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Big Ass Spider! delivers on the promise of its outlandish title with a tongue-in-cheek creature feature that embraces its B-movie silliness with utterly entertaining results.



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BIG ASS SPIDER is a TREMORS-style creature feature about a towering mutant arachnid rampaging across Los Angeles and the two unlikely heros who try to stop it. (c) Official Facebook

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  • Jun 03, 2016
    Calling "Big Ass Spider!" one of the best Creature Features of recent years might not be too high a praise, but there's some value to be found in the film's balances, and a Lloyd Kaufman cameo never goes astray either.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 03, 2014
    If there's one thing you can't say about this movie is that its title falsely advertises something they knew you weren't gonna get. It certainly lives up to the title and then some. I'm really gonna try to choose as many horror movies as I can for October, something I've always wanted to do and something I'm definitely gonna try my hardest to do. I'm gonna go rent Leprechaun Origins in a little bit, so that's the review for tomorrow, hopefully. Here's the thing, you don't choose this movie for any other reason than you just want something silly and goofy to watch. I wasn't really expecting much, even with all the positive critical reception. This was basically another Sharknado for me. A bad movie for me to laugh at. But, to be perfectly honest, I thought this film was blast to watch and a legitimately good movie. Unlike Sharknado, which is purposely bad just for the sake of it, they don't really make an effort to make a good B-movie out of it, they just resign themselves to the fact that whatever they do, they're not even gonna try to make a good movie. This one, on the other hand, while it is obviously very, very, VERY silly, and revels in it its silliness, it's also a movie that has a really fun script and a damn good cast to make it all more than worth it. Of course it lacks the technical prowess, or polish, of a Transformers film, but it also has so much more heart and soul than that lifeless, tedious, and repetitive series. This is certainly some of the most fun I've had watching a movie in recent memory. And it doesn't have even nearly the same budget as any of the Transformers films. That goes to show you that appearances, and titles, can be very deceiving. Then again, as long as the film entertains me, or has a good story that you can get invested on, then it doesn't really matter to me if the film looks like it was shot on a cell phone camera. Yes, I gave the film 3 stars, but the fun I had watching this is so much more than that. You can't really quantify that. It's not like The Room, where the film is so bad that you end up thinking it's the greatest and worst film ever made all at the same time. The Room entertained the shit out of me, but I'm not gonna sit here and say it was a good movie. This, on the other hand, was a legitimately good movie. A good B-movie, but a good movie nonetheless. Can you imagine how good Asylum's, the people who did Sharknado and several other preposterous monster flicks, output would be if they even tried half as hard as this movie did? I thought Sharknado was fun even if it was purposely bad, but can you imagine how better it would've been if they actually tried to make a good B-movie. But I digress, the cast, as mentioned is really entertaining. Lin Shaye, while only appearing in one scene, draws some great laughs in her abbreviated role. But the person who steals the show, by a country mile, is Lombardo Boyar as Jose, Alex's wise-cracking 'sidekick'. This guy's delivery and comic-timing was spot-on and his chemistry with Greg Grunberg is really the best part about the film. They're so good together that if this were the start of a series of film where they fight a different bug/monster in each film, then I would be totally ok with that. That's kinda really what I want to be perfectly honest and the ending seems to strongly hint at that. Unless it was just something done to wink at the audience and there's no real intention to make a sequel. Either way, Greg and Lombardo are really good together, they seemed to be having a blast working together. The special effects are about what you would expect, perhaps only slightly better, but it gets the job done regardless. The substandard CG work only helps to enhance the film's B-movie status. There's also a decent amount of gore for a PG-13 movie. Quite surprised they were able to get away with a lot of this stuff. It's not like Saw-level amount of gore, but there's some minimal amount. Usually the MPAA is liberal with giving R-ratings to films that simply don't deserve them, like J. Edgar getting an R for someone cursing ONCE. I don't think this film is really gonna scar your 13-year-old child for life, but it's definitely more violent than the rating implies. One thing that some people, who enjoyed the film at least, could lament would be the fact that the film is just short of 80 minutes long. It seems like you could at least squeeze out 10 more minutes out of this. But, and this is something that I've always said regarding films, TV shows, books, music, etc. and that is quality over quantity. Can you imagine a heavily serialized show, like Breaking Bad, airing on ABC, CBS, or NBC. They would demand 20+ episodes per season. In turn that would mean that each season would have its fair amount of filler episodes, because they need to stretch the story out to fit what the network wants. But, on a cable television station like AMC, where 13-episode seasons is what's standard, the writers can focus on making those 13-episodes the best they possibly can. And they still have enough wiggle room to do a standalone episode once in a while. If Breaking Bad had 20 episodes per season instead of 13, then that show wouldn't be as regarded as one of the greatest television dramas of all time. And that has to do with the quality of the writing as opposed to the quantity of the episodes each season had. Long rant out of the way, same standard applies in this film. While 10 additional minutes aren't really that much, the fact of the matter is that this movie is all thriller, no filler. And that's usually something I complain about in horror films, not that this could be considered a straightforward horror film, and that's the fact that there's nearly not enough material to justify it going as long as it does. This film, wary of that, keeps the film short and sweet to avoid giving you enough time to be bored of the film. Smart decision on keeping it short, the pacing feels much better because of it. I'm about done with this review. I'm not gonna say this is a film everyone should watch, because it requires a certain mindset, but if you're up for it then this offers a really entertaining monster flick with a lot of clever lines and good cast interplay. This is gonna go on to be a cult favorite in a couple of years, if it hasn't already, and it's well deserved. Fun stuff here.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Jan 06, 2014
    Amusing B movie horror comedy that is surprisingly well made film considering its budget. This genre is lots of fun when it's done right, and with this film, we get just that. The film had a few weak parts, but overall it does succeed as an entertaining comedy horror film. The cast do good work here, and I thought that it was a return to form for these types of movies. If you enjoy sheer ridiculousness in films, then this is a film for you. There are times where I felt that the films potential didn't reach its fullest, but for what we get, this is still a good, entertaining ride. If you enjoy low budget horror flicks, then give this one a shot. The film has plenty of elements to make it worth seeing, but at times, the script could have been polished a bit. However that's to be expected from films like this, and you really can't expect anything great here. Big Ass Spider has its flaws, but the idea is quite good, and it is a fun, and highly entertaining return to films like Arachnophobia and Eight Legged Freaks, which are better, but this film manages to have that essence of what made those movies appealing. For a low budget affair, this film is very creative in terms of special effects and story. The film also has plenty of funny bits throughout and manages to join the genre as a fun, and silly movie that is exactly what you need to see with a group of friends. Don't expect a great film; just expect a good film, one that manages to entertain you with its ridiculous premise and fun humor.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 16, 2013
    'Big Ass Spider!'. As absurd and fun as the name suggests! B-grade goodness meant for a midnight screening with an audience.
    c0up   Super Reviewer

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