what's about,I know all this might sound negative,but is really not,a film with a budget of 17,000 bucks and a couple of old cameras,make for an interesting take on some crazy dudes from California and their dream of owning a mad max look a like car....yes,worth watching.
½ June 22, 2014
A very low budget film that has some great things going for it, though it is quite rough around the edges. The plot, though very uneven, starts out pretty straight forward but takes some dark, twisted turns. I am quite interested to see what this director could do with a larger budget.
June 15, 2014
An indy flick with a good story, some great actors and a beautiful cinematography. The story goes a little off the road towards the end but most of the film manages to stay entertaining and avoid the usual clichés. It's an interesting film that deserves a good watch.
March 29, 2014
This film was absolutely fantastic. Dirty camera lenses, blurry and over-saturated scenes, a non-linear plot with text-named segments held together by a loose grip on reality--it's an indie art-house enthusiast's wet dream. Netflix subscribers, get on this while it's up.
½ January 27, 2014
A dark, realistic, and stylized story of love, hatred, infidelity and fantasy.
Super Reviewer
½ January 5, 2014
Personally, I take Bellflower's message as this: Inner turmoils can be more devastating than any delusional apocalyptic catastrophes.

The unexpectedly powerful two last chapters of this extremely original take about two friends that never face their upcoming adulthood phase through the construction of flamethrowers, mass destruction weapons and an apocalyptic flame-throwing Mad-Max-inspired black car, awaiting for the end of the world to come soon while making an aggressive statement to anybody that may stumble upon them, have been slowly growing on me. It is the last two chapters that kept pushing the rating up with their 20-minute length. They clarify the existentialist statements of the whole film, and I find them deep just as I find them disturbing.

With noticeable screenwriting issues and unprofessional performances that distract the viewer from an effective punch in the face. The whole menacing. apocalyptic tone with its seldom eye-hurting but always effective yellow illumination mirrors Miike's third insallment of his Dead or Alive trilogy, but unlike Miike's failure, gets its tone right and is effective enough to be memorable. It seems that not only regular viewers, but also cinema connoiseurs are having serious trouble "buying" this film, let alone digesting it. I had a different experience. The originality of the film shines and, despite some formulaic moments, comes as completely unpredictable. It throws youthful irrationality to the whole formula instead of being an average comedy/action Hollywood flick with anarchic and "carefree" young rebels that we do not care about, killing people and making sexual jokes along the way. No, here, reality challenges their minds and that's what unleashes disorder in their lives. What a clever move!

November 24, 2013
Evan Glodell brings to life a dark, brooding vision of a mind in the process of unhinging. Bellflower bristles with danger as it explores the spiraling decline of a young man reconciling his fascinated yearning for Apocalypse with the discovery of things worth living for. The resulting drama is uniquely dark and intense . . . well worth the price of admission.

Woodrow and his childhood friend move from Wisconsin to California to start their adult lives. We 're not sure how they make money or what, if anything, they do when they're not building flamethrowers, fantasizing about starting a gang, and wheeling around in muscle cars. But when Woodrow meets and falls for Milly, we glimpse his affability and promise. Here, Bellflower briefly morphs into a well-orchestrated road movie, treating us to a few lighthearted moments. There is a machine art dynamic to the road sequence . . . with the dark origins of the film scrubbing away most traces of humanity such that when we see Woodrow finding love, we feel doubly uplifted. But the warmth is short-lived, as the relationship comes apart, magma seeping from its cracks. Woodrow's mind begins to burn, and with it, everything around him.

Bellflower manages to weave together a narrative that cares about diverse and fundamental concepts -- love, betrayal, primal rage, and vulnerability -- without feeling pretentious or resorting to musical or cinematic shortcuts. It is accessible without being simplistic, and palatable without going down too easy.

It's not without problems. The story is not terribly imaginative, and there are moments when you wish for the characters to get over themselves, get jobs, and basically grow up. But Glodell's skillful and personal delivery is key to offsetting these weaknesses. The result is gritty and captivating.

The film hits its high note when things spin out of control. Woodrow's grip on reality loosens as he struggles to discern his feelings . . . the effect is reminiscent of the 2001 Cameron Crowe piece Vanilla Sky, but in no way as ultimately uplifting. Woodrow responds to his hurt by wishing for more . . . he wants destruction to govern his life the way it has governed his gearhead fantasies. Glodell has a gift here of simmering the story and occasionally letting it boil over without spilling completely. The resulting tension really hooks the audience, even if it's not always clear exactly what is unfolding.

Bellflower is unsettling. It provides us with a clear starting point, but thereafter continually cedes clarity as Woodrow unravels. It will, at times, annoy with its unwillingness to clearly mark what is real and what isn't . . . but it will also grip and fascinate. It's certainly worth the time investment, and will continue to resonate long after the credits roll. This is a hell of a first effort from Evan Glodell, and almost certainly not the last time we will hear from him.
½ October 7, 2013
I don't understand how this film got so much critical praise. It has a view shining moments, but the majority of the movie is unwatchable. I have friends who walked out after 45 mins. The end is pretty good, but not worth sitting through the middle. This would have played better as a short film.
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