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June 5, 2021
The cratering emotional impact of the film, though, is owed to Tsang's knife's-edge balance of broad melodrama and acute social realism.
May 30, 2021
The combination of bullying and academic pressure in high school student is a universal problem [Full review in Spanish]
May 13, 2021
Better Days is a touching, vulnerable, sometimes frustrating (for good reasons), film that brings hard subjects to forefront and makes something out of them that not only pass a message, but also show a lot of heart in the process.
May 9, 2021
Hits you emotionally, an inspired triumph from the director & has convincing standout performances from both leads. This will is not only hard hitting but very important one!
April 25, 2021
Better Days often feels like an extremely bleak after-school special, but thanks to Zhou and Yee's remarkable performances, it's worth sticking with to the bitter end.
April 22, 2021
A painfully self-serious, emo message-movie with a chaser of Chinese propaganda.
April 12, 2021
... the latter part where suspense is well planted by Tsang with agile camera work, the thrills override any deficiency.
March 30, 2021
While the twists and turns do work to great effect, they also kind of reduce a serious treatise on the traumatic impact of bullying to a generic genre exercise.
March 29, 2021
A powerful look at bullying and the pressures of the Chinese school system, the movie takes on heady themes. A love story softens the edges without downplaying the importance.
March 26, 2021
A searing indictment of bullying culture and China's insanely intense college admissions system, all tucked into a sadly compelling romantic thriller.
March 25, 2021
"Days" might sound like a downer, but it lives up to its title.
March 20, 2021
Sociopolitically significant both on and off screen.
February 19, 2021
It's an absolutely serious look at youth with assorted semi-sensationalistic societal trappings; an oddly effective combination of red meat and popcorn.
February 9, 2021
Perceptive and gripping drama from China about pressure and bullying in schools, and one of the best films of 2019.
February 8, 2021
There's love story at the core of this admirable film, which does stumble into melodrama but in a way that totally works and waylays it from becoming a PSA.
September 16, 2020
Better Days is a film with a genuine social purpose, and what's impressive is the way that Tsang works it into a film that's both visually impressive and gripping, and it ranks as one of the best Chinese films of the last couple of years.
September 2, 2020
Better Days is particularly harrowing in its first half.
August 24, 2020
Better Days truly is one hell of a thing.
July 26, 2020
"Better Days" manages to combine the best from both independent and mainstream cinema, which is the recipe that led to both critical and commercial success. Definitely one of the best films of the year.
June 3, 2020
A meaningful but overwrought youth drama about bullying in Chinese schools.
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